Cliquesteria applies ROI

Cliquesteria applies ROI

Cliquesteria applies ROIthat means this PTC will be more securesince the money cycle will always be positive and we will not be able to withdraw more than what you have invested.

Do you remember Cliquesteria, right? In case you don’t, I’ll leave you the backlink to the articulo I wrote about it here.

If not Do you know what ROI is? (surely yes), I also explain it to you.

But for the laggards: ROI is the apostrophe of Return On Investment, or return on investment.

That is, the percentage of profit that you get from an investment, whatever it is.

It’s fácil right?

It sounds like bad news, but it’s not.

We will have more security on the page and more certainty that it perro last longer in time.

And that is exactly what we are all interested in..

We all know about the instability of PTC pages, and we have in mind some other fiasco that has happened to us with these pages.

Pages that seemed to be going well, but have not lasted long.

And surely we will remember some like Buxcap and Buxcure.

New PTCs come out every daybut few continue throughout the months.

AND that is precisely what the cliquesteria admin intends to avoid.

Is same admin as Uniclique, another of the PTC that I work.

And I think that one of the safestwithout counting Neobux, since Neobux is on another level.

I’m sure this also interests youKeep Rewarding

AND the key to why I think so is given to us by one of the admin in the Cliquesteria forum.

In a articulo, one of the moderators explained how Cliquesteria applies ROI.

As the administrator of the Cliquesteria forum explains it quite well, I transcribe what he said:

this (the ROI) it is to control the cash flow a bit and stimulate continuous investment by users:

How does it work? Depending on the amount of money we have deposited and what we have deposited, we establish the ROI that we already haveand depending on the level (membership) that we are, we perro only receive a % of the amount collected.

  • Money or amount deposited: you will entrar it in deposit history in my account and the total amount deposited represents 100% of what we have invested.
  • amount withdrawn: you will find it in withdraw history in my account.
  • Total amount withdrawn: will represent our return on investment.

How to calculate the ROI percentage? By a fácil rule of three: If my deposit is 100% investment, what percentage will my withdrawals be?

(total withdrawal x 100)/amount deposited.

Example: I have deposited $80 and withdrawn $230.

230×100= 23000/80 = 287.5% ROI.

My return on investment is around 288%.

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Once we have found our ROI we will know that rule will apply to our account from now on regarding withdrawals:

  • If the ROI is less than 120%, I will receive 100% of what I request as a withdrawal.
  • This between 120% and 150%, I will receive 60% of what I request as a withdrawal and 40% will go to my purchase.
  • ROI is between 150% and 180%, I will receive 50% of what I request as a withdrawal and 50% will go to my purchase cómputo.
  • If the ROI is between 180% and 220%, I will receive 40% of what I request as a withdrawal and 60% to my purchase cómputo.
  • ROI is greater than 220%, I will receive 20% of what I request as a withdrawal and 80% will go to my purchase cómputo.”

If they want you to change this rule of withdrawals and ROI, only deposits should be made, increasing deposits lowers the ROI and depending on the level a different ROI will be applied for future withdrawals.

It looks complicated, but it is not.

What the admin wants is that there is a flow of money and that there is always more investment than withdrawal.


Although it seems like a chore, It is the same iniciativa of ​​all the PTC, we have to get referrals, be they direct or rented.

With Lrented you earn more quicklysince you cánido rent the ones you want to pay. That rent is counted as an investment.

and to continue expanding them over time, you also have to invest, that is also investment.

When you talk about investment, it does not have to be money from our pocket, but to withdraw the profits and reinvest them.

This will make Cliquesteria is a strong page that perro last over time.

therefore here I leave you the registration backlinkin case you are not registered yet, since surely you this PTC lasts over time. Greetings and until next time friends!

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 Cliquesteria applies ROI
  Cliquesteria applies ROI
  Cliquesteria applies ROI

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