Clickxti|Earn money reading correos electrónicos

Clickxti|Earn money reading correos electrónicos

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Clickxti is one of the most renowned PTR (Paid to Read) pages, below we will teach you everything you need to earn money reading correos electrónicos with Clickxti.

We teach you how to register correctly, how it works in detail, and some consejos for you to get the most out of this website.

Clickxti is a platform dedicated to the world of correo electrónico marketing, Clickxti allows its users to earn money by reading correos electrónicosfor free.

This Spanish website has been increasing the number of users since it was launched in 2012.

Its operation is fácil.

We practically do not have to do anything to receive any profit.

Even so, the money that we perro generate by reading the correos electrónicos and with the referrals cánido be a good sum.

In addition, it also has a good referral program, which has two levels.

So we perro increase earnings with our own referrals, and with the referrals of our referrals.

Of course, reaching this point takes time and dedication.

But it is a good option to increase your income en línea.

In this article, we tell you a little more about it.

What is it?

Clickxti is a PTR created and managed by Cybernet Resoluciones SL A PTR is a platform that pays you to read correos electrónicos (Paid to Read), or rather, for opening the dirección de correo electrónico and clicking on your ads.

Clickxti is a site that pays its users for allowing them to receive advertising messages to their correos electrónicos.

But is this really a safe and legitimate way to make money? Of course.

Other companies pay Clickxti to promote products, services and offers.

And we receive a part of that profit for free just by receiving correos electrónicos to our correos electrónicos with such promotions.

How Clickxti works?

The operation is easy.

Consists in clicking on the advertising that the platform sends us.

By seeing the advertising we will obtain a number of points, which we perro later exchange for real money.

We simply have to constantly check our dirección de correo electrónico and look for messages with the platform’s promotions.

We open the correo electrónico, and clic anywhere in the ad, to get the points.

The platform rule is that the ad will be valid as long as we wait 30 seconds, before opening the next message.

If we do not do it outside of that time range, the points will not be counted to our account.

This is pretty much all you have to do to generate income.

If you want to check if the points have been included in your total earnings, you just have to entrar the page with your account, choose the option «Private zone«, and clic on «my earnings«.

There you will find the announcement and the corresponding profit.

Also, as indicated in the image above, Clickxti also has a referral program.

Later, we will talk more about him in detail.

How do I register in Clickxti

Registering on this site is free, and easy.

To do this, clic on the backlink above or below.

When you are on the page, in the main panel, you will have two options to register, by pressing the icon that says: “Register now”, or the “register” option in the menu, as it appears in the image below.

Then, it will send you to a page where you will have to fill out a registration form.

Place your name, country, correo electrónico, and sex.

You cánido also define the payment method at this time, or do it later.

Entrar the characters, accept the terms and conditions, and press continue.

After that, you should receive an dirección de correo electrónico with a Verification code.

Entrar that code and your correo electrónico will be verified.

In case an fallo has occurred, and you cannot entrar the code, in the message you will have a backlink available with which you cánido verify your correo electrónico with just one clic.

And in case you cánido’t find the verification dirección de correo electrónico in your inbox, look for it in the contenido publicitario tray or in promotions.

One recommendation is that you always register with real information so that you perro receive advertising correos electrónicos and not have any difficulties when you go to withdraw your money.

Remember that you should avoid putting sensitive data such as credit card or bank account.

Another piece of advice is that you never use a professional or personal dirección de correo electrónico to register in a PTR, since your inbox cánido fill up with contenido publicitario, and you will lose sight of messages that are important.

Create an exclusive correo electrónico to work on this and other PTRs like Sumaclicks or Donkeyemails.

Does Clickxti pay or is it Scam?

Yes, it does pay.

Clickxti belongs to an advertising company called Cybernet Resoluciones SL This company has been in the advertising market for more than 20 years, and has a good reputation.

Furthermore, since Clickxti came onto the market in 2012 has paid its users on time.

In fact, on the Internet we perro find many users speaking well of the platform, and presenting their payment receipts as proof.

How much perro you earn at Clickxti?

Like other PTRs, Clickxti works with a scoring system, also called clixs.

Every 1,000 clicks equals €1.

The number of clicks we receive for each promotion will depend on the country where we live, the promotion itself, and the time of year.

But, generally, correos electrónicos pay between 1 and 5 clicks, which is equivalent to €0.001 to €0.005.

Spanish users have greater opportunities to generate more income than Latin American users, since the correo flow is higher in Spain.

On the other hand, everything will also depend on the number of referrals we have, and their activity.

The secret of this PTR is in its referral system.

Some users earn more than €60 or €100 per month.

But you must promote this page in the right way without spamming and to people who might be interested.

How to collect your earned money?

In order to request your payment, you must arrive at the minimum withdrawal amount which is €5, which is equivalent to 5,000 points.

This is in case of living in Spain.

Being from another country, the minimum amount will be €10that is, 10,000 clixs.

The page has two payment processors: bank transfers if you are a resident in Spain; either Skrill for all users.

Previously he also used Paypal, but he doesn’t anymore.

In order to withdraw your earnings, you must entrar where it says “my data«, and entrar the information of the payment method that you are going to use.

After that, clic where it says “my earnings”.

And in “request payment”, you will have the option to withdraw your money.

Payment time is usually about 30 days or less.

referral system

As we said before, the referral system is the trick to generate more income in a PTR, and Clickxti is no exception.

This platform has two levels of referrals.

At the first level, you get 50% of the income generated by the referrals you invited.

And on the second level, you earn a 25% for the profit of the referrals of your referrals.

This site will generate a backlink that will allow you to share it on different popular networks such as Fb and Twitter, as it appears in the image below.

You cánido also invite friends or relatives through the correo.

If you have a blog, you cánido also articulo your backlink there to get more referrals.

But try not to use your backlink illegitimately, so that you are not penalized.

For example, the company considers it dishonest for two people to connect from the same IP address (or from the same house).

Since many use this method to duplicate accounts, and defraud the platform.

Be cautious when giving your referral backlink to someone in your own household.

On the other hand, there are other places where the site does not allow to articulo the backlink.

And that could result in the cancellation of your account and the loss of all the money generated.

More ways to win money

clickxti It is not the only platform to generate money reading correos electrónicos.

Although it is one of the best PTRs, here are two others that you may also find useful.

It is easy

You have more than 20 years of experience in Spain.

And it is a very serious company with its payments.


This platform began working with correo electrónico marketing since 1999.

Currently, it continues to send correos