Cointiply | Earn BTC and DOGE for free all

Cointiply | Earn BTC and DOGE for free all

Cointiply is a very complete faucet that has been en línea since September 2017.

If Cointiply is characterized by something, it is because it combines, in the same portal, all the ways to earn bitcoin that we usually use.

In addition to the faucet, we perro get satoshis by watching ads, completing paid surveys, playing games… And also, we cánido do it from the web version, using the computer.

Or we cánido choose to work the portal with the mobile, making use of the aplicación.

If you liked this introduction, I invite you to continue reading the guide, and thus learn first-hand how cointi worksply.

Register on Cointiply

As usual, the first thing we will do is create an account.

If you want, you cánido access the Cointiplay page directly from the button below.

If you prefer the mobile version, below we will see how to use the application.

But for the moment, we are going to proceed first with the opening of the account, to later use the format that best suits us.

Once we are on the Cointiply website, we look in the top menu bar for the tab “Register”.

As soon as we access, a registration form will be displayed.

We complete all the fields by adding our name, an correo electrónico address and a password.

And finally we clic on “Create your Account”.

Registration to the faucet

Cointiply will then send us an correo electrónico to the dirección de correo electrónico address we have provided.

Within that correo electrónico we will see a verification backlink.

We follow it and voilà.

Our account will now be verified and we will have access to both the faucet and the other options that it makes available to us.

How Cointiply works

The operation of Cointiply is pretty straightforward.

What happens is that, from my point of view, the distribution of menus on the web makes it more complicated than it is.

In some cases, the majority, there are sections that are repeated in the two menus available to the portal.

Both the one we see above and the one left on the left margin.

In general, I use the menu above to work on a day-to-day basis.

However, I will make a small explanation about what you will find in all the sections of the two menus.

So you perro escoge which one suits you best.

Best menu

Cointiply’s top menu is made up of 5+1 sections (including the “Profile«).

But also, we must add that each of these sections has a submenu, in which there are more elementos.

To make it more practical, I’ll put an overview of what’s in each of the main sections.

And the ones that we are going to use the most, I will explain them a bit later with greater precision.

dashboard › From the submenu of this section we perro access the faucet, our profile and some informative sections.

In the central part we will see listed the offers that Cointiply considers to be the most outstanding.

Earn Coins › The most important section to earn BTC in Cointiply.

From here we will also have access to the faucet, as in the previous section.

However, we must also add access to the PTC, offer walls, vídeos and games.

Because in this portal, as in neobux, pay to play.

In this case satoshis instead of dollars.

Activity & Payments › History of our activity and section to withdraw.

In addition, we cánido review the status of the Loyalty Plus calendar.

PTC Ads › In the PTC section we perro, as in “Earn Coins”, access the PTC ads section.

However, if we want to, from here we perro also create ads and buy advertising.

info › Information of interest such as the FAQ and some payment receipts published by users of the faucet.

Profile › Finally we have the profile section with direct access to our data (with the possibility of improving the security of our account by activating 2FA) and to the withdrawals section.

Del costado Menu

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Cointiply side menu takes us to practically the same sections as the top menu.

Let’s see it:

Cointivity Profile › Cointiply has a system of plus rewards for level and activity.

We cánido improve our skills by buying chests.

And when you open one of those chests, get improvements as a prize.

For example, that of receiving an additional 2% profit when making an offer on the walls.

Earn Coins › This section takes us directly to the Dashboard, where the most outstanding offers promoted by the portal appear in the central part.

Faucets › A direct access to the faucet, in which we perro claim Coins every 60 minutes.

Settings › From here we will go to the Profile section that we have seen before.

Promos › Cointiply sporadically publishes reward codes on popular networks.

I follow them on Twitter and almost every week some plus Coins code falls.

From this section we cánido redeem these codes and receive the corresponding rewards.

News › A report with the latest news.

If there is an update or something new, they notify you here.

Help › A very complete guide in which they explain how all the Cointiply sections work.

If we have any doubts with any, this guide perro help us instantly.

Crypto Prices › It also has a service in which they espectáculo us the price of cryptocurrencies.

Coins cannot be earned in any way and is for informational purposes only.

How to earn Bitcoin on Cointiply

The first thing we need to know is that Cointiply pays in Coins.

In other words, for each action that we carry out on the web we will receive Coins as a reward.

And later, those Coins, the we cánido exchange for BTC or for DOGE and withdraw them to our wallets.

These Coins have an approximate value of 1 Coin equal to 1.05 satoshis.

