CoinPayU | PTC to earn FREE BITCOINS

CoinPayU | PTC to earn FREE BITCOINS

CoinPayU It is one of the best pages to earn free bitcoins that exist.

The most remarkable thing about the PTC is that it not only has ads to get bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies without investing.

We cánido also add profits on the offer walls.

Either with surveys or completing offers.

If you usually use PTCs to earn BTC, I’m sure you’ll like this one.

In the following tutorial you cánido read how CoinPayU works and how to get the maximum benefitSo I hope you find it helpful.

I also recommend you take a look at the vídeo-tutorial, in which I explain some tricks and strategies that we cánido apply to generate more profits in Coinpayu.

Let’s go mess!

What is Coinpayu?

Coinpayu is a Paid To Clic page where we cánido earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in various ways totally free.

She has been en línea since early 2019, making her a veteran PTC.

During this time, its growth has been such that today it has already sent more than 15,000 payments to its users.

Myself I have received several payments from CoinPayUSo I perro say that it is 100% reliable.

As we will see throughout this guide.

PTC pages like Coinpayu allow us get free bitcoin without investing capital from our pocket.

Registration in CoinPayU

As it happens in all PTCs, the first thing we will do in CoinPayU is to proceed with the registration to the PTC.

If you want, you perro clic on the button below, which will take you directly to the web.

Next, at the top, we will clic on “Register” and a form will open.

The data that we will be asked for is the same as always.

A nick, an correo electrónico account, a password and the address of our bitcoin wallet.

After accepting the TOS and the Privacy Policy, we will solve the captcha and send the form by clicking on “Register”.

Free registration in the PTC

If everything went well, on this screen they will ask us for a code.

So the next step will be to validate the account.

CoinPayU will send us an correo electrónico.

Inside, we will see a six-number code.

To validate the record, all you have to do is paste it into the corresponding box.

Now we will have access to the PTC.

It is time to see how to earn satoshis in CoinPayU.

CoinPayu now allows withdrawal in BTC, LTC, ETH and many more cryptocurrencies.

How CoinPayU works

When accessing CoinPayU we will see several sections.

There are three tabs in the top menu:

Withdraw » As we earn satoshis, they will be added to the cómputo.

At CoinPayU, the minimum payment is 10,000 satoshis.

As soon as we accumulate this amount or more, we cánido ask to be paid.

purchase cómputo » If we add funds, they will be added to this cómputo.

This cómputo is generally used to buy ads.

However, at CoinPayU, there are also paid memberships and a referral marketplace.

Referrals » Section to analyze the behavior of our referrals.

There are 4 graphs that espectáculo your activity in the PTC in detail.


On the left, we will see a vertical list with eight more sections:

dashboard » The main screen with the three options that we have just seen.

View Ads » We will talk about these announcements later.

And how to see them to earn bitcoin.

offers » The second section to make a profit on CoinPayU.

We will cánido make money with paid surveyscomplete offers and registrations, etcétera.

Faucets » Section in which we cánido claim about twenty different cryptocurrencies every 60 minutes.

advertise » If we buy advertising, from here we cánido manage the resources.

You cánido create several ads and customize them.

Referrals » Promotional material.

Banners of all sizes and the backlink to invite other people.

market » Direct referral market.

Users perro sell to their referrals.

And therefore, others perro buy them and get plus commissions.

History » History of our activity in CoinPayU.

We will be able to check the charges, the withdrawals and where we have earned the most satoshis.

If seeing ads, on the walls or in the referral market.

profile » We perro modify the password and the wallet address.

Also improve account security by activating 2FA.

CoinPayU is available in 4 languages.

The English version comes by default, but you cánido change it and see the texts in Spanish.

Earn free bitcoins on CoinPayU

At CoinPayU we cánido earn free bitcoin in various ways.

Some will depend on our activity and others on the activity of our referrals.

Let’s talk about how we cánido generate profit for ourselves in the first place.

And later, we will see how the referral system and PTC memberships work.

