Coinpot » What is it and how does it work?

Coinpot » What is it and how does it work?

Coinpot is a microwallet that allows you to receive, send and exchange different types of cryptocurrencies. The main function of the Microwallet coin pot is that it acts as an intermediary between your cryptocurrency wallet and the other faucets that allow you to earn fractions of cryptocurrencies.

In this microwallet You cánido store the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Litecoin (LTC). Apart from this too you perro win some tokens on the same platform performing different actions, where you perro exchange these tokens for cryptocurrencies.

Coinpot is a quite habitual Microwallet in the world of cryptocurrencies, since it is associated with the best faucets that currently exist, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Coinpot Basics

platform management Coinpot is a platform that has been running smoothly for a long time.
withdrawals He withdrawal minimum It depends on the cryptocurrency, and you perro send your cryptocurrencies to any wallet.
Deposits The deposits They come from faucets and other cryptocurrency wallets.
Languages English, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.
accepted countries Users from all over the world cánido use this Microwallet.
Activity Microwallet, Faucets, Cryptocurrencies.
Pay? Yes, Coinpot makes payments without problems.

Registration and first steps in Coinpot

Registration in Coinpot is free and fácil, and you cánido do it by clicking here. When entering you must go to “Register”, complete the data form, complete the captcha, accept the different terms and register. You will receive an correo electrónico to the dirección de correo electrónico you have placed, which you must access to activate your account.

Registration Form

You cánido register in the Microwallet Coinpot from the following backlink: Go to Coinpot.

When logging in you must entrar the section “Account details”, where you perro change your password, enable two-aspecto authentication and you cánido see the faucet accounts you have linked to Coinpot. This backlink is made from the faucets.

From the “Dashboard” section you will be able to see the cryptocurrencies with which you cánido work in the Microwallet Coinpotyour cómputo in the different cryptocurrencies, the transaction history and the different actions you cánido perform with the cryptocurrencies.

How does CoinPot work?

Coinpot is a microwallet that allows you to receive, send and exchange different types of cryptocurrencies. Basically with this Microwallet you perro receive the cryptocurrency fractions that you earn in the different faucets, and then you perro send it to any wallet.

He operation of the Microwallet Coinpot It is quite fácil: you cánido receive all the cryptocurrencies that the platform allows from the different faucets, you cánido exchange these cryptocurrencies or send them to your cryptocurrency wallet. Apart from this you cánido earn tokens (will be presented later) that you perro exchange for cryptocurrencies.

After registration and activation, you will be able to see all the cryptocurrencies with which the platform works, this from the “Dashboard” section or from the left menu. For each cryptocurrency You will be able to see the cómputo you have in each one and the different actions you perro perform.

For receive payments from the faucetYou must use the same correo electrónico from your Coinpot account in the different faucets so that they are linked. From now on, when you earn cryptocurrencies in the different faucets, you will receive them immediately in your Coinpot account.

Coinpot Tokens in Coinpot

The Coinpot Tokens They are points that you cánido earn in different ways, which you cánido later exchange for any of the cryptocurrencies available in Coinpot or use them to increase your Coinpot Tokens in the lottery and multiplier from Coinpot. You perro see the Coinpot Tokens you have from the “Dashboard/ Coinpot Tokens” section.

you cánido win Coinpot Tokens using the different faucets that you use to receive the earnings in the Coinpot Microwallet and directly from your Coinpot account.

The ways to earn Coinpot Tokens in your Coinpot account from the different faucets are as follows:

  • For each claim you make faucets you earn 3 Coinpot Tokens.
  • For each claim made by one of your referrals you earn 1 Coinpot Tokens.

The ways to earn Coinpot Tokens from yourself account of Coinpot are: the Coinpot lottery, the Coinpot multiplier and the Coinpot challenges. These forms are presented in detail below:

coinpot lottery

You cánido earn Coinpot Tokens with the lottery offered by the platform. For this you must spend Coinpot Tokens from your account to try your luckand thus have the opportunity to earn more Coinpot Tokens than you invested.

You cánido get a good amount of prizes, but you cánido also lose the Coinpot Tokens that invest. To access the lottery from the “Lottery” section, where you perro buy tiques, see how it works, see the current lottery and everything related to the lottery.

How does the lottery work?

The operation of the lottery is carried out as follows:

1- A round of lottery every 60 minutes.

2- Each ticket has a cost of 1 Coinpot Tokens.

2- You perro buy all the tiques you want for each round.

3- The prize fund is made up of all the Coinpot Tokens paid for the tiques during that round agregado a plus of 1000 Coinpot Tokens.

4- The winner and the finalists are chosen at random.

5- The usuario cannot win more than one prize per round.

6- The winner of each round will receive approximately fifty% of what was invested in that round.

7- There will be 5 finalists (other than the winner) will receive approximately 10% each of the invested in each round.