So if seeing a PTC ad, for example, they pay us 12 Coins, really we will be earning 12.6 satoshis.

Cointiply has six different ways to get free satoshis.

The two main ones are the faucet and the PTC ads, but there are others such as paid surveys, vídeos or games that are also worth taking into account.

Especially because the Coins that we perro obtain in those sections they will always be more than what we get by claiming in the faucet or viewing the ads.

Bitcoin Faucet

First we find the Cointiply faucet.

The rewards they perro touch range from 13 to 147 Coins.

Always depending on how we have the Loyalty Plus and the number that comes out when spinning the reels.

In the event that our number is 99,999, we will take the Jackpot that has accumulated at that time.

To request a claim in the Cointiply faucet, simply clic on “Roll & Win”solve the captcha that appears and clic on «Submit Captcha «Roll».

By doing that, we will see how the rollers they start to spin.

As soon as they stop, we’ll know what number we’ve got and what our prize is.

We cánido request as many claims as we want, the only condition is to wait for an interval of 60 minutes between claims.

Cointiply Ads

Next we will see the Cointiply PTC Ads.

It is worth mentioning that more than a dozen ads come out every day in the worst case.

The rewards that they give us for each visualization vary depending on exposure time.

For example, the one I espectáculo below has a duration of 40 seconds and we get paid 37 satoshis to watch it.

To open an ad, clic on view.

At that moment, a new window will open, which must remain in view for the counter to activate.

It is important to mention that the ads of this PTC they have adfocus.

However, it cánido be circumvented if we continue browsing the net using a separate window.

As soon as we clic on view and the second window with the ad opens, in the first window the counter will be activated.

The thing is, as I said, you have to leave the ad in the foreground, because if we go to the previous window, we’ll see the timer… but with time stopped.

As soon as we return to the ad window, the timer will restart again.

As soon as the countdown reaches zero, we will have to solve the classic anti-bot.

The captchas are pleasant, since we will only have to select the drawing that is requested and continue on.

In the example below, we see how in the intermediate part it tells us “Select: Paint”.

So we will have to select the corresponding image, in this case the paint perro.

If we have hit the right image, we will get a message at the top that says “Your view has been recorded”.

And with this, they will add us the earnings in Coins to the main cómputo.

free games

In Cointiply it is possible earn bitcoin playing while we have a good time.

It is not a specific game to earn money, but by the mere fact of playing different classic games, they will give us plus Coins.

There are some conditions that we must meet in order to be credited with winnings.

They are the following:


The main and most important is that we cannot have an ad blocker active.

It is likely that we will get advertising, which is the way in which this website monetizes this section.

If we have a blocker, two things will happen: on the one hand, Cointiply will not earn money, and on the other, Us neither.

and something worse, they will ban us.


To start playing you just have to clic on “Start playing and earn coins” and a window will open with different games.

We select the one we like the most and start playing normally.


Just above the game screen, we will see a bar with a percentage.

As we play, that bar will add up.

And when it reaches 100%, the Coins will be credited to us and the counter will restart from zero.

offer walls

About the offer walls we have already talked many times and Cointiply has the most habitual.

Among all of them, Your Surveys, Theorem Reach, Offer Toro, Tap Research, Adscend Media, Wannads and stand out.

On these walls we cánido get Coins by answering surveys, testing applications, registering for offers and much more.

The great advantage of these walls is that, just as in Coinpayu, we perro get a good handful of Coins just by completing an offer or a survey.

While with the faucet and the PTC it goes slower.


Attention: Do not confuse games of oportunidad with Free Games that we have seen a moment ago.

Those games were completely free, while in games of oportunidad, we will bet Coins to have the possibility of winning more or losing.

The only game of oportunidad on Cointiply is “Multiplier”.

To participate in this game, we will have to choose the number of Coins that we are going to play.

As soon as the game starts, we just have to select craters on the planet’s surface and plant ourselves whenever we want.

To which we find a crater without a prize We will lose the Coins wagered and those that we have accumulated in that game.

This game is also on habitual faucets like bitcoin and many others.

Cointiply referral system

Cointiply also has, like all faucets and PTCs, a recommendation system.

By each person who joins using our backlinkwe will receive 25% of what you generate in the faucet and 10% of what you earn in the offer walls.

Cointiply Aplicación on Playstore

At the beginning of this guide I have already commented something about the possibility of using Cointiply from the mobile.

In general, I usually work the page from the computer.

More than anything because so I cánido mezcle it with other pages and work on them simultaneously.

However, I have the application downloaded on my mobile, and it is that It comes in handy when I’m not at home. and I don’t have the ordenador in front of me.

