Coinbase | RELIABLE cryptocurrency WALLET

Coinbase | RELIABLE cryptocurrency WALLET

coinbase It is a very reliable portal where we perro save, send, receive and trade cryptocurrencies. It has been en línea since 2012 and has not stopped growing until it has become one of the reference websites for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Additionally, we perro also take advantage of the platform to store cryptocurrencies. In this way, if we are users of PTCs and faucets that pay in cryptocurrencies, we perro receive payments on Coinbase. And then make an exchange and withdraw the money in our local currency. Either by transfer or through Paypal. Interesting, right? We are going to analyze all the details of this cryptocurrency wallet.

What is Coinbase?

As I said in the introduction, Coinbase is a cryptocurrency trading portal that we perro use as a wallet. We could say that it is something like a payment processor. But instead of keeping money like euros or dollars, we perro store our cryptocurrencies.

Initially, this portal, founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam, only supported bitcoin. However, over time, Coinbase has been improving both its features and the functionalities of the web. To the point that currently supports more than twenty different cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase supports Bitcoin, but we cánido also hold BCH, LTC, ETH, ADA, DASH, ETC, ZRX, BAT, ZEC, XRP, REP, XLM, and many more.

Whether we intend to earn cryptocurrencies on our own with free systems or if we want to invest money from our pocket, it is essential that we have a wallet in which to store them. In this sense, Coinbase perro come in handy precisely to store these cryptocurrencies. And when we want, sell them, exchange them for our local currency and withdraw to our bank account or Paypal.

A very important fact is that Coinbase is not available to everyone. The list of accepted countries is as follows, starting with Spanish-speaking countries: Spain, Argentina, México, Colombia, Chile, Peru, USA, Italy, Portugal, France, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco, Poland, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden.

If your country is not on this list, don’t worry. You perro use Coinbase without problem, although you will have limited some options. The most prominent is that you will not be able to withdraw by Paypal.

How to open a Coinbase account

Creating a Coinbase account is completely free and very easy. In addition, it has a very interesting referral system that rewards both the usuario who creates a new account and the usuario who recommends it. In our case, if you sign up on Coinbase with my referral backlink, we’ll both get an plus reward. What does it consist of? The prize is $10, although there is a condition. For both of us to get that $10, you will have to buy or sell cryptocurrency with a total value of $100. It doesn’t matter when or how. When you have bought cryptocurrencies for that value or when you have sold cryptocurrencies from your cómputo for an equivalent value of those $100, we will both receive $10 automatically.

To receive this $10 plus it is essential that you create an account using an invitation. Otherwise, the plus is not credited.

If you want, you perro use my referral backlink to create your Coinbase account. At the top of the registration form, a message should appear that says something like «Jesús Precioso has invited you to try Coinbase». If so, the plus will be activated. If the message does not appear, I recommend you open a new window in incognito mode and clic on the recommendation backlink again.

Go to registration form + 10$ plus*

Next we provide our name and surname, an dirección de correo electrónico and a password. We accept the TOS, we solve the recaptcha and we clic on “Check in”. to endizar, Coinbase will send us an dirección de correo electrónico to welcome us to the portal. In that same dirección de correo electrónico we will see a backlink, which when followed, will validate the creation of the account and allow us to access the portal.

Fact verification on Coinbase

Right now, already we are able to use our Coinbase wallets to receive a payment from a faucet or a PTC. We only need to know the address of our wallet (as we will see later) and request the payment.

dependedI understand the use that we are going to make of our account in coinbasewe will have to verify our data 100%. There are four forms of verification, which in turn serve to improve the security of our accounts:

Dirección de correo electrónico ⏩ We have already done this step by following the backlink in the welcome message. All notifications from Coinbase will reach us at this dirección de correo electrónico address.

Mobile verification ⏩ Another way to increase the security of our account is, without a doubt, activating the verification in two steps through the mobile. In this way, when we access our Coinbase account, we will always receive a verification code.

Personal identification ⏩ We perro verify our identity by sending ID or passport. If we want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, it will be mandatory that we comply with this requirement.

Add our bank details ⏩ If we want to add or withdraw funds in Coinbase, we will have to provide some information from our bank account before making the SEPA transfer. In itself, it is not a security measure, but if at any time someone wants to modify that data, Coinbase will send us an dirección de correo electrónico so that we cánido validate it. With which, we will realize that something strange happens.

How Coinbase works

As soon as we access our Coinbase account, the first thing that comes to mind is the menu that appears at the top. In it we will see the five sections that make up the portal, although later, each one is subdivided into more sections.

In each of these five main sections we will find the following:

Dashboard » General view of the prices of the main cryptocurrencies, cómputo of our wallets and history of the last transactions we have made.

