Clixsense: first payment for Skrill and changes

Clixsense: first payment for Skrill and changes

How’s it going friends? I hope you are enjoying your vacation.

I already passed them a few weeks ago, and we return to the mess.

A few days ago I checked that clixsense pays for skrill.

It was a few days ago, and it was the first time that I have charged for this payment processor, I told you about it a few days ago in this articulo.

I have chosen this payment method for several reasons:

  • the few feeds Skrill charges (should have charged $10.57 and I did charge $10.46)
  • because there are many PTCs that work with this payment processor
  • the reliability
  • you have the possibility of requesting a prepaid card in which to dump your earnings

In case you have any questions, here is the proof of payment:

Here you have it, 8.56 euros at the exchange rate of July 25 (you will know that in Skrill you cánido choose the currency).

I think this is the best payment processor, I will continue to work with it.

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The other issue that I wanted to talk to you about in this articulo is about the new changes to Clixsense.

As you know, Clixsense changed last month from a PTC page to a survey page, I told you about it in this articulo.

Well yes, it has happened and Clixsense has become a pure and fácil survey page.

The good news is that instead of the two or three daily polls that used to appear, there is now an average of six or seven daily surveys.

Then you just have to be lucky and get caught in all of them.

This will be the only way to earn money now on this page.

The important thing is consistency.

If we get two polls every day and visit the forum, and you have the extension installed Google plus Google chrome Clix Addon.

you cánido install it free here.

With all this we perro earn 16% more than we earn in our surveys.

Here you cánido see it:

Another aspect is the premium accounts.

In the statement made to us by the Clixsense admin in July, he said that $0.04 was going to be returned to us daily until the premium account ran out.

At the moment I have not seen anything reflected in my account.

You will have to have a little patience.

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Final conclusions Clixsense pays for Skrill

Clixsense payment through Srill has been fast (more or less 5 days), much faster than the first time I got paid on Clixsense by PayPal and the feeds what stays Skrill have been minimal compared to other payment processors.

As for the change in Clixsense, for now, and for me (with few referrals and only at the first level), it has been positive, it gives me the opportunity to do more surveys, which is what really makes more money in Clixsense.

In addition, by increasing the percentage of what we receive from referrals to 20%, we will monetize this platform faster.

This is my opinion and my experience, as a usuario with few referrals.

Obviously, that sponsor who had several levels of referrals will have done a bit of a bit of trouble, although with that 20%, they could make up for it.

And little more than adding friends.

Just encourage you to continue working on this page, which undoubtedly gives us benefits every month.

As always, remind you that I will return 75% of what you generate for me (7.5$ when you generate me 10$).

In other PTC I return 50%, which is not bad either.

Registration in Clixsense is free through this backlink or by clicking on the following banner.

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Greetings friends and see you next time!

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 Clixsense: first payment for Skrill and changes
  Clixsense: first payment for Skrill and changes
  Clixsense: first payment for Skrill and changes

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