ClixSense: Tenth payment, $21.40 by Paypal

ClixSense: Tenth payment, $21.40 by Paypal

As it could not be otherwise, we are here to talk about ClixSense in a positive way, with the tenth payment received under the arm of what, in my opinion, is the best ptc in the world and also one of the best pages to earn money on the Internet.

The truth is that I perro tell you little or nothing new about ClixSense that you have not seen, not only here but in any other blog that deals with the same subject as ours.

Working a website with as much peace of mind as this one is priceless, it’s a pity that ClixSenses are not abundant, it would be much better for all of us.

We continue our story at ClixSense

Since we began our journey in ClixSense we have gone through different stages, the first was undoubtedly the most daunting.

When I started using the web I didn’t even know about its real potential, at first I used it like most other ptcs, I just logged in to see my daily ads, period.

It was quite frustrating to see how I barely earned a penny a day and it is that ignorance about how a site works is the main key so that we do not get the real potential of said business.

I saw that many got good vouchers and at the rate I was going I would ask for the first payment after two years, I thought that these people would get those payments thanks to the fact that they had thousands of referrals.

Frustrated I got to try something other than seeing the daily ads and to my delight I saw that the earnings skyrocketed, I no longer earned 1 cent a day, now there were days that were dollars.

Thanks to the surveys, the mini-jobs and some prize or other in the Clixgrid I have already been able to withdraw a quite respectable amount of dollars from ClixSense.

Statistics on each ClixSense task

One of the actions that is giving me the most profitability in this ptc and the one that I am most satisfied with is becoming a premium member, for only $17 a year, and yes, there is a big difference between being a premium or estándar member.

The difference is not only in the number of ads received and in their value, being a premium member entails unquestionable advantages, such as the fact that the minimum payment is reduced from $8 as a free member to $6 as a premium member.

Another unquestionable advantage is with direct referrals, as a premium member you receive a commission of 2 dollars each time an affiliate of yours buys the annual membership, if you are able to get referrals this makes a big difference.

If you have the opportunity to pay for the annual membership, I would not hesitate, they are all advantages.

I personally began to notice that the earnings were much better after I became a member, by earning more money we also receive a higher percentage if we manage to complete the Daily Check Plus.

Tenth payment received by Paypal

Warm and fresh from the oven this tenth payment, it is true that it has taken a week and in between we have had the 4th of July national holiday in the United States, the country of origin of ClixSense, but hey, the important thing is that the payment is here to continue confirming the good work of this great ptc.

Final conclusion

Is ClixSense the best ptc in the world? For me yes, without a doubt.

Largely due to its enormous potential, far superior to that of its competitors, and because of the enormous tranquility it transmits when working with it.

You know that you cánido work without anxiety because in the end you will see your money yes or yes.

In other pages we are looking forward to reaching the minimum for fear that they will stop paying, what’s more, surely in most of the ptcs with which you have started working in the end you have not seen a penny, forget about all this with ClixSense, although not Nothing is certain in this life, the truth is that it is one of the most reliable pages where you perro earn money on the Internet.

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 ClixSense: Tenth payment, $21.40 by Paypal
  ClixSense: Tenth payment, $21.40 by Paypal
  ClixSense: Tenth payment, $21.40 by Paypal

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