Buy Sell “ From here we perro add and withdraw funds through bank transfer, credit or debit card and Paypal (only for withdrawals).

Accounts » Detailed view of all the transactions we have made and current status of our cómputos. It will also be in this section that we will find the most current address of our wallets.

Tools “ Among other features, we perro see at a glance all addresses associated with our Coinbase walletsconfigure periodic transactions or customize reports on our movements in the market.

Setting “ All security measures perro be configured in this section. It will also be here where we will add our payment or withdrawal method. Or where we perro confirm what the limits of our account are.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice. In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest. Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research. For more information do clic here.

How to know the address of the wallets?

We already have a Coinbase account and we have seen above the five sections that make up the portal but… What do you think if we see the most important sections in a more specific way?

The first of all will be to know what is the address of our wallets. for this tutorial I will take bitcoin as an example, which after all is the most widely used cryptocurrency. In any case, the process to know the address of our wallet, the procedure for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies and the purchase and sale of them, It is the same regardless of the cryptocurrency in question.

To know our address we will have to go to the section of “accounts”. Once there we will see an image like this:

If you look at the paragraph on how Coinbase works, when referring to the addresses of our wallets I have highlighted the texts in bold “current address” and “all directions”. As a security measure and in an automated way, Coinbase changes the address of our wallets from time to time. At some point it will happen to you that, when going to “accounts” and see the address of your wallet, you will see that is completely changed. It’s habitual, so don’t worry. As I say, it is a Coinbase security measure. If we go to the section of “Tools” and then to “Addresses”it will output a list of all addresses associated with our wallets.

We perro use all these addresses whenever we want. They will never belong to someone else. Each address associated with our account is non-transferable and will always belong to us.

Send and receive cryptocurrency on Coinbase

Knowing the address of our bitcoin wallet or any other cryptocurrency, we will be able to perform the most common operations. We have already said repeatedly that in Coinbase we cánido send, receive, buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Let’s see how to perform each operation.

Receive cryptocurrencies on Coinbase

if we want receive bitcoin in our walletwe will clic on “Receive” and a new window will open with a series of numbers and letters. That will be the address of our bitcoin wallet. To withdraw from any PTC or faucet, we will only have to provide this address.

Send cryptocurrencies to another wallet

For send bitcoins to another walletwe will clic on “Send”we will paste the address of the recipient’s bitcoin wallet, we will write down the amount and we will confirm the operation.

Add funds and buy cryptocurrencies

For deposit money into our Coinbase account We will have to perform two steps:

1. In the first we must go to the section of “accounts” and look for the purse that I espectáculo in the following screenshot.

Next we clic on “Deposit” and a window will open in which we will have to Write down the name of our Bank, the name of the bank account holder, the amount to be deposited and the type of currency. After confirming the data, clic on “Continue”. At this time, Coinbase will provide us with your bank account number for us to make the transfer. Finally, we send the money from our bank account to Coinbase’s through a SEPA (international) transfer. After a few days we will see the money reflected in the EUR Wallet cómputo.

2. In the second part we will have to buy the cryptocurrencies that we want with the cómputo of that cómputo in EUR Wallet.

Deposits by bank transfer may take up to 4 days to be confirmed. If the deposit is through a debit or credit card, it is confirmed instantly.

Withdraw funds and sell cryptocurrencies

For withdraw money from Coinbase or sell cryptocurrencies We will do the same process in reverse. Now we already have our bank data configured, so that’s what we save. To proceed, first of all we will have to sell the cryptocurrencies and save the money in the EUR Wallet. For this we will go to “Buy Sell” and we will sell those cryptocurrencies that we want.

Later, to withdraw that money, we will go to the section of “accounts” and we will clic on “Withdraw”. We select our destination bank account and confirm. In a few days we will receive the money in the bank.

Coinbase Fees

The structure of Coinbase fees It is a bit complicated to explain since some of them cánido vary from one day to the next. TOSome factors that cánido influence are the type of criptocurrency, the time of the sale, whether we add or withdraw using a debit card, or through bank transfer, etcétera.

Below I will leave a list with the commissions that Coinbase applies in the most common operations. You perro consult in this backlink all commissions classified by country.

» Sending cryptocurrencies between Coinbase users it’s totally free.

» When we carry out a transaction from our wallets to others, we will be the ones who will assume the expenses applied by the miner in each transaction.

» All transactions outside of our Coinbase account will require three confirmations before they appear on our cómputo. That is if we receive a payment from a PTC or a faucetthree confirmations will be necessary for us to see the cryptocurrencies in our wallets.

