Coinpayu: Excellent page to earn

Coinpayu: Excellent page to earn

Today I want to talk about Coinpayu, a great page to earn cryptocurrencies, in this little tutorial you will learn how to earn free satoshis daily.

I have a lot of time researching and testing many faucets and Coinpayu has been one of the ones that I liked the most and that has given me good results.

I think that this portal will be liked very much by all those who want to start collecting cryptos completely free of charge.

note for new

You cánido exchange cryptocurrencies for dollars, bolivars, Gift Card, the possibilities are great, later I will espectáculo you how to collect.

What is Coinpayu?

It is a very fácil and secure site, we perro obtain fractions of Bitcoin, spending only a few minutes a day watching advertising.

Today it is one of the most secure PTC and Faucet-style websites, being one of the few that has not disappeared despite the years it has been en línea.

How to register in Coinpayu?

Registering in the system is easy and fast, just clic on the button below to go to the official Coinpayu page.

Register in Coinpayu

Register in Coinpayu

Once inside the web, clic on the button «Register» to open the registration form.

In the form you simply have to entrar a nombre de usuario, dirección de correo electrónico, password, verify a captcha and accept the terms and conditions of the service.

After completing it, the account will be created, you just need to activate it with the verification code that they send you by correo electrónico.

Coinpayu Features

Paying from: Year 2019.

Referral Plus: Yes, from 10% to 50%.

Supported Countries: All.

Limit of Direct Referrals: unlimited.

Referral levels: 1 level.

Minimum withdrawal: 10000 Satoshi.

How does Coinpayu work?

There are several ways to earn Satoshis on Coinpayu.

See ads

The first is the typical PTC where for each advertisement you see you get a small amount of Satoshis.

As cánido be seen in the image below, each ad indicates its duration and what it pays for.

For example, the first one pays 4.4 Satoshis and lasts 60 seconds.

Usually there are about 40 ads a day.

In the tab of your browser you will be able to vea the regressive countdown to know how much time you have left to close an ad and be able to go on to view the next one.

The announcements section is divided into 3 parts:

  • View ads: The work consists simply of clicking on each one of them.

    Once the seconds of the ad have elapsed, the Satoshis are credited to you immediately (sometimes they ask you to solve a captcha).

  • Window Ads: The difference with the previous one is that you have to see them, you cannot change the tab because the ad stops loading.
  • Vídeo Ads: The same, but instead of visiting a web page, you have to play a vídeo and watch it for 30 seconds.

Coinpayu Faucet

To claim Satoshis in the faucet, you just have to go to the section that says Further » Tap and push the button “Claim free bitcoins”.

Then you complete a captcha by clicking where it says “I’m human» and finally clic on «claim now«.

Once this is done, they will assign you a random amount of Satoshis.

it’s possible repeat the same procedure every 60 minutes.

On each claim, a box will always appear, informing you how many satoshis you earned.

While the 60 minutes elapse, you cánido close the page, the counter will continue to advance, then when you remember, you reopen the page and make another claim of Satoshis and that’s how you work.

You cánido do it once, twice, three times a day or as many times as you want.


Coinpayu’s affiliate system is not one of the best, but it still has its potential, assuming that a person earns 200 satoshis a day, you are going to get 10%, which would be a total of 20 satoshis.


Memberships are additional benefits that the page offers us, such as increasing referral commissions up to 50%.

But personally, I am a free member and I don’t think I would ever buy a membership, I find them too expensive and not worth it.

Being basic users is enough to take advantage of the page.

Imagine, 20 Satoshis per day for each person you invite.

If you know how to use leverage and instead of inviting one or two people, you end up inviting hundreds or thousands of people, you will be earning a lot, but a lot of money, just for making a few clicks a day.

You get your referral backlink where it says Affiliates » Promotional materials.

Getting referrals is not as easy as it seems, but it is not as difficult as you think either.

