coingratis is a platform that combines four free ways to earn 16 types of cryptocurrencies.

It has been en línea since May 2018 and makes direct payments to Faucethub.

No need to meet any minimum.

In addition, it has a very interesting plus system for activity levels.

Thanks to these bonuses, being active on the portal, we will be able to get plus crypto each time we make a claim.

In my opinion, Coingratisan may be one of the best sites I know for earn free cryptocurrencies that are currently available.

Last update ” Coingratisan will cease its activity as of March 8.

The website will be active until the end of March so that we cánido withdraw all our earnings, but from the 8th we will no longer be able to claim more cryptocurrencies.

Coingratisan: Registration to the platform

Before proceeding with the registration in Coingratisan it is important that we have an account in Faucethub.

In this way, the cryptocurrencies that we win cánido be received in the mirowallet.

And then withdraw them to our main wallets.

Faucethub Complete Guide

As soon as we have added the addresses of our cryptocurrency wallets in Faucethub, we perro go to the portal and sign up.

If you want, you perro access by following this backlink.

We clic on Register and it will take us to a registration form.

We introduce a nick, an dirección de correo electrónico and the address of our bitcoin wallet in Faucethub.

Which is the same address as our main wallet.

Finally, we type a strong password, solve the captcha and submit the form.

Finally, we will only have to confirm our account in Coingratisan.

As usual, we will receive an correo electrónico from the portal with a backlink in its content.

We follow that backlink and we will have access to the portal.

From now on we cánido earn free cryptocurrency at Coingratisan.

How Coingratisan works

As soon as you access Coingratisan, the first thing that stands out is the design of the site.

Both for its simplicity and for how practical it is.

With a fácil glance we perro identify the 4 sections enabled to generate profits and all the cryptocurrencies we cánido get.

On this second point, it must be taken into account that we perro all receive them in Faucethub.

Cryptocurrencies that we must withdraw directly to our wallets:

Agricoin (Ritoshi) » To withdraw Agricoin it is best to use your own wallet.

Stellar Lumens (Xlm) » We perro receive payments from Stellar on the Blockchain.

At the end of 2018 they announced that they were starting to work with this cryptocurrency.

It may be a good opportunity for the future.

List of cryptocurrencies that we perro withdraw through Faucethub:

highly recommended » Bitcoin (BTC) | ethereum (eth) | dash (Dash) | Litecoin (ltc) | Dogecoin (Doge) | zcash (Zec) | money (xmr) | Digibyte (dgb)

Other cryptocurrencies » bitcore (Btx) | Peercoin (Pago por click) | primecoin (xpm) | Blackcoin (Blk) | Potcoins (Pot)

“After the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork in mid-November 2018, Coingratisan has removed the option to earn BCH.”

How to get cryptocurrencies in Coingratisan

At Coingratisan we have available 4 different ways to get cryptocurrencies totally free.

At the top of our accounts we will see a top menu like this:

These four sections allow us to get cryptocurrencies through:

Faucets » In this section we perro claim 16 kinds of cryptocurrencies.

autofaucet » We cánido leave a window open and request claims automatically.

web mining » At Coingratisan we perro also earn cryptocurrencies using our browser.

Exchange » The portal has its own exchanger.

Cryptocurrencies cánido be bought and sold at low rates.

Equipo up wallets in Coingratisan

We choose the method we choose to start earning cryptocurrencies, it will be necessary that before write down the Faucethub wallets in which we want to charge.

To do this we will go to the tab Walletjust above the cómputo sheets.

To make the process more comfortable, I recommend that you open Faucethub in another window.

In this way, we cánido copy and paste the addresses more quickly.

You have to go one by one.

That is, we copy an address in Faucethub, paste it in the box that corresponds to each cryptocurrency and clic on Save.

And so with all the wallets that we want to add.

Request a claim

Now we perro claim cryptocurrency in faucets.

The following screenshot espectáculos 6 of the 16 cryptocurrencies that we cánido earn.

We will clic on claim and then clic on Next.

Then we solve the captcha that appears and move on.

We wait for the timer to reach zero and return to Coingratisan again.

The prize will appear as available in our cómputos.

