CoinBulb Pays or is Scam

CoinBulb Pays or is Scam

CoinBulb Pays or is Scam.

First of all let’s talk a little about this PTC in which we will be able to win satoshis (Bitcoins) just by watching ads from our computer.

CoinBulb Details

  • Assessment: arbitrary
  • Payment methods: Bitcoins and Faucethub
  • minimum payment: 15,000 Satoshi
  • referral system: Yes, pay 60% of your referrals
  • Languages: English
  • accepted countries: All

How to make money with CoinBulb

CoinBulb is a PTC that allows you to earn Satoshis (Bitcoins)seeing ads in two ways, the traditional one is by clicking on them and viewing them for a few seconds, and the second way is by watching Surf-type ads (Surf Ads and Active Windows Ads).

The steps are very fácil, to start we just have to register on the platform, placing a nombre de usuario, dirección de correo electrónico and password, you must activate your account with the backlink that is sent to you by correo electrónico to be able to work on it.

The platform has an option for advertisers, if you have a website that you want to promote, you perro do it on this platform either through type advertising Surf Ads either Activate Windows Adsthe good thing about it for advertisers is that the ads have ad-focus, which guarantees that your promoted website will be seen by real users.

CoinBulb referral system

The referral system you have CoinBulb It is 1 level and unlimited, this means that we perro invite all the people we want and thus increase our Profits since we will earn 60% of our referrals.

CoinBulb Memberships (Upgrades)

When we registered in this PTC we are in the estándar membership, CoinBulb It has a premium membership which allows us to have better earnings with the visualization of the advertisements.

Estándar Membership

  • 100% own clicks
  • 8.5% referral clicks
  • 1.5% referral deposits

Premium Membership

  • 200% own clicks
  • 17.5% referral clicks
  • 12.5% ​​referral deposits

Premium membership has a cost of: 90 days – 0.005 BTC (5 mBTC)

CoinBulb Pays or is Scam

As I mentioned, it’s not like it’s scamIn fact CoinBulb paysonly that it makes arbitrary payments, that is, it pays some users but not others, so it does not fall into the category of PTC ScamI put it as arbitrary.

CoinBulb Proof of Payment

Yes, CoinBulb has payment vouchersCurrently, I have just registered on the platform, so I still do not have my CoinBulb proof of paymentbut I have already seen it on YouTube and other weblogs, for which I perro confirm that it does pay, but as I mentioned before, it makes arbitrary payments.

Recommendations and Opinions of CoinBulb

As we have already seen, this PTC It has positive and negative points, it is up to each person to evaluate if it is worth taking the risk of working in this PTC taking into account that they may or may not pay you, it would be necessary to see if those people who have not been paid are working cleanly or if In truth, the company only pays whoever it wants or who is convenient for it.

CoinBulb Update 2023

The page is currently sin conexión.

Alternatives to CoinBulb

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 CoinBulb Pays or is Scam
  CoinBulb Pays or is Scam
  CoinBulb Pays or is Scam

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