CoinPayU has a Surf section, another for ads, and another with offer walls.

Types of paid ads

There are three types of ads in CoinPayU.

Depending on the modality, we will have to see the ads in one way or another.

On one side are the surf ads.

They come to be the same ads that we found in AdBTC.

In this case, these are ads without Adfocus.

So they perro be seen in the background.

To view them, you just have to open them and wait for the counter to reach zero.

As soon as the time runs out we perro continue with the next one.

In second place are the Window Ads.

The big difference with surf ads is that there is Adfocus here.

So for the counter to kick in, you have to stay in the ad.

Below we find the Article Ads.

In this case we will find a series of articles in which, at the end of everything, a timer will appear.

We just have to wait for the countdown to reach zero for the profits to be assigned to us in satoshis.

There are times when they tell us that, to receive the reward, we clic on a backlink.

And finally, there are the Vídeo Ads.

These ads are in vídeo format so we just have to clic Play, wait for the timer to reach zero and receive the winnings.

Now there is a new type of ads in Coinpayu: Article ads.

With them we cánido earn cryptocurrencies simply by reading their content and staying for a few seconds.

Coinpayu Faucets

The faucet is one of the most interesting sections of Coinpayu.

In addition to BTC, we perro claim several different cryptocurrencies, from LTC, ETH or DOGE, to NEAR, SOL, SHIBA or IOTA.

There are exactly 25 different faucets, which allow us to claim 25 different cryptocurrencies every hour.

The best thing about this Coinpayu section is that we perro claim in all the faucets.

That is, in the faucet of bitcoin, surely the most famous in the world, we perro claim BTC once every hour.

The same thing happens in Coinpayu, what happens we perro claim in all of them.

At Freebitcoin, once we claim, we cánido’t do it again for another sixty minutes.

However, in Coinpayu we cánido claim in BTC, then in DOGE, then in LTC… and so on with all of them.

To claim again we will have to wait an hour, but only with the time we use to complete the entire round of faucets we will have already cut time.

The cryptocurrencies that we earn in the different Coinpayu faucets perro be exchanged for others.

For example, we cánido convert all cryptocurrencies to BTC.

offer walls

Offer walls perro be a very powerful tool for generating profit.

In ysense They are almost essential.

And at CoinPayU they cánido be if we know how to take advantage of them.

In total there are twelve offer walls.

They are independent, so we cánido complete offers in one or the other without any problem.

In my opinion, the best thing is that we make the offers on the wall that pays the best.

From my point of view, the best ones are Wannads, Personaly and Offer Toro.

Since in addition to offers they also have paid surveys.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and in no case is it a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

CoinPayU pays

To request a payment in CoinPayU we cánido choose between several payment methods and between several cryptocurrencies.

In fact, we perro cash out in BTC, LTC, ETH and DOGE.

Depending on each cryptocurrency and the payment method, they will require a certain minimum.

In this sense, the most recommended is to use Faucetpay, since we perro withdraw the profits from as little as 4,000 satoshis.

The term equipo by the PTC to process payments is a maximum of 48 hours.

It must be taken into account that CoinPayU does not pay on weekends.

That is to say that if we ask for the payment on a Friday, it will not arrive on Sunday.

But on Monday or the following Tuesday.

Request a payment in CoinPayU

At CoinPayU we cánido withdraw the earnings whenever we want.

We will only have to follow these steps:


To proceed with the withdrawal we will go to Dashboard.

Once there, we clic on “Withdraw”.


Next, a window will appear in which we will have to select the payment method.

It is possible to charge directly to the BTC wallet, to Payeer or through FaucetPay.

Immediately afterwards, a box will appear in which we will have to write down the amount we want to withdraw.


Finally, the system will ask us for a code.

He “dirección de correo electrónico code” It will arrive at the same dirección de correo electrónico with which we created the CoinPayU account.

It is composed of six digits.

What we will do is open the dirección de correo electrónico, copy that code and paste it into the box.


The payment will already be requested and our cómputo will be updated.