We cánido claim in another faucet without waiting.

The only condition is in the case that we want to request the same cryptocurrency.

If so, we will have to wait 5 minutes between claims.

“If we focus on about 10 cryptocurrencies, we will better optimize the waiting time.”

Bonuses and levels to get plus cryptocurrencies

Coingratisan has an original activity plus system.

The more claims, the higher profits we receive.

But at the same time, we will add experience points that will make us level up.

As soon as we create our account we are users New.

After requesting 100 claims we ascend to a level beginner and we get an plus plus of 1%.

In other words, now, in each claim, we will earn 1% more cryptocurrencies.

The following table espectáculos the characteristics of each level.

On one side are the pluss that we receive for each claim.

And on the other, the number of claims needed to level up.

“Being a Legend we will earn an plus 20% cryptocurrency on each claim.”

Coingratisan pays for Faucethub

Coingratisan has no minimum payment and we cánido withdraw whenever we want.

The hardest process is to add the addresses of our wallets, but since we have already done it at the beginning, the process to withdraw the earnings to Faucethub is very fácil.

In the image we perro see an extract of my cómputos in various cryptocurrencies.

In this case, all of them perro be withdrawn through Faucethub, since neither Agricoin nor Stellar are listed.

To withdraw these two cryptocurrencies we will have to entrar the address of our main wallet.

To proceed with a payment in Coingratisan, we will need to follow three fácil steps:

✅ We clic on the tab Withdraw that appears next to each cómputo.

✅ The address will already be equipo in advance.

And the amount that comes out as default is the totality of our earnings so far.

Unless we want to change some data, we clic on the tab again Withdraw.

✅ Withdrawals through Faucethub have no commissions.

All the cryptocurrencies that we earn and send to the microwallet will reach us in full.

«Coingratisan pays immediately and without fees to Faucethub.»

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

The Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Coingratisan opinions and interesting facts

After working the Coingratisan websites for several days and verifying that it pays normally, there are some aspects that, in my opinion, should be carefully analyzed.

They are the following:

At first we cánido claim crypto 100 times a day.

However, as we are requesting claims, the daily ceiling will gradually rise.

And as a consequence, we will add experience points and we will go up in level.

Another fact to note is that In Coingratisan there is no minimum payment.

This allows us to request a withdrawal even after each claim.

That Coingratisan has its own exchanger, from my point of view, is a hoot.

basically because opens up a whole range of possibilities.

We cánido trade with the cryptocurrencies that we earn and get a higher return from its constant price change.

Or we perro even claim in several cryptocurrencies and unify the profits by changing them to a single one.

Coingratisan also has an affiliate system.

If we have the oportunidad to invite our friends and join With our backlink, with their activity they will generate commissions of 15%.

Both in Coingratisan and in the game of cryptomininggame, we cánido use resources from our PC to get plus cryptocurrencies.

If we use it carefully, nothing happens.

But in the long run, this type of mining affects PC performance.

For me, the best option is always to earn cryptocurrencies with faucets like bitcoin either moonbitcoinand with PTC as adbtcBTCClicks or

If we have any urgent questions, we perro use the live chat to talk to other users or staff members.

To make a specific query, it will always be better to send them a message through the Contact.


In conclusion, Coingratisan is one of the best pages out there today to earn free cryptocurrencies.

Not only because of the variety of cryptocurrencies that we perro get, but also because of the originality of the systemwith bonuses and levels, and for the rewards it offers on each claim.

If, given the case, we want to focus on a cryptocurrency or two, the exchange section cánido come in handy.

This way we perro claim in all the faucets and later change the cómputos to a single cryptocurrency.

And here is today’s tutorial on Coingratisan.

If you liked it and want to start earn free cryptocurrencyI would appreciate it if you would register by clicking on the button below.

That will take you directly to the portal registration form.

Any questions that arise, as always, you have the comments available to ask everything you need.

Until next time and hit the cryptocurrencies!!

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 Coingratis |  Earn CRYPTOCURRENCIES
  Coingratis |  Earn CRYPTOCURRENCIES
  Coingratis |  Earn CRYPTOCURRENCIES

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