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$2 351 430 547 223.19

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$463 849 138 250.49

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320 GWEI

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479 GWEI

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WETH 5.21%

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$3 738 469 464.64

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$4 157.04

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Last historical data: 2021-01-22T08:14:06.000Z

Decimal places: 18

Algorithm: N/A

Prooftype: N/A

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Genesis date: 2016-06-17

Liquidity score: 27.203

Publi interest score: 25.98

Community score: 0

Developer score: 0

Coingecko score: 8.039

Market cap rank: 3526

Coingecko rank: 3066

Alexa rank: 1.112099e+06

Bing matches: 69600


W-ETH is "wrapped ETH" but let's start by introducing the players.

First, there's Ether token.

Ether or ETH is the native currency built on the Ethereum blockchain. Second, there are alt tokens.

When a dApp (decentralized app) is built off of the Ethereum Blockchain it usually implements it’s own form of Token.

Think Augur’s REP Token, or Bancor's BNT Token.

Finally the ERC-20 standard.

ERC20 is a standard developed after the release of ETH that defines how tokens are transferred and how to keep a consistent record of those transfers among tokens in the Ethereum Network.