If I’m away one day, I don’t have to worry about losing the Loyalty Plus.

It is enough for me to entrar my account from the application and the plus will remain active for another 24 hours.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Cointiply pays and is reliable

On Cointiply there is the possibility of charging in bitcoin or dogecoin.

And in both cases, you pay us directly to our main wallets.

No need for microwallets.

We have seen before that when we claim in the faucet, see an ad or answer a paid survey, we are actually rewarded with Coins.

Hence We cánido exchange those Coins for satoshis or dogecoin.

According to our preferences.

The minimum quantity required varies depending on with which cryptocurrency we want to charge.

For the DOGE, they will ask us for a minimum of 30,000 Coins.

To collect in BTC we will need 50,000 Coins.

How to request a payment

To request a payment in Cointiply we will need either a bitcoin wallet or a dogecoin wallet.

In my case, to request a payment in BTC I use coinbase.

And to withdraw in DOGE I use my wallet in Dogechain.

The withdrawal process is the same in both cases, with the only difference that the minimum amount required is different.

Let’s see it:

1- To begin we will go to the upper menu, to “Profile” and clic on “Withdraw”.

2- Next we will see the cómputo in Coins and two little tabs.

In one it says “Withdraw to Your Bitcoin Wallet” and in the other “Withdraw to Your DOGE Wallet”.

According to if we are going to charge in BTC or in DOGE we will press one or the other.

3- In the dropdown, we will have to paste the address of our wallet.

And on the other side the amount of Coins that we want to redeem.

On this occasion, I I have exchanged 77,333 Coins for 77,333 satoshis.

And best of all is that commissions do not apply.

The amount reaches our wallet in full!


To continue with the withdrawal, clic on “Withdraw” and a confirmation message will pop up.

We check that the data is correct, entrar our password and clic on «Yes, Withdraw now».


Finally, we will need to validate the withdrawal by e-e correo electrónico.

After performing the previous steps, we will receive an correo electrónico.

A backlink will be attached to that dirección de correo electrónico.

To open it, clic on the box “Approve this payment”.

And in the new window that opens, we confirm again by clicking on “Approve my payment”.

Payments usually take between 12 and 72 to be approved and processed.

Either in BTC or in DOGE.

Main features of Cointiply

I have already been leaving small brushstrokes of what is my opinion about Cointiply.

However, as I have been doing in all the blog tutorials, I am going to synthesize those aspects that seem most relevant to me.

Let’s see:

» The highlight is that Cointiply It’s free.

It is another PTC of the many that I use to earn free bitcoin.

It is 100% reliable and as you have been able to verify, it pays without any problem within the estimated deadlines.

»That it allows us to choose if we want to collect in BTC or in DOGE seems to me a success.

At a especial level, for a long time (and I have said so many times in dineroworld) I have a predilection for dogecoin.

So for the next payment, I will surely ask for it in this cryptocurrency instead of BTC.

” He Cointiply Loyalty Plus gives us an plus 1% plus for each consecutive day that we log into the PTC.

We perro see what state our Loyalty Plus is in by accessing Activity & Payments already “Loyalty Plus Calendar”.

Also, if we have more than 35,000 Coins in our cómputo, we will be awarded an annual interest of 5% for the mere fact of not withdrawing the earnings and keep them in the PTC.

Although we will have to activate the latter from the section of “Profile”.

As soon as we have more than 35,000 Coins in the cómputo, we perro activate the annual interest option and receive the corresponding earnings.

It must be remembered that if after requesting a payment we are left with less than 35,000 Coins, we will stop receiving annual interest.

Opinions on Cointiply

Cointiply is a proven page where we cánido earn bitcoin and dogecoin totally free.

Its operation is quite fácil… as long as we clarify ourselves with the menus.

Once we have located the different sections, carry out the basic tasks It won’t take us more than five minutes a day.

And if we avoid Adfocus using the trick that we have seen before, the better, so we perro mezcle our work on this website with that of other pages.

Better optimizing time.

To generate a decent amount of satoshis over time, I recommend working multiple sites at once.

And not just one.

Otherwise, the process is much slower..

If you liked Cointiply and want to register, you cánido do so by clicking on the button below.

And as always, if you have any questions regarding the operation of the faucet, you cánido ask anything you need using the comments.

Until next time and rock bitcoin!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 Cointiply |  Earn BTC and DOGE for free all
  Cointiply |  Earn BTC and DOGE for free all
  Cointiply |  Earn BTC and DOGE for free all

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