Cointiply | BTC, DOGE and much more

Cointiply | BTC, DOGE and much more

Cointiply It is a website that offers us a wide variety of options to earn fractions of Bitcoin completely free of charge.

We could say that Cointiply is essentially a faucet, but the truth is that the variety of options that it offers us is so great that we perro include it in several different categories, since in addition to a faucet, it offers offer walls, a mining game, mining real in our browser, ptc, etcétera.

A few dates ago we added a quite afín page to our portfolio in terms of its operation, Crypto Mining Game, afín but not identical.

Cointiply has a few different options, with a much more complex mining game and quite a lot of potential.


What I like most about this page is that we are going to earn more and more as we progress with our activity.

And it is that its faucet considerably rewards the activity of the users, so if we are active we cánido earn respectable amounts.

Main features of Cointiply

· Accept users from all countries. · Any BTC or DOGE wallet as a form of payment (Min. 35,000 Coins).· Faucet, offers, vídeos, real mining, mining game, etcétera. Entrar and complete the registration in Cointiply

Register with Cointiply

Once again, as in all the pages we have on the blog, registration in Cointiply is free.

We are only going to need a minute of our time to open an account.

All we have to do is entrar this backlink and fill out the registration form, where we will have to entrar a nombre de usuarioa correo electrónico and one password.

Then we go to our dirección de correo electrónico, where we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with a validation backlink, clic on the backlink and we cánido access our account.

Also, just for opening the account we receive our first 100 coins.

How Cointiply works

The mission in Cointiply is to get coins, which is the currency of the web.

These coins have a variable value in BTC, which we perro then withdraw to our FaucetHub account.

There are so many Cointiply options that it is necessary that I detail them one by one.

I must warn you that it is a quite addictive page, but since it is free, what does it matter? 🙄


Like any great page to get free Bitcoin worth its salt, Cointiply has its own faucet.

Claim free Satoshis every hour

The operation is very fácil and quite afín to that of bitcoinwith the exception that here they reward our activity.

It is about trying your luck and getting a certain number.

Depending on the number we draw, we are going to receive one amount of Satoshis or another.

As I have told you, the more activity we have on the web, the more the plus percentage will increase and therefore the more Satoshis we will earn in each roll.


Another way to earn coins for free is by playing on Cointiply.

In the Games section we will find a wide variety of fun flash games.

Play and earn money on Cointiply

We just have to choose one and start enjoying.

To receive the plus for playing each of these games, we will have to play until the progress indicator bar that is located below the game screen reaches the 100%.


In the Vídeos section, as the name suggests, we are going to earn coins by viewing vídeos.

Although it is a quite attractive section, the truth is that it still has room for improvement, since there are days when the vídeos are conspicuous by their absence.

Watch vídeos and get coins

It’s as easy as clicking on the vídeo and waiting for it to finish playing.

The coins that we will receive will vary depending on its duration.

offer walls

This is the typical wall of offers that we cánido also find on pages like neobux either ySense. walls like Minute Staff, Peanut Labs either ascendmedia They will allow us to earn coins by filling out surveys, viewing ads, registering on pages, etcétera.

minning game

Cointiply has the option of mining fictitiously through a kind of virtual mining.

Keep in mind that to earn coins in this section we will have to invest part of our cómputo.

It works in the following way; we will have to get power by buying mines, for this we clic on Purchase Buildings.

Buy mines on Cointiply

There are different types of mines, each with a different value and with a different mining power.

When you buy one, it will become active and percentages will be distributed among users every few minutes.

In order for the Mining Game to be profitable, we are going to have to contract many mines and of the highest value, even so, we will not recover our investment until a certain time has passed.

We perro sell our mines whenever we want, that is, for an amount slightly lower than what we originally paid for them.


Here we cánido access a series of ptc type ads.

More or less we are going to have a dozen of them every 24 hours.

To see them just clic on Visit top Paying Adthe ad in question will be opened, we wait for the counter to reach zero and then we solve the corresponding captcha.

únidad central de procesamiento Mining

Yes, as in many other websites, there is also the possibility of mining through the use of our browser using the power of our únidad central de procesamiento, all through the Coinhive application.

Use the power of your browser to mine Bitcoins

We will only have to adjust the speed and consumption and immediately clic on start mining to start mining coins.

The conversion is 5 coins for every 100,000 hasesh.

We must take into account that the use of this mining consumes resources and it is possible that this affects the speed with which your PC works.

If you are interested in browser mining, without a doubt the best option right now is CryptoTabI have already made several payments and it has its own browser that will help us mine at a higher speed.

referral system

In section More we will have access to the tools to promote Cointiply, backlinks, banners, etcétera.

The referral system works through a single unlimited level, and we are going to win the 10% of what was earned by each of our referrals.

Does Cointiply pay?

Of course, what’s more, I leave you the proof of payment that I just received from the platform, in my case I only had to wait 24 hours to receive it.

Cointiply pays

As you cánido see, Cointiply is a reliable page, very easy to work with, what’s more, I would say that today it is one of the best platforms to earn fractions of free Bitcoin that we cánido find.

Opinion about Cointiply

Right now Cointiply is one of the best pages we cánido find to earn fractions of Bitcoin for free.

It is because it has many different options and because each one of them has a unique characteristic, which makes it quite an addictive website.

In this way we increase our portfolio as far as pages to earn Bitcoin are concerned, there are already a few, but the thing does not end here, more are coming 😉

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 Cointiply |  BTC, DOGE and much more
  Cointiply |  BTC, DOGE and much more
  Cointiply |  BTC, DOGE and much more

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