Good evening from Spain! Today is Monday and I am going to talk about Coinpayments, the wallet that I am using lately to receive most bitcoin payments.

If you have read the blog on other occasions, or you read it regularly, you will remember that some time ago I recommended the wallet xapo.

xapo It is one of the most secure bitcoin wallets.

But as of February 15 introduced several changes to its transaction policy.

Previously they did not charge commissions, but from this date they do.

According to them to collect the cost of the transaction from the bitcoin network.

But let’s not get melodramatic either.

Transactions from the same Xapo network are not subject to commissions, nor are transactions for income or bitcoin shipments.

Nor will they charge us commission for income from Xapo faucets, as in the case of Ganabitsdiarios (you perro read the articulo of this faucet here).

Here is a summary of Xapo’s commissions, both for outgoing and incoming transactions:

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incoming transactions: Whether from faucets, applications, etcétera… We will be charged a commission of 0.00024884 bitcoin, provided that the amount to be transferred is less than 0.00037326 but greater than 0.00024884.

If the incoming amount is greater than 0.00037326, we will not be charged a commission.

outgoing transactions: We will be charged a commission of 0.0002484.

Now, what if I want to deposit an amount less than 0.00024884 bitcoin? Well, nothing is deposited to us.

Therefore, how cánido we (and should) have multiple bitcoin wallets.

In this case I have chosen Coinpayments.

Coinpayments is a bitcoin wallet, but it is also a wallet for many cryptocurrencies (litecoin, ripple, asiadigicoin, etcétera…).

I only use it for bitcoin, as it is the most important and solid, but it is always good to be able to change to several of the said cryptocurrencies.

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I also use it, perhaps that is the most important reason, that does not charge commissions for incoming transfers.

For this reason I have decided to choose this purse.

Obviously, I do not discard Xapo.

Coinpayments I use it for different ptc like ads4btc, bitter.ioand btcclicks.

And Xapo use it for Xapo faucets like daily earnbits and other afín ones.

Registration in Coinpayments is totally free, and very safe.

You will not be able to entrar your account without knowing the password of your correo electrónico account to which it is associated, since they will send you a confirmation correo electrónico.

Therefore, security is maximum.

You cánido register for free here.

As I know how hard it is to earn bitcoin on the internet, it’s not cool at all for someone to take it in the form of commissions.

I hope this articulo helps you maximize the time you spend on the internet earning bitcoins.

All the best!!

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