Clixsense RefBack: I return 75% of what

Clixsense RefBack: I return 75% of what

Clixsense RefBackthat is what we will do in I get out of the crisis from today, but….

What perro I already tell you about Clixsense that you don’t already know? Practically nothing.

All of us who are dedicated to the world of making money en línea know it and it is possibly one of the first pages with which we started working.

But do your sponsors give you back some of the money you generate for them? Few, maybe none.

From today will return 75% of what you generate for me in Clixsense. That is called Refback, and from now on I will do RefBack in Clixsense with all my referrals.

For this reason I have put the title of Clixsense Refback to this articulo.

This is: I will return the 0.75 dollars for every dollar you generate for me.

In the first shipment it will be free, to the following PayPal will discount something from Feeds.

But it will still be worth it.

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I think it is a good option, both for me and for potential referrals.

If you have any questions, just send me an dirección de correo electrónico at or leave a comment.

This (the Clixsense Refback) is an option that I had been considering for some time, since having been with the blog for a relatively short time (six months) and with Clixsense, I have few referrals, so it is slow to earn money for me.


For example, it took me a couple of months to get my last payment, it was $23.87, which ended up at $22.88.

Here is the proof:

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This is the first time I charge for Payza, you will remember that Clixsense no longer emplees PayPal, I explained it to you in this articulo.

In this another articulo I was talking about Payoneer, and let me understand that it was a good alternative to PayPal.

And it really is.

But for large charges.

When trying to withdraw that amount for Payoneer the feed was $2, therefore I decided to charge for Payza, whose feed was “only” $0.99.

Last conclusions

In my town it is said that it is well-born to be grateful, and one way of thanking those referred for the “favor” they do me by making me their sponsor is return a percentage of what they generate.

And I think 75% for life is pretty cool.

And nothing more to say, colleagues, I await your comments, in the next articulo I will talk about more PTCs and pages with their corresponding Refbacks.

Greetings friends!

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 Clixsense RefBack: I return 75% of what
  Clixsense RefBack: I return 75% of what
  Clixsense RefBack: I return 75% of what

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