CoinAdder: Free Bitcoins for viewing

CoinAdder: Free Bitcoins for viewing

Taking advantage of the first payment received, today we are going to focus on CoinnAder.

It is a ptc that pays us small fractions of Bitcoins for viewing ads.

Despite the fact that I have been using it for a few weeks now, I did not want to write an article on the blog until I had verified first-hand that we are dealing with a website that truly pays.

I knew from other colleagues that yes, but I have the habit of always checking it myself.

We stop recommending this page because it hardly has ads, and it is not certain that it will continue to pay.

The website has been operational since 2014 and to date has paid the amount of more than 7 Bitcoins among all active users.

The truth is that it is a quite respectable amount.

Main Features of CoinAdder

complete registration

Like any reliable website worth its salt, registration at CoinAdder is completely free, if a website asks you for money just for registering, run away from it.

What’s more, it’s not only free but also They are going to give us the first 500 satoshis by the face.

To do this you just have to fill out the registration form.

We will have to put our nombre de usuario, a password, an correo electrónico and finally the address of our Bitcoin wallet.

Important about payments in CoinAdder:

CoinAdder pays through Faucetbox.

If you don’t have a Faucetbox account, don’t worry, when you put your Bitcoin address in the registry, the Faucetbox account will automatically be created for you.

When you collect, they will send the payment there and then to your wallet.

You just have to check it.

where does it say referrer It is important that if it appears blank you put the collector.

I do not know for sure but it is possible that if you leave it blank you will not receive those 500 satoshis, although I repeat, it is not something I know for sure.

Start seeing paid ads

Starting to earn money in CoinAdder is as easy as clicking on the top menu of the web at View Ads.

Then we will have access to all paid ads that day.

Each ad is worth 75 satoshis.

To activate it, clic on it, fill in a captcha and wait for the countdown, which for all ads is 15 seconds.

The ads are reset every 24 hours, so it is advisable to mark a more or less fixed time every day to see them.

referral system

CoinAdder also allows us to earn money by inviting other users to test the system.

To get referrals we are provided with a unique backlink as well as promotional banners.

To access the material we just have to go to promo banners.

The referral system of the page consists of a single level of affiliates where we perro invite an unlimited number. We will earn 20% of each clic do each of them.

First payment received from CoinAdder

The payment is processed in just over a week to your Faucetbox account and then it takes a couple more days to reach your wallet.

Final conclusion and farewell

A web that exceeds two years of life and more in the case of a ptc is not a joke.

We cánido consider and put CoinAdder in the group of reliable businesses that we are using.

Logically, no matter how reliable a site is, it is not free to stop paying tomorrow.

We hope that this website will continue en línea for at least a couple more years to continue taking advantage of it.

Of course, as I always tell you, if something is not clear to you, you cánido leave me a comment with your doubts and I will try to clarify it for you.

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 CoinAdder: Free Bitcoins for viewing
  CoinAdder: Free Bitcoins for viewing
  CoinAdder: Free Bitcoins for viewing

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