Clix4btc PTC very complete to earn

Clix4btc PTC very complete to earn

clix4btc It is one of the most complete PTCs out there today to earn free bitcoins.

Launched in October 2016, Clix4btc It’s been en línea for almost a year.long enough to consider it “a trustworthy site”.

In addition to the typical ads and a faucet, it has more than ten different ways to get satoshis, something that very few websites cánido say.

If to all that has been said, we add that Clix4btc has always complied with payments and that more than 200 new users register every day, the result is a more than interesting mix.

Do not you think?

clix4btc has paid something more than 6 BTC among its more than 60,000 registered users.

Last update ” The Clix4btc website has recently changed its design and many of the options that were there to earn bitcoins are no longer there.

In fact, as usual in other PTCs, the only way to add satoshis is through ads, and the truth is that they are few and of low value.

For this reason I temporarily stop working and recommending the site while waiting for them to add more ways to generate satoshis.

Clix4btc: How to register to the PTC

As usual in all PTCs, in Clix4btc we will also have to create our own account.

To register, you cánido clic on this backlink that will take you to the front page of the PTC.

If you look at the top right hand side, you will see the tab for “Register” wave of “Create an account”.

Following any of the two options, indistinctly, you will get a registration form like the one I espectáculo below:

It is important that, apart from the nick, password and correo electrónico, we complete and remember the PIN number.

in Clix4btc have added this security measure to safeguard usuario accounts.

Thus, when we request a withdrawal or try to editar any of our personal data, we will be asked to entrar this PIN before allowing us to carry out these actions.

It is very important to remember or write down this PIN to receive payments by Clix4btc.

To finish the registration, Clix4btc will send us an correo electrónico to validate our account.

If we go to our inbox, or failing that to the Contenido publicitario folder, we will see the correo electrónico from the PTC.

In it they will welcome us and provide us with a verification backlink.

As soon as we follow that backlink, we will have access to our account.

It’s time to see how to earn satoshis by watching ads on Clix4btc.

How Clix4btc works

clix4btc it is different from the rest of PTC.

Based on all the ones I’ve seen, such as BTCClicks either adbtcwhich are not few, Clix4btc is by far the one that offers the most free ways to get bitcoins.

There are currently several faucets and PTCs that work with offer walls, so it would not be a surprise if I tell you that this is the case in Clix4btc as well.

However, it is one of the few PTCs that also has its own faucet.

But that is nothing! Look at this capture.

In this sample only eight of the 15 sections in Clix4btc to earn bitcoins.

As a summary, in each one we will see the following:

Paid To Clic – Ads of the PTC, with different values ​​and different exposure times.

PTC Wall – Low-value ads outside the PTC.

offers4all – Many more low-value ads.

ClixWall – Another section full of ads.

wannads – First wall with offers and surveys. – One of the best-known offer walls on the internet.

KiwiWall – Another wall with vídeos and quick surveys.

OfferDaddy – More offers and surveys to generate satoshis.

CoinWall – Panel with surveys by country.

Faucets – Clix4btc has its own faucet.

Play ClixGrid – Grid game with which we cánido earn from 50 satoshis to 0.01 BTC.

Paid To Signup – In this section we will be paid to register on other pages.

ClickExchange – Traffic exchange.

We will receive 4 credits for every 5 visits we make.

Paid To Promote – All the necessary material to promote the PTC.

Upgrade your account – At Clix4btc we perro buy a membership and get more profit.

We will get plus satoshis by promoting our Clix4btc backlink on traffic exchange platforms.

Memberships available at Clix4btc

At Clix4btc we cánido acquire a membership and boost our earnings.

Same as on BTCClicks.

As we will see below, to get the most out of this membership it is essential to have a good number of referrals, be very active, or promote our referral backlink on many sites.

Otherwise, it is most likely that buying the membership will not earn us enough.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

There are two types of memberships in Clix4btc, although they confluye in the same: Gold membership.

Depending on whether we buy the membership for a month or for a year, the advantages we obtain will vary as follows:

Annual Gold Membership

It has a cost of 0.06 BTC and a duration of 1 year.

For each ad that a referral sees, we will earn 150% of the ad value.

Without membership, we will receive 50%.

The commissions for the profits obtained by our referrals in PTCWall, Clixwall and Offers4all will be 10%.

We will receive 200 satoshis for the first 1000 visits we receive on the “Paid To Promote”.

Thus, if we put our Clix4btc backlink on traffic exchange platforms they will pay us 200 satoshis for each usuario who sees our ad.

Be careful, they have to be unique visits.

