CoinPot Multi-Wallet What are the Challenges and

CoinPot Multi-Wallet What are the Challenges and

Dear readers, how are you, I hope you are in good health and multiplying the gains with your work en línea.

This time I bring you a fácil but useful tutorial! about a new function that the platform recently added and that will allow us to multiply the income we generate as we work in each of the faucets associated with CoinPot and it is about the “Challenges” or “Challenges”.

Next we are going to complement the first part of the CoinPot explanation, if you have not seen “part 1” yet, here it is: Working with the CoinPot microwallet.

What are CoinPot challenges?

The challenges or challenges introduced in CoinPot They are a new function that gives us the opportunity to increase what we earn on the platform… When completing a series of objectives, they will reward us with a greater or lesser reward depending on their degree of demand or difficulty.

In summary:

Completing any of the challenges we will instantly get a plus on our incomeThese bonuses are delivered to our cómputo through tokens or tokens, which if you read the first part of the guide you will know how useful they are.

Before continuing, I recommend working on this platform from the Google chrome browser, it is more convenient since it allows you to easily translate it into our language.

How the challenge system works

From now on, when we entrar the coinpot we will see 2 different things on our Dashboard.

The first is in the upper right corner, there it will be displayed the number of stars earned based on the number of challenges completed and in the left panel we will have access to the challenges section.

We will clic on it and when accessing we will see the following panel:

First, look at the percentage that I have completed in the challenge that I mark with a circle (it marks 8% complete)… Later I indicate its function.

The challenges section is made up of 3 subsections:

  • Section 1: It is a kind of summary of our activity in the challenges.

    There we will see the number of stars obtained, our global position according to the number of challenges completed and the remaining time we have left to complete the daily and monthly challenges.

  • Section 2: It is where we will see all the available challenges ordered according to their category and difficulty, as well as the percentage completed in each of them and the rewards they grant for achieving their objectives.
  • Section 3: They are nothing more than the regulations of the challenges, it is important that we read them in order to understand the details, here is a screenshot >> Challenge Instructions.

Challenge Categories

The challenges perro be segmented into 3 categories based on the time limit we have to complete them:

  • diaries: They are those that we perro complete daily as we work in the faucets, they are achieved by achieving a certain number of activity within the platform, for example: making 100 claims in 1 day.

    They are repeatable ✔.

  • monthly: These are the challenges that we will be able to complete when we reach a certain level of activity in one of the categories that make up the panel, EXCEPT Instead of being daily, they are completed monthly, which is why they require more work time.

    Like the newspapers they are repeatable ✔.

  • In the time: These challenges are unique and not repeatable, unlike the previous 2, since they are challenges with objectives that are achieved during the total time that we have been working on the platform.

    For example, reaching the figure of 5,000 claims in the faucets (something that is achieved only 1 time).

Challenge Types


For claims:

They are the challenges that are completed as we reach a certain number of claims in the faucets that are part of the coinpot family.

In the image below I explain the percentage, where I point with the arrow you perro see how the number of 8% shown above has increased, and that it is now at 15% because I made some claims while making the articulo as an example.

It is also possible to see the reward levels.

We notice that for 750 claims in one day they give us 500 Tokens and 5 stars.

The claim challenge is the easiest to achieve, obviously it will require us to dedicate more time to the faucets, but it is worth it if we want to earn more money to collect faster.

Remember that CoinPot Tokens are real money that you perro exchange for the currency you want within CoinPot.

Best of all, it’s a repeatable challenge and one that I cánido accomplish on a daily basis.

Nor is it mandatory to reach the objectives of greater difficulty, on many occasions due to lack of time I have to settle for the first (but the reward is less) 100 claims in exchange for 100 additional tokens.

It should be clarified that if you reach the maximum plus of 500 tokens and 5 ⭐, adding the tokens and stars that you had already earned from the previous bonuses. You will have obtained a total of 1500 Tokens and 15 stars!

Do not forget that the challenges by claim also have their “monthly” and “all the time” versions.


For reference:

Now we not only earn commissions for the work of the referrals, but they will give us additional rewards through this challenge… A good way to motivate ourselves to invite more users through coinpot.

This challenge is only “all the time” mode so each of its objectives will be completed only once.

