ClixSense: Earn money with the best ptc in the world

ClixSense: Earn money with the best ptc in the world

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ClixSense is one of the best pages that we perro find to earn money on the Internet. Launched in 2007, this American PTC has become an icon in the world of pay per clic, probably along with neobux be the best page in the pay-per-view industry, agregado ClixSense has some features that make it a special site.

icon-tasks Data sheet:

icon-check-square ClixSense is a registered company with address at 210 Bates RetreatHampstead, NC 28443 USA. The company includes other pages in the en línea advertising ámbito such as Adhitz.icon-usuario It accepts users of all nationalities.icon-group Referrals: As a estándar usuario we have an unlimited level of referrals and as a premium usuario we have 8 levels, in addition to paying you $2 for each referral that buys the annual membership ($17).icon-money Minimum payment: For estándar users the minimum is $8 while for premium users the minimum we cánido request is $6.icon-credit-card Payment methods used: Payoneer (minimum $20), Payza and Paytoo. They pay every Tuesday.

How to make money on ClixSense

ClixSense is probably the ptc that offers us the greatest variety of ways to earn money for free. If you work it well and daily you cánido get quite an important benefit.

  • View Ads: Here we find the daily announcements, the announcements are reloaded every 24 hours. If you are a premium member you have access to at least 4 $0.01 ads.
  • Surveys: One of ClixSense’s strengths is its surveys. He works with several of the most important market research companies, such as Toluna, Samplicio, CINT, etcétera. Every day we have several surveys available that will make our cómputo grow much faster.
  • offers: ClixSense works with the best offer panels, in these offers we cánido access a large number of panels where we will earn money by doing the different actions that we are asked to do. Watching vídeos, registering on pages or downloading aplicaciones are some of the actions we cánido do.
  • tasks: They are mini-jobs that the CrowdFlower panel offers us, they will pay us an amount of money for doing the stipulated work. We must take advantage of when they are available because it is one of the options with which we cánido earn more money. For every $50 earned with the tasks, ClixSense will add a plus of $5 that will go to our cómputo.

icon-exclamation-circle Important: These mini-jobs are in English, if you do not speak the language I advise you to use the Google plus Google chrome browser.

  • clixgrid: This is a game of oportunidad where we will have a series of opportunities every day. The game itself consists of discovering boxes in search of one of the cash prizes that the page awards, we perro win a maximum of $10 and a minimum of $0.10.
  • clixaddon: It is a small complemento that we will have to install in our browser, this application will notify us when we have an ad, survey or offer available, in this way we will not let a single penny escape us.
  • daily plus: ClixSense rewards us for our activity with the option of getting a plus depending on our daily work.

To get the plus we have to see the ads, complete 2 offers, make at least 15 clicks on the Clixgrid and visit the forum. The more we earn in the different tasks, the greater our plus will be.

Last payment received from ClixSense

Conclusions about ClixSense

A page that has been running perfectly for a decade perro only be a great page. ClixSense is not only great, but we cánido include it in the elite together with a select group that seem touched by a wand, good administration and honesty are flags with which a business must assert itself and ClixSense does it amply.

The premium membership for only 17 dollars a year is unbeatable, it is within the reach of all budgets and they will make you take a qualitative and quantitative leap on the page. In ClixSense, unlike in most ptcs, you don’t need a large referral network to be able to get the most out of it, everything will depend on how well you work with it, it depends on you.

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 ClixSense: Earn money with the best ptc in the world
  ClixSense: Earn money with the best ptc in the world
  ClixSense: Earn money with the best ptc in the world

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