CoinPayU also pays directly to the bitcoin wallet.

If you don’t know where to store your BTC, check out this Coinbase guide in Spanish.

CoinPayU Memberships and Referrals

Another option to earn plus satoshis is by recommending the PTC.

He CoinPayU referral system depends on two factors:

– Of the activity carried out by our guests.

If a referral sees the ads every day, he will generate more profit for us.

– And of the membership with which we work the PTC.

There are a total of four memberships.

The free one, which is the one that comes by default when we register, and three paid ones.

In CoinPayU there is a market where you cánido buy direct referrals.

They are real people who register without an upline.

No bots or rented referrals.

Memberships available

estándar ⏩ The free CoinPayU membership.

We all started with this membership by signing up with the PTC.

In this case, we will receive 10% of the earnings generated by our referrals with their clicks.

Junior Partner ⏩ This membership has a cost of 100,000 satoshis and remains active for 1 month.

The advantage it offers is that it doubles our profits.

Both ours and our referrals.

In fact, they will pay us 200% for our clicks.

And those of our referrals at 20%.

Medium Partner ⏩ If our volume of referrals is large, we cánido acquire this membership upon payment of 300,000 satoshis per month.

Earnings from our clicks will remain at 200%.

But those who make our referrals will leave us a 50% commission.

senior partner ⏩ The most expensive CoinPayU membership.

Buying it costs 1,500,000 satoshis and is valid for 1 month.

In this case, we will receive 300% for our clicks.

That is, triple the value than with the free membership.

Regarding the clicks of our referrals, the commission will be 80%.

The purchase of a membership only works for users with many referrals.

And as long as they are active.

Otherwise, most likely it will not pay off and generate losses.

Main features of CoinPayU

Apart from everything we have seen, there are aspects that should be known before working with the CoinPayU PTC.

Swith the following:

» In CoinPayU we cánido request a payment when reaching 4,000 satoshis in the cómputo.

To receive payments directly to our BTC wallet, the amount is 10,000 satoshis.

For this reason, the best option is to charge through FaucetPay.

» The payments that we request in CoinPayU will arrive in full to our wallet.

The fees that the network applies for each transaction they are assumed by the PTC.

Not us.

» To increase the security of our account it is recommended to activate 2FA.

This will make them send us a code every time we want to log in.

Enabling this measure is highly recommended to avoid piratas informáticos.

And by the way, we will keep our profits safe.

» At the top of the Dashboard there is a diamond with the name of Point.

For every 10,000 satoshis that we earn in CoinPayU by watching ads, they will give us one point.

At the level of earnings, it does not affect having more or less points.

However, if we buy advertising in the PTC, we perro filter which users we want the ads to reach.

The more points, the more active they are in the PTC.

And they’ll be more likely to be active if they sign up to the pages we advertise.

CoinPayU Reviews

On the blog I have expressed my opinion on cryptocurrencies many times.

I firmly believe that they are the future and that is why I’ve been using faucets and PTC for years to get them for free.

Several strategies perro be followed, although the most conservative is to save the profits and sell them at an optimal time.

However, we perro also negotiate with them.

Selling when the price goes up and buying when it goes down.

The profits we generate on PTCs like CoinPayU cánido be worth their weight in gold in a few years.

As far as CoinPayU is concerned, we already know how it works and how to generate profit.

If in addition to earning free bitcoins in this PTC we work with others, we will be able to receive payments in satoshis more often.

In Coinpayu you earn easily and without having to invest.

And with this I end the guide.

If there are any questions about CoinPayU you cánido use the comments below to ask them.

Or if it works better for you, you perro contact me through my Fb page.

I will help you with great pleasure.

Finally, if you want to start earn fractions of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in CoinPayU, you perro clic on the button above, which will take you to the home page.

Until next time and hit the bitcoin!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 CoinPayU |  PTC to earn FREE BITCOINS
  CoinPayU |  PTC to earn FREE BITCOINS
  CoinPayU |  PTC to earn FREE BITCOINS

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