Do you need more bitcoins? Well, here I bring you another PTC to earn satoshis little by little, it’s called CoinAdder.

I have been using it for a short time and today I have requested my first payment to my bitcoin wallet.

On the page they tell us that it will take 5-7 working days to send the payment.

Let’s hope they are formal and carry it out, sure they will.

As I tell you, the page is called CoinAdeer, and it has been running for several years, exactly since 2014 and has paid more than 724 million satoshis.

I orinan, we perro trust her completely.

Its operation is quite fácil.

I explain it to you:


valid countries: Everyone

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minimum payment: 20,000 satoshis

Payment method: Directly to your bitcoin wallet

Payment time: 5 to 7 business days

referrals: Unlimited, we charge 20% of the earnings of your referrals

As you cánido see, it is very easy to work, every day we cánido get around 750 satoshis, in a very short time.

When we see an ad, we will have to wait a few seconds for it to be validated, and that’s it! The satoshis will go up to our account.

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You always have to be patient, little by little we will see how our account goes up, and remember that bitcoin is going to decrease its value disproportionately, being today, May 19, at 1768 euros.

And up.

To register in coinadder there is only a small registration to complete.

To start, they give you the first 500 satoshis.

Such that here:

You simply have to fill in your nombre de usuario, password, correo electrónico and your bitcoin address.

If you put a casual, the referral does not appear, I would appreciate it if you put mine ruse76.

Or if you prefer, you perro register directly through this backlink.

Final conclusion:

A good PTC, as I told you, has about ten daily ads, which will not make us very tired to see the ads.

Day by day we will earn some satoshis that will come in handy.

But perhaps the most interesting thing is the referral system, 20% is very interesting.

Therefore, I encourage you to register and earn satoshis every day.

Greetings friends!!

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