Cointiply How does it work? earn free bitcoin

Cointiply How does it work? earn free bitcoin

Cointiply is a platform that offers different options for earn free bitcoin fractions.

The Cointiply platform is essentially a faucet, but by offering a wide variety of options it cánido be grouped into several different categories, since it also offers offer walls, games, etcétera.

You will have many ways to earn free bitcoin in Cointiply.

On the Cointiply platform you will earn more and more as you progress with the activities, and that is that your faucet heavily rewards usuario activitys, so if you are active you could earn very large amounts.

Cointiply Basics

  • Withdrawals: They cánido be requested from 35,000 coinsand the means of payment are: bitcoin and dogecoin.
  • Deposits: You perro make deposits through bitcoin.
  • Referrals: It has a direct referral system, and you earn 25% of the profits made in the faucet and 10% with the rest of the methods.

  • Languages: English, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.
  • Accepted countries: Users from all over the world perro earn money.
  • Activity: Faucets, Cryptocurrencies, Tasks, Offers.
  • Pay? Yes, Cointiply makes payments without problems.

Registration and first steps in Cointiply

To register in Cointiply you must entrar the following backlink and fill in the Registration Form, where you will have to entrar a nombre de usuario, an correo electrónico and a password.

You go to your correo electrónico and verify your account with the verification message that has been sent to you.

Also, just for opening the account you will receive your first 100 coins.

Registration Form

Perro register in Cointiply from the following backlink: Go to Cointiply.

When you log in you must configure your account, and for this you must entrar the Setting sections.

Here you cánido enable various notifications, including enabling the part of receiving the 5% per year of your account cómputo, as long as you have more than 35,000 Coins.

In the end you must save the information.

How does it work Cointiply?

The operation of Cointiply is based on the fact that its main purpose is get coins, which is the currency of the platform.

These coins have a variable value in BTC, which you cánido later withdraw to your account FaucetHubwhich is one of the payment methods used by the platform to make payments.

The currency used on the platform is called coinsand it is used to carry out the different operations on the platform, that is, everything you earn will go to your coin cómputo, which you perro find at the top of your account.

How to earn free bitcoin on Cointiply?

You cánido earn free bitcoin Cointiply in different wayswhich are: Faucets, Games, Vídeos, Offer Walls, PTC Ads, Coin Multiplier, Annual Interest and with referrals.

Below are these ways to earn free bitcoin on Cointiply:


Cointiply has its own tap, which will allow you to earn fractions of bitcoins.

The operation is very fácil, it is about trying your luck and getting a certain number.

Depending on the number you draw, you will receive one amount of coins or another.

The more activity you have on the platform, the more the percentage of the bonuses and therefore more coins you will win in each spin.

You cánido find this section in Dashboard/Faucet.


Another way to earn coins for free is playing in Cointiply.

In the Games section you will find a wide variety of fun flash games.

You just have to choose one and start enjoying playing.

To receive the play plus each of these games you will have to play until the progress indicator bar below the game screen reaches 100%.


In the vídeos section you will earn coins by watching vídeos.

Although it is a quite attractive section, the truth is that it still has room for improvement, since there are days when the vídeos are conspicuous by their absence.

It’s as easy as clicking on it.

vídeo and wait for the playback to finish.

The coins that you will receive will vary depending on its duration.

wall of offers

walls like Minute Staff, Peanut Labs or AdscendMedia will allow you to earn coins by completing surveys, viewing ads, registering on pages, etcétera.

To find this section you must entrar offerswhere you cánido complete different offers and earn coins.


Here you perro access a series of PTC type ads.

More or less you will have a dozen of them every 24 hours.

For each ad you view you will get direct coins to your account.

These ads will last for a certain time, and then you will get the commission.

To be able to see the ads you must entrar the section PTC Ads.

To see them, just clic on Visit top Paying Ad, the ad in question will open, wait for the counter to reach zero and then solve the corresponding captcha.

coin multiplier

The platform has a coin multiplier that perro allow you to win large amounts of coins.

You just have to choose the amount of coins you want to spend, and place the bet, from which you cánido win or lose.

For this you must entrar the Multiplier section.

Annual interest

you perro win 5% per year of the coins you have in your account.

You will earn this interest as long as you have a cómputo of more than 35,000 coins in your account.

Initially you do not have this interest enabled, and to enable it you must entrar Settings and mark this as enabled, and save the data.


The Cointiply platform allows you earn coins with your referrals.

The part of referrals will be presented later.

premium account in Cointiply

Refering to premium account, it is a special account with a series of privileges for whoever owns it.


  • No popup ads.
  • The loyalty plus resets 2 days later.
  • Random coin rewards.
  • Random increases in profits made on offer walls.
  • Display of ads without scrolling (faster).
  • Premium Support.

The cost of this account is 17,000 coins per month or 170,000 coins per year.

It cánido also be achieved through a raffle that costs 340 coins and distributes a Premium account to a random usuario.

To have the Premium account you must go to Dashboard/Settings, and update Premium.

referral system in Cointiply

Cointiply owns a referral system that works through a single unlimited level (direct referrals).

For each person who signs up with your referral backlink, you will earn a 25% of the profits they make in the faucet and a 10% with the other methods.

To access the part of referrals you must entrar the section Referrals.

In this section you perro find your referral backlink, the referrals you have, and their statistics.

Here you will find tools to promote the page.

Payments in Cointiply

You cánido request a payment from 35,000 coins, and the payment methods used are: FaucetHub, dogecoin and any bitcoin wallet (Coinbase, CoinPayments, Hodly, etcétera).

You also have the possibility to deposit cómputo in your account.

For withdraw your winnings of the platform you must entrar the upper right menu / Withdraw, choose the payment method and follow the steps.

Perro deposit cómputo in your account entering the top menu right/Deposit BTC, and follow the steps.


Cointiply has what it takes to become one of the best current faucets.

It is because it has many different options and because each one of them has a unique characteristic, which makes it quite an addictive website.

What is clear is that the number of options to earn money is really large and varied.

If you add to that that the platform notably rewards individual usuario activityanyone willing to work perro get pretty good earnings.

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 Cointiply How does it work?  earn free bitcoin
  Cointiply How does it work?  earn free bitcoin
  Cointiply How does it work?  earn free bitcoin

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