If any referral buys ads we will receive 4% of the amount they have spent.

With the purchase of the annual Gold membership, Clix4btc gives us 100,000 banners per month, 100,000 ads per month and 100,000 credits for the “Traffic Exchange”.

membership Gold Monthly

Clix4btc monthly Gold membership costs 0.008 BTC and lasts for 1 month.

As in the annual Gold, for each ad that our referrals see we will receive a 150% commission.

We will earn 10% of the profits obtained by our referrals in PTCWall, Clixwall and Offers4all.

They will pay us 140 satoshis for a thousand unique visits on the “Paid to Promote”.

4% commission for purchases made by our referrals.

At the advertising level, the PTC will give us 100,000 banners, 100,000 ads and 100,000 credits for the “Traffic Exchange”.

Ads, faucet and Paid To Promote by Clix4btc

We have already talked about all the ways to get satoshis that we have at our disposal in Clix4btc.

As usual in this type of pages, the section most used by the majority of users is that of advertisements.

To see them correctly, we will clic on the title of the ad, we will wait for the counter to reach zero and we will solve the captcha.

As a curiosity, in the Clix4btc captchas we will have to select the image that is duplicated.

As regards the faucet operation from Clix4btc is something especial.

Unlike bitcoin and others we perro claim whenever we want, but the satoshis that we will obtain in each claim will depend on the money that the PTC has entered with the banners.

I explain.

The Clix4btc website is full of banners with advertising from different platforms, something for which he receives external income.

Part of those profits are used to fill “the bag of satoshis” in the faucet.

And in fact, cWhen we claim on the faucet we will earn a portion of the money you have accumulated in this pool.

Finally, the PTP section or “Paid To Promote” It is the one that cánido generate more confusion.

Especially for those of you who have never used systems of this type.

In the end, it is about promoting our Clix4btc referral backlink on various sites.

For each person who sees our ad, the PTC will pay us a certain amount of satoshis.

With this, as I have mentioned before, we will be able to get referrals in the PTC and add plus satoshis at the same time.

It is very important to review the list of platforms allowed by Clix4btc to promote our backlink.

In case of using invalid sites, such as easyhits4u or DameFans, they won’t pay us for those views.

Data to take into account of Clix4btc

There are a number of Clix4btc features that we should know about before starting to work with the PTC.

These are:

The minimum payment in Clix4btc is 25,000 satoshis.

The only requirement before requesting a payment is to see 50 PTCWall ads.

To do this, we perro use a wallet on Coinbasewhat is free.

Clix4btc ads do not have Adfocus.

As a consequence, we will be able to work on other sites at the same time as in this PTC.

In the announcements section of «Paid To Clic» We will see two types of ads: those that give satoshis and those that give points.

Regarding these seconds, the points we get perro be exchanged for satoshis.

The minimum exchange is from 60 points (120 satoshis).

There is an ad on Clix4btc which is a «cheat ad«.

Never clic on this ad as it serves to detect users who use a bot to view ads.

in Clix4btc there is the possibility of buying direct referrals.

The users who are for sale are those who register on the web without a sponsor.

As they are real users, there is no guarantee that they will be profitable.

In section “Paid To Promote” only the so-called unique visits are computed as valid.

These visits are those made by a usuario, from the same IP in the last 24 hours.

That is, if we put an ad on a platform and a usuario sees it twice on the same day, they will only pay us for the first visit.

At the same time, the satoshis we receive for each unique visit will depend on factors such as the place of origin.


I must admit that Clix4btc It has sorprised me for good.

The fact that it has multiple ways for users to earn money means that the same PTC has those resources to generate its own benefits.

For every ad we see on the walls Clix4btc gets a pinch.

The same goes for every survey we answer.

With the Mellow Ads, AdHits and AdNow banners, they get another source of income outside of the PTC with which to finance themselves.

They also get plus income from direct referral sales (something other PTCs don’t do).

The sum of these and other factors, combined with good resource management, cánido make Clix4btc one of the best pages in the campo.

At least, that’s the feeling it gives me.

Looking for more pages afín to Clix4btc? These are all the ones I use to earn free bitcoins.

All reliable and paying.

And what do you think about Clix4btc? If you are thinking of registering in the PTC, I would appreciate it if you did it with my backlink by following the banner below.

And finally, if you have any questions or want to ask me something, you cánido write me a comment or contact me through popular networks and the Contact from the blog.

Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 Clix4btc PTC very complete to earn
  Clix4btc PTC very complete to earn
  Clix4btc PTC very complete to earn

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