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WHT 13.21%

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Publi interest score: 23.98

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Coingecko score: 3.203

Market cap rank: 2766

Coingecko rank: 5615

Alexa rank: 3.101418e+06

Bing matches: 29500

The project runs on the transaction values of the WHT tokens which can be used for purchases, booking slots, takeaways and many more in the platform.

It brings the manufacturers and retailers close under one roof with an efficient system of certification to ensure authenticity.

The ecosystem benefits the small market business houses to supply halal meat worldwide.

To ensure that the end users are receiving what they are paying for, there have been certification bodies established to supervise the entire supply chain.

A nominal amount is required to get hold of the WHT token which gives access to the transparent and accountable ecosystem of WhatsHalal seamlessly.