8- The winners will receive their winnings in their Coinpot Tokens account.

Coinpot Multiplier

He coinpot multiplier is a game of oportunidad that allows you to multiply your Coinpot Tokens by up to 1,000. For each game you play you will have the opportunity to multiply your Coinpot Tokens, but you perro also lose them.

In this game you will have to spend part of your Coinpot Tokens to be able to have the opportunity to multiply them. You perro access this game from the “Multiplier” section, where you perro participate in the game, see how it works, among other information about the game.

How does the Coinpot multiplier work?

1- The usuario chooses if he wants to play high (high) or low (low), which will determine the range of numbers you need to roll to win.

2- Then the multiplier is chosen: 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 100x or 1000x. The higher the multiplier, the higher the prize but the lower the oportunidad of winning.

3- The usuario clicks on his bet to start the roll: A number between 000 and 999 will be thrown.

4- The bet will be taken from the cómputo of your Coinpot Tokens.

5- If the number obtained is within the required range, you will win. The prize amount will be added to your Coinpot Tokens cómputo.

6- You perro configure the AutoRoll to automatically place bets whenever you have Coinpot Tokens available.

Coinpot Challenges

The challenges are an easy way to earn additional Coinpot Tokens for performing the usual tasks: claiming cryptocurrencies in the faucets, use the multiplier, use the lottery, etcétera.

You perro access the challenges from the section “chagenses”, where you cánido see all the information about this.

How do the challenges work?

1- The challenges have 5 levels of difficulty.

2- Upon completing a challenge, you will be rewarded from 1 to 5 stars depending on the level.

3- You will get 100 Coinpot Tokens for each star.

4- For example, if you complete a level 4 challenge, you will earn 4 stars and 400 Coinpot Tokens.

5- There are challenges that are repeatableso they perro be completed over and over again.

6- Every month, the 25 users Those who have obtained the most stars will get great prizes. Up to 10 million Coinpot Tokens!

Operations with cryptocurrencies in Coinpot

The Microwallet Coinpot It will allow you to work with the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), BitcoinCash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Litecoin (LTC). With these cryptocurrencies you cánido perform different operations.

The operations that cánido be done are for each especial cryptocurrency. To access all the cryptocurrencies you must entrar the “Dashboard” section. Here you perro see the cómputo of each cryptocurrency and the options of the different operations.

The operations are carried out by cryptocurrency, that is to say that they are work with each individual. The following are the operations that perro be performed:

To deposit: With the “Deposit” option you perro deposit cómputo in that especial cryptocurrency. You just have to entrar and follow the indicated steps.

Withdraw: With the “Withdraw” option you cánido withdraw your earnings to a specific cryptocurrency wallet. You just have to entrar and follow the indicated steps.

To exchange: With the “Convert” option you perro transfer your cómputo from one cryptocurrency to another. You just have to entrar and follow the indicated steps.

Undermine: With the “Mine” option you perro mine with that cryptocurrency, and thus obtain cryptocurrencies with mining. You just have to entrar and follow the indicated steps.

Statistics: From this section you perro see the payments and statistics related to said cryptocurrency.

Withdrawal Minimums and Coinpot Fees

He withdrawal minimum It depends on the cryptocurrency you are going to withdraw. It is important to note that commissions also apply. Below is this data by cryptocurrency:

Withdraw from Coinpot Minimum Commission
Bitcoin 0.0001 BTC Withdrawals over 0.0005 BTC: Free Withdrawals under 0.0005 BTC: 1,000 satoshis
Litecoin 0.002 LTC None

0.0002 DASH

Doge 50 DOGE None
bitcoin cash 0.0001 BCH None

Faucet platforms that pay for Coinpot

On this page you will find a list of Pages to earn free cryptocurrencies with faucets. Many of these faucets pay for Coinpot, so I am going to leave you a backlink to access that list, so you cánido get your cryptocurrencies in this Microwallet.

To access these pages you must entrar the following backlink:

Go to the list of faucets to earn free cryptocurrencies.


Coinpot is a platform that has become very important as means of payment for the different faucets that exist on the Internet. You will realize that in the world of faucets more and more are making use of this type of platform. Coinpot is a good platform which to this day is fulfilling its function and paying on time.

On the other hand, unlike other microwallet platforms, here you will have access to mining sections and ways to earn Coinpot Tokens. All the cryptocurrencies you receive cánido be sent directly to your cryptocurrency wallet.

In a fácil, comfortable and completely free way, you cánido accumulate small fractions of major cryptocurrencies and then transfer the cómputo to your cryptocurrency wallet.

final words

Entrar through the narrow gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many are those who entrar through it; for strait is the gate, and narrow the road that leads to life, and few are the ones who find it. Matthew 7:13-14.

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 Coinpot » What is it and how does it work?
  Coinpot » What is it and how does it work?
  Coinpot » What is it and how does it work?

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