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$2 068 787 562 503.13

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$130 394 284 074.66

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117 GWEI

117 GWEI

117 GWEI

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SecretCoin (SCRT)

SCRT 1.88%

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$1 340 719 367.57

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$57 906 986.28

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Tech Specs

Last historical data: 2021-01-22T08:15:06.000Z

Decimal places: 0

Algorithm: X11

Prooftype: PoW/PoS

Country origin:

Genesis date:

Liquidity score: 29.213

Publi interest score: 0.006

Community score: 9.386

Developer score: 76.469

Coingecko score: 40.516

Market cap rank: 155

Coingecko rank: 136

Alexa rank: 408987

Bing matches: 0

SecretCoin (SCRT)

Secret is the native coin of the Secret Network, a decentralized network for private / secure computation.

Nodes on the network (known as secret nodes) can perform generalizable computations over encrypted data, which allows smart contracts (known as secret contracts) to use private and sensitive data as inputs.

Our focus is on computational privacy, not just transactional privacy.

Developers can build decentralized, privacy-preserving "Secret Apps" on the network.

The privacy functionality of the Secret Network is critical for many fields, including decentralized finance, Web3, machine learning, access control, and many more. The Secret Network is supported by many independent development teams and entities, including Enigma, Secret Foundation, Secretnodes.org, Chain of Secrets, and more