Good afternoon friends! Today I come to talk to you about a new PTC that we are going to start working, it is about cliquesteria.

I have been noticing that pages of this type were missing in our portfolio and I have decided to do some research and start working on some others.

I currently work with PTCs with a proven reputation such as Clixsense and Neobux, we also have Paicollet in our portfolio (but somewhat abandoned), but from today we will give it a boost.

I have been able to verify that Cliquesteria Media payshas been doing it for more than two years, being from the same creators of another PTC, Cliquebook.

Cliquesteria is a PTC in its purest form, very afín, from what I have been able to verify, to Clixsense, the oldest of all PTCs.

With Cliquesteria we will have up to 54 ads, paid for a few cents each.

I’m sure this also interests youClixsense no longer accepts PayPal: other payment methods

In addition to the 54 ads, we cánido earn up to 2 dollars on the Grid.

In imitation of Clixgrid, in this cliquesteria grid we will have up to 20 ads, being able to double them when you level up.

We have a Deputee level, for 30 days it will cost us 5 dollars, the annual one will cost 55 dollars.

With these levels we will increase our profits, as it happens in most PTCs.

We have a good system rented referrals, being able to rent packages of 5 referrals rented for 0.75.

We also have direct referrals.

For both types of referrals we will get 0.001 per clic.

If what you want is advertise in this PTC, you cánido also do it.

There are very good advertising options for get referrals in this or other PTC.

I’m sure this also interests youCornBux

In addition to PayPalwhich is usually the most common form of payment, it is also possible to charge for other processors payment methods such as Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin and SolidTrustPay.

There are different options, each one perro choose the one that interests them the most, I for my part have chosen PayPal, because it is the one I use the most, in the next articulo I will talk about Payza, an alternative processor that many pages use.

You perro register for free in this banner:

I’m sure this also interests youisobux

Well friends, until the next articulo, always remember, perseverance in everything you do!! A hug!!

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