» When making the withdrawal by transfer, a commission of 1% will be applied on the total amount. In addition, for users residing in Europe, an additional fee of €0.15 will be added to each withdrawal.

» The commission for adding funds on Coinbase vía transfer is $5, €5 or £5. Always depending on the currency that we use in each transfer.

» If we buy or sell cryptocurrencies using our Coinbase cómputos, we will be charged a commission of 1.49% on the total amount of each transaction. On the contrary, if the purchase is made directly with our credit or debit card, the commission will amount to 3.99%.

At Coinbase we cánido also withdraw through Paypal. There is no commission and you cánido collect from just $1.

Earn cryptocurrency on Coinbase Earn?

Once we have a Coinbase account, we are ready to buy, sell, send and receive all those cryptocurrencies that the platform supports. At DineroWorld, we have talked about multitude of sites with which earn free cryptocurrency. Whether it is PTC pages, faucets, games or mobile applications, they all help us to add cryptocurrencies little by little without making investments of any kind. But… at Coinbase there is another way to get cryptocurrencies. Be careful because you perro win more than $200!

Next I will explain all the steps that we must follow to collect these cryptocurrencies:

” Is It is essential that we already have the account created in Coinbase to receive the profits that we are going to generate. As soon as we have one, we follow these backlinks:

» In the Coinbase Earn section, a list will appear with the cryptocurrencies that we perro collect up to now. To proceed, we choose the one we like the most and clic on view. Our participation will already be activated. Within a few days, Coinbase He will send us an dirección de correo electrónico so that we perro continue with the next step. If it takes time, don’t worry. It is 100% safe. Be patient, sooner or later Coinbase will contact you.

» Next we will see a series of vídeos with a remuneration at the bottom. The task is to watch these vídeos and answer the questions they ask us at the end. The vídeos are in English, but the explanation is very didactic and easy to understand. Afterwards, we will only have to answer the questions, and immediately afterwards the rewards will be credited to us in Coinbase. It’s that fácil!

Coinbase also performs airdrops to earn free cryptocurrencies. In these airdrops we cánido obtain tokens without investing when a new project is launched.

Comparative Coinbase vs. Blockchain

With the publication of this tutorial on Coinbase, in moneyworld I am mainly recommending two web portals in which to store our cryptocurrencies: Blockchain and Coinbase. I find it interesting to make a comparison between both portals and analyze the pros and cons of use each one. There it goes:

✅ Creating an account on Blockchain or Coinbase is totally free. It does not entail any additional fee or surcharge. In this sense, there is no difference.

✅ Commissions are substantially lower on Blockchain. If we are users who usually carry out many transactions, it is best to use Blockchain. If, on the contrary, we intend to save the cryptocurrencies that we are generating in order to sell them when the price rises, either of the two wallets would work for us. The commission applied on larger sums does not differ too much from one to the other.

✅ Blockchain has slightly more advanced security measures than Coinbase, although in this second there is the possibility of strengthening our account configuring 2FA and verifying our identity.

✅ Coinbase’s design is more practical than Blockchain’s and provides better monitoring of the price of different cryptocurrencies. In addition, it greatly facilitates the operations of adding and withdrawing funds and those of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. In this sense, point in favor of Coinbase.

✅ Another strong point of Coinbase is its recommendation system, which rewards both the invited usuario and the usuario who recommends the portal. In Blockchain, on the contrary, there is no recommendation system.

✅ At Coinbase we cánido store more than 10 different cryptocurrencies. While Blockchain supports four cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, and XLM.

Coinbase Reviews

On a personal level, I have said on several occasions that the best web wallet to store cryptocurrencies is the Blockchain one. Both at the security level and at the commission level. However, at the end of 2018 a great novelty was introduced in Coinbase, and that is that enabled withdrawal through Paypal payment processor. This aspecto, without underestimating the others, perro be very attractive to all of us who are dedicated to making money. And even more so if we use PTC, paid survey panels and other systems that pay through this processor. If before we could unify those earnings to later send them in one go to our bank account. Now there is also the option of exchange our cryptocurrencies for euros on Coinbase and then send the money to Paypal. Unifying even more the profits that we obtain en línea.

In Blockchain you perro only add and withdraw funds through the bank.

What do you think of Coinbase? If you liked the tutorial and you plan to create an account, I would appreciate it if you did so using my referral backlink. In this way we will both win when you buy or sell $100 worth of cryptocurrency on Coinbase. I think I haven’t left anything out, but otherwise, as always, you have the comments below at your disposal to ask anything you need. Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Coinbase |  RELIABLE cryptocurrency WALLET 
  Coinbase |  RELIABLE cryptocurrency WALLET 
  Coinbase |  RELIABLE cryptocurrency WALLET

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