If you are interested in trying it, I recommend you read this article: Guide to get referrals.


Depending on the country you are from, you cánido also earn good income from Coinpayu if you complete offers and surveys.

These offers unfortunately do not work for Venezuela.

But if you are from other countries, I recommend you do them since they pay well.

Frequently asked questions about Coinpayu?


How to put it with a black background?

Scroll down to the bottom and you will find the button to change the color of the page.


Does Coinpayu not work without referrals?

This already depends on each person, but I will tell you an anecdote!

Once a friend from when I was in high school came to my house, I told him what the whole business of earning money on the Internet was like, since he is kind of rough with computers and the Internet, he just gave me time to explain and register it in BTCClicks one of the oldest Bitcoin PTCs.

I remember that he was a little afraid of earning money en línea, as you already know for collect the money we earn in bolivarswe need to make use of platforms like Local bitcoins.

But this type of company always requires us to verify the account, that is achieved by uploading our documents… That part of sending your data was the one that he did not like at all.

But in the end I convinced him and from that day on he started working with BTCClicks.

Since we don’t hang out much, I think it took us a year to get back together.

When he saw us, he told me that he had already earned about $50 on the page and he wanted me to help him sell them.

Imagine the potential, just by clicking on a single page, I managed to make a notable amount of money.

Something really impressive, since he is a person who worked 100% without referrals.

Obviously 50 dollars in a year is very little money, but we are talking about a dude, who had his habitual job in a company and only clicked by inertia at night before going to bed, with a single page where at most he invested 5 minutes a day.

What would have happened if you had registered on 10 more pages? Well easy, he would have won ($50 x 10) = $500.

Without referrals, investing little time, in an extremely easy job.

Of course, this also happened due to the huge rise that Bitcoin had, if Bitcoin did not rise in price, I think my friend would not even earn $15.

The point is that “even without referrals these pages are not bad.”

Especially if several work at the same time.

In a few months they cánido perfectly help you buy your children a toy for Christmas, go on vacation, or anything else.

In short, I think that it is worth making your clicks “even without referrals” in this type of portals, It will be like your piggy bank or pig, so that you burst at the end of the year.

Coinpayu Legal or scam? Do you still pay?

It is 100% legal, it is a faucet that keeps paying off and has proven to be quite reliable.

They usually take about 5 days to pay and it gives you the possibility to withdraw 6 different currencies.

All the Satoshis that you generate perro be withdrawn to your preferred wallet, once you have collected an amount of at least 0.0001 BTC.

I currently use Airtm to receive cryptocurrencies and also Binance P2P since they allow me to send my earnings to the bank quickly and the best thing is that they have excellent rates (both are good).

How to collect in Coinpayu?

Entrar the option Profile » Wallet and then proceed to place your cryptocurrency address (in my case I will do it with Bitcoin) so I paste the address in the corresponding box.

They also offer the option of withdraw payeer but frankly I prefer to do it in cryptocurrencies.

Once the previous step is completed, you will have to wait 24 hours for the changes to be saved… This only happens when you add or modify your payment methods (they do it for security measures).

Now, to make your withdrawal go to Console » Withdrawal.

Finally select the payment method you want and clic on “Confirm«.


If you’re looking for a site that pays, this could be exactly what you’re looking for.

I love these little faucet jobs, they are fácil tasks that you perro do in your free time, so it’s not bad at all.

Really, working with several faucets you perro earn good money in Bitcoins before you know it.

Follow the advice to the letter so that you cánido generate a massive amount of satoshis

Just clic the button below to join right now

Register in Coinpayu

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It is often said that little by little the pig fills up (or the piggy bank) and more when talking about Bitcoins.

That’s why I share with you all the reliable faucets I know.

Do not forget to comment if you have doubts! Much success to all!

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 Coinpayu: Excellent page to earn
  Coinpayu: Excellent page to earn
  Coinpayu: Excellent page to earn

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