CoinPayU | paid ads in

CoinPayU | paid ads in

Earn money by watching ads

The strong point and what this page is mainly focused on is earning money by displaying free ads.

Earn money by watching ads

We have two options available to do so; See ads and Active Window AdsIn the first option we will have to see ads without adfocus, that is, it will not be necessary to have that window active to receive the commission.

In the second, as its name indicates, we have to have that window open in the foreground to receive the money from the ad.

earn money doing chores

Although it is not the main option on the web, the truth is that it works well if it is the one that cánido make us earn more money within it.

Offer walls available

There are a wide variety of offer walls that will give us a great opportunity to considerably increase our cómputo within the platform.

We find walls as reputable as Offer Toro, Wannads or Adscend Media, where we will earn money by making or completing different offers, such as surveys, advertisements, downloading applications, registering on websites and endless other opportunities.

* Some of the completed tasks may take up to 45 days before we see the cómputo reflected in our account, others are received instantly.

referral system

Another option to earn money in CoinPayU is by inviting other users to try the page.

To do it, we just go to the “Recommendation” menu option, there we will find all the tools to promote the web.

Backlinks, various types of banners, etcétera.

What we are going to earn in this system will depend on the membership we have, ranging from 10% to 80% of the activity of our affiliates.

It should also be noted that the web offers a referral marketwhere we will be able to sell or buy referrals and thus be able to take better advantage of our account.

activity points

This option seems quite interesting to me, since it encourages us to be active on the web, surely you are on a lot of pages, but do you really work on them?

By seeing CoinPayU ads, we will automatically earn points.

Points are awarded as follows:

· 1 point for every 10,000 Satoshis earned by viewing ads. · 1 point for every 10,000 Satoshis spent on advertising. · – 1 point for every 7 days of inactivity.

What are the points for?

Having points gives us certain advantages when performing some actions within the page.

For example, when it comes to payments, having more than 100 points when requesting a refund will instantly reach our Bitcoin wallet.

We will also receive several discounts when buying a membership.

Memberships available

At CoinPayU we are going to earn money for free, but there is also the option of earning much more by investing in one of the memberships available on the platform.

Memberships available at CoinPayU

There are exactly four memberships available, one of them is called ordinary memberwhich is free and is the one we are going to start with on the default page.


ordinary member: This is the estándar account with which all web users will start.

We earn 100% of our own clicks and 10% of what each of our referrals generates.

2 ️ -. junior partner: Its price is 35,000 Satoshi per month and the advantages that we are going to obtain are 200% of our own clicks, 15% of each ad seen by our referrals and 10% for each offer completed by them.

3 ️ -. intermediate partner: The monthly cost is 100,000 Satoshiwe earn 300% of each own clic, in addition to 20% of each referral clic and 12% for each offer they make successfully.

4 ️ -. senior partner: By value of 300,000 Satoshi per monthwe will receive 400% of the total value of each ad that we see on the page, to this we will add that we will earn 50% of the clicks per referral and 15% of each completed offer.

It goes without saying that memberships are extremely attractive, but unless it is the case that you are able to get a good number of direct referrals, it is totally inadvisable to spend money that we may not recover.

For this reason, I recommend not spending money on them, unless, as I said, you are able to attract a good handful of users with your referral, in that case, of course, it would be worth spending the money.

How to collect from CoinPayU

We are on a page where we earn money, therefore at some point we will want to withdraw what we have earned on it, come on, I say, right?

In order to withdraw the winnings we will first have to have reached at least the minimum payment, which at the moment is 10,000 Satoshi.

Collect in CoinPayU

Once that threshold is reached, we will console or dashboard in English and clic on the button Withdrawal found in main cómputo sheet.

We will have to indicate the amount that we are going to withdraw and then go to our dirección de correo electrónico to clic on a backlink to confirm said withdrawal.

Once this is done, we will have to wait for the money to arrive in the wallet that we have chosen.

Payments are typically processed within 48 hours Monday through Friday.

Payment received from Coinpayu

Payments in CoinPayu usually take a few days, in my case it was four days, in any case, when requesting the payment they tell you approximately what day you will receive it and as you perro see, the page complies.

CoinPayU Final Opinion

We cannot deny the strength of Bitcoin, a force that even if governments try hard, they cannot contain it.

Cryptocurrencies are a great savings opportunity for people like you or me, and free pages like CoinPayU or Freebitcoin, among others, offer us a very interesting tool to achieve that purpose.

That and many other reasons are what have made me escoge to try this platform and include it in my business portfolio to work hard on it, in addition to being free, the only thing we endanger is our time, which although valuable is something that I am willing to risk.

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 CoinPayU |  paid ads in
  CoinPayU |  paid ads in
  CoinPayU |  paid ads in

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