CN Traveler Full Review: A Magazine?

CN Traveler Full Review: A Magazine?

Travel magazines may not give you all the important details about a destination like travel guides.

But, they spark your wanderlust with their beautifully photographed and creatively written content.

Before the internet, we fed our wanderlust through magazines.

Today, with the emerging en línea travel content and weblogs, travel magazines are on the decline.

Fortunately, they are not yet extinct.

CN Traveler is a magazine famous for offering unique attractions, local food, and expert travel advice.

It has expanded its presence over the years, and today, it is also one of the best travel guide websites.

With physical travel magazines and en línea travel content, CN Traveler has become known as the go-to blog for travel inspiration.

But is it a useful resource for backpackers? Does CN Traveler promote and publish authentic destinations that all travelers have access to? We’ll get to that.

But first, what is CN Traveler?

Image courtesy: CN Traveler

What is CN Traveler?

Launched in 1987, CN Traveler or Condé Nast Traveler is a luxury travel and lifestyle magazine.

It was first issued for the US market and spread worldwide with nine international editions.

Most of the readers are 25 years or older.

In addition to launching a magazine in print and digital, CN Traveler also marks its presence by publishing travel news and content on its website, popular media platforms, podcasts, and correo electrónico newsletters.

It has a team of expert travelers who contribute original, insider and exciting travel stories.

However, if you have a great story, you perro pitch it for publication!

The Condé Nast Traveler aplicación is available for Android and iOS devices, so you perro access the digital version of the magazine on the go.

Image courtesy: CN Traveler

What kind of content does CN Traveler offer?

CN Traveler’s content is based on its tagline, “The Truth in Travel.” It is aimed at luxury, sophisticated and independent travelers seeking a mix of adventure and comfort.

You will find content in five sections on the website; Inspiration, destinations, places to stay, style and culture, and food and drink.

In addition to inspiring content, CN Traveler also updates you with the latest travel news.

You will also find articles on travel consejos, gift ideas and the latest travel accessories/dispositivos.

If you want to book a travel service or buy a good mentioned in your articles, please clic on the backlink to the especial website and make your reservation/purchase.

CN Traveler publishes three featured lists annually.

It is actually a collection of lists under the 3 categories.

He Reader’s Choice List It is compiled based on the votes of the readers.

CN Traveler’s hot list It includes the best new and destacable places published in the previous year.

The third collection is Gold Lista compilation of editorial board favourites.

Image courtesy: CN Traveler

How do I subscribe to CN Traveler magazine?

For US customers, CN Traveler magazine is available for an introductory price of $10 for one year and $15 for two years.

The subscription will allow print and digital versions and an instantly downloadable Hot List.

You will also receive a complimentary tote bag.

After the initial payment, your subscription will renew at $21.99 per year.

The subscription fee varies for each country.

You perro also sign up for the free CN Traveler y también-newsletter to receive the latest travel updates and stories.

How do I cancel my CN Traveler subscription?

Your subscription will automatically renew once you’ve added a payment method.

But, CN Traveler allows you to cancel at any time and will provide you with a refund if you have paid in advance.

If you are seeking a refund, please contact customer service vía hotline or dirección de correo electrónico.

Image courtesy: CN Traveler

What we liked about CN Traveler

You cánido count on CN Traveler’s articles to be well-researched, factual, and in most cases timely.

It’s a great place to learn about lesser-known destinations, authentic cuisine, top-notch accommodations, etcétera.

CN Traveler has won many magazine awards over the years and is one of the most reputable brands, with more than 5 million readers subscribing to its print editions.

The credibility of its content is well known.

The “Travel Consejos” section in the dropdown menu features timely travel consejos and updates.

You cánido find the latest coronavirus-related restrictions, bans and regulations related to different countries here.

It is very useful nowadays when countries continually revise their travel rules.

In addition, the section also includes content on travel beauty consejos, travel gear, cheap flight booking methods, etcétera.

Also, check out the ‘On the Go’ section for great gift ideas.

Although CN Traveler is primarily a luxury travel magazine, its content extends beyond its monthly issues.

There is a lot of content on their website that you perro browse for free and get inspired for your next trip.

Popular media posts, podcasts, vídeos, contests, and events provide a comprehensive, omnichannel usuario experience.

They are very informative and provide excellent background information.

Its stunning visuals, narrative storytelling, and captivating vídeos are truly a feast for the eyes.

Your content is the best source of travel inspiration!

What CN Traveler cánido do better

During our investigation of CN Traveler, we noticed several negative reviews about CN Traveler’s unresponsive and delayed customer support.

Assistance in solving problems related to magazine subscriptions has been poorly received.

There is no trip planning service offered by CN Traveler yet, and it would be a great addition! Users perro form their own itinerary based on the destinations, accommodations, and travel services they find on the website/magazine.

If you are looking for a free and maleable trip planner that provides you with authentic travel content, check out our guide!

Is CN Traveler useful for backpackers?

While CN Traveler focuses on budget travel themes, it primarily serves mid-to-high-end travelers looking for luxury experiences.

Therefore, the travel services he recommends are also more expensive, and even the subscription to read the magazine is quite expensive.

So it won’t do much to help backpackers looking for cheap rentals or local restoranes.

Image courtesy: CN Traveler

Is CN Traveler worth it?

We think CN Traveler is one of the best travel guide websites for staying up to date on the latest travel stories and reading inspiring content.

But should you subscribe to their magazines? It depends on your travel preferences.

For backpackers and budget travelers, its offer is limited and would not match the type of content that CN Traveler offers.

Our rating: 4.5/5


  • quality content
  • Travel consejos
  • Ready


  • Customer service
  • No trip planning feature

Find travel inspiration and plan your trip!

While CN Traveler is unique and great at what it does, there are limitations.

Especially for budget travelers and digital nomads, CN Traveler’s offerings tend to be on the pricier side, providing a more luxurious style of travel than an exciting but budget-conscious adventure.

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 CN Traveler Full Review: A Magazine?
  CN Traveler Full Review: A Magazine?
  CN Traveler Full Review: A Magazine?

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