ClixSense » How does it work? Earn money

ClixSense » How does it work? Earn money

ClixSense is a platform for earn money complete surveys, perform tasks, offer walls, referrals, activity bonuses, etcétera. This page was founded by Steven Girsky in the year 2007. Earn free money in ClixSense is one of the best options you will find to earn money en línea for free.

Since its foundation, ClixSense has been considered as a PTC page. From July 2017 this ceased to be so. This has been motivated by the new PayPal regulations where it does not allow this type of businesswith high levels of referrals and memberships.

ClixSense Basics

  • Platform management: ClixSense has been running since the year 2007, which indicates that it is a very established, reliable and established page. The administrator is Jim Grago, also owner of the well-known advertising and marketing company Adhitz.
  • Withdrawals: They cánido be requested from $10. The reception period usually ranges between 2 and 5 working days from the request. Withdrawal is vía Skrill, Payoneer, Tango Card, Dwolla and check.
  • Referrals: It has an unlimited referral level. you will win a twenty% of the profits your referrals get.
  • Languages: English, but it cánido be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.
  • Accepted countries: Users from all over the world cánido earn money.

Registration and first steps in ClixSense

Registration in ClixSense is free and fácil, and you perro do it by clicking here. Once you have completed the data you must go to your correo electrónico, since you will receive a confirmation correo electrónico. After you confirm the correo electrónico will already be registered.

ClixSense registration form

You cánido register in ClixSense from the following backlink: Go to ClixSense.

After registering in ClixSense you will have to complete main settings that you need to have so that your account is fully configured. For this in your account you must go to Profile and Settings. When you entrar, you must complete the information requested in the different tabs that are displayed.

How does ClixSense work?

ClixSense It is a platform of type “Get Paid To” (GPT), or what is the same, a web platform that pays its users to carry out different types of tasks and jobs over the Internet. Founded in the year 2007its operation has evolved to become one of the best platforms to generate income en línea.

It began its operation as a PTC page, where most of the profits came from the display of paid ads. This was improving as they added more forms of earn free money on ClixSensesuch as CrowdFlower tasks or offer walls.

How to earn free money on ClixSense?

You cánido earn free money on ClixSense carrying out surveys, offers, tasks and with the referral system. Below I explain the different ways to earn money.

The paid surveys They are one of the best ways to earn money that you will find on this platform. In the “Surveys” section you will have access to all the survey panels associated with ClixSense. It will only be necessary to clic on each of the panels, and if there are surveys that fit your profile you will be able to access and complete them.

Paid Survey Panel

The profit you will receive will depend on the type of panel where you complete the survey. If you get complete the survey, when you finish you must clic on the green ‘YES’ button to assign the remuneration to you. When there is a survey available you will usually receive an dirección de correo electrónico informing you.

Generally, these invitations will be better paid than the surveys that you cánido carry out in the fixed panels. They will only be available for a limited time and will have a maximum number of entries.

Consejos for completing surveys

complete your 100% profile and make sure you have all the panels active and for all devices, both mobile and computer. You cánido do this from the “Preferences” section. In this way, in addition to the classic surveys for the computer, you will be able to receive exclusive surveys for mobile devices and tabletas.


In ClixSense you cánido generate income by completing available offerssuch as: registrations on other sites, listening to the radio, playing games, downloading applications, watching vídeos, etcétera.

offer panel

here exist panels available for bidding: Matomy, OfferToro, AdsCend, SuperRewards, etcétera. One of the most interesting is Peanut Labs, where there are usually surveys available almost every day. Although you perro earn good plus money on these walls, it is very important to review the available offers well.


The tasks or mini jobs They perro become an important source of earning money. In the “Task” section you will find the CrowdFlower wall, where you will be paid for complete small tasks and mini-jobs. The only disadvantage is that you must know a little English or use translators since the vast majority of these tasks will be in this language.

Tasks or mini-jobs

These tasks perro range from leer articles and say who is the authorperform searches on Google plus and look at the positioning of a specific page, introduce and categorize products, among other tasks.

Some homework questions

For each $50 that you earn by completing tasks, the ClixSense platform will reward you with $5 plus. It is important to carry out these tasks correctly, since the CrowdFlower platform has a level system through which you will progress if you meet certain requirements and your success rate is high.

ClixSense rewards weekly the 10 people who have completed the most tasks successfully during that week. The prizes to which you perro choose are the following:

  • First place $50 dollars.
  • Second place $20 dollars.
  • Third place $10 dollars.
  • Fourth and fifth place $5 each.
  • From sixth to tenth place $2 dollars each.

Referral system in ClixSense

The ClixSense platform has a system of direct referrals. you will win the twenty% of all the profits that your referrals obtain. On top of this fixed percentage of earnings, you will earn an plus $2 for every referral that reaches their first $5.

The commission of 20% will go to 30% when you exceed the amount of 200 active referrals. Active referrals are those who have carried out an activity or transaction within ClixSense in the last 30 days. You will find your affiliate backlink in the menu Affiliates › Affiliate Program.

Checklist Bonuses in ClixSense

This is a daily plus with which the most active users will be rewarded with an plus percentage on the earnings achieved that day, specifically a 16% plus. This plus percentage will only apply to your individual earnings that include paid tasks, offers, and surveys. So you perro activate this plus You must complete at least one of the following requirements on the day:

  • 10 Figure Eight tasks.
  • 2 offers or surveys.
  • 5 tasks in Figure Eight and at least 1 offer or survey.

Completing at least one of these requirements will unlock a plus plus of 12%. If you want to reach 16% you will have two plus bonuses that will bring you an additional 2% each and they are the following:

  • Clix Addon active. To activate this plus you should have ClixAddon extension active for less than 1 hour per day.
  • Plus plus for activity. By completing the checklist for three days in a row, you will get this plus plus from 2%. If for any reason you do not complete the daily plus on one day, the plus will be reset.

Payments in ClixSense

Any usuario may request a withdrawal when they reach the minimum amount of $10 in your account cómputo. You cánido request the withdrawal through Skrill, Payoneer or TangoCard that will allow you to redeem your money for gift cards for Amazon, iTunes or purchase MasterCard and/or VISA prepaid cards.

The payments will be made in order of arrival, that is, ClixSense will make a certain number of payments each day, but the waiting time will depend on the number of requests they have waiting. Payments could take up to 7 days to arrive.

Other information about ClixSense

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The platform has been paying punctually since 2007.
  • Serious, honest and competent administrator.
  • Many ways to earn money totally free.
  • Despite the latest changes, it still has a good referral system.
  • Affordable minimum payment for everyone.
  • Available to users from all countries.
  • One of the few pages that pay through Payoneer.
  • It has an official forum.


  • The view ads section is no longer available.


Definitely that ClixSense is one of the best platforms earn money en línea. Its extensive time en línea makes it an ideal platform to work and promote without fear. If you are starting in the world of Internet businessthen sign up for ClixSense to start earning free money.

He registration and participation is completely free. It is an ideal platform for any usuario with which you cánido get really attractive payments for free for complete surveys or perform small mini-jobs. Also, if you have a blog, website or popular networks and you manage to form an active network of referrals, you perro earn a lot of money.

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 ClixSense » How does it work?  Earn money
  ClixSense » How does it work?  Earn money
  ClixSense » How does it work?  Earn money

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