In my opinion, it is one of the best challenges, along with the claim challenges, the advantage is that they are not challenges that we complete ourselves (rather than by looking for referrals) but are completed as our referrals work on the platform, the downside is that they are not repeatable.


By conversions:

This challenge will be completed as we do token and cryptocurrency conversions that we have gathered on the platform.

So it’s easy, doable and quick to complete.

Personally, I usually do these exchanges when I go to collect, at that moment I convert Tokens and other cryptocurrencies into Bitcoin (BTC) for later send them from CoinPot to Airtm.

The downside is that it perro only be completed once.


For plus stars:

Well yes, the stars themselves are also good for something hehe.

The plus stars that completing each challenge gives us have their own challenge, it’s just about getting a certain number of stars.

This challenge looks complicated but it’s not that complicated, remember that only in claim challenges (the one that rewards us for being active in the faucets) only there cánido you get even 1 or 2 stars every day.


Challenges that are better passed by

Due to their nature, NOT all the challenges are advisable to complete, there are 3 especially in my opinion that are not worth the effort and they are: the lottery, the multiplier and the mining.

Lottery Challenges

They are not worth it because to achieve their objectives you have to invest in the lottery, but these systems are designed to lose (most likely the loss will be greater than the gain) when trying to complete these challenges.

Multiplier Challenges

I do not advise them either because you have to invest chips or coinpot tokens in a roulette wheel.

Said roulette could give us a greater amount of tokens that we invest to make it spin (but if they lose money they know they will have to accept it).

As you perro imagine, just like in the lottery, I do not recommend devoting effort or time to this system… However, you are free to try your luck at your own risk.

Mining Challenges

Coinpot allows you to passively mine your machine for some plus earnings.

But I advise staying away from this activity… The problem is that: More is the wear and tear you do to your computer than the profit you get from mining.


Well dear web workers, I think which is all about the coinpot challenge system, as you could see they are not complicated to understand or complete.

So I recommend you spend some time on this platform.

At the moment CoinPot is still one of my favorite pages to earn cryptocurrencies for free… It really has several interesting functions that benefit its users.

Maybe you don’t earn much… I am earning between $10 and $20 a month.

We are clear that 20$ USD is little money but they help a lot! Especially right now in Venezuela, they want to sell you everything in dollars, even the most fácil and everyday things that were cheap before, perro now cost $10 or more.

Why do you recommend it to me if you just said that you earn little?

Remember that the objective of CoinPot is not exactly to make us rich, rather the iniciativa is to earn plus money to help us improve our quality of life or promote other businesses.

The ironic thing, even if it seems incredible, is that 20 dollars a month represents more money than a worker or a university professor earns in Venezuela… Not to mention that if we dedicate more time and effort to CoinPot, you will surely increase your profits little by little.

Instead of $10, you cánido earn more than $50 a month between the 7 CoinPot pages (obviously figures of that size will only be reached with many referrals).

However, even with few or no referrals, your income will be much higher than what most people earn in a habitual job with minimum wage.especially if you’re like me»that apart from CoinPot you work like 30 more pages.

Aren’t there better pages to earn income?

It depends, if you are already a veteran of making money en línea, of course there are better methods.

But if you are just starting to learn and you don’t have money to invest, then CoinPot is definitely the page for you, and for anyone who is new and wants to start firmly in a safe place!

You see, at first you are new, that means that although I perro get into Remotasks or Appen and make money on those pages whenever you want, surely you will not be able to “Because you are still a beginner”.

You are also going to earn a lot of money with those pages, but when you are new it perro take days or weeks before you receive tasks.

And not because it is difficult, rather it is because there are more workers than I work on these websites, so people who are just starting out must be patient.

But while you wait for paid tasks or mini jobs in the best pages to earn money en línea in Venezuela We cánido’t just stare at the ceiling! You have to look for the money from now on.

That’s why even though these sites are less profitable, if you join CoinPot today you will be earning talk from today.

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Any questions or suggestions you want to make me, leave me a comment.

That’s all for now friends, take care of yourselves and see you in the next entry!

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 CoinPot Multi-Wallet What are the Challenges and
  CoinPot Multi-Wallet What are the Challenges and
  CoinPot Multi-Wallet What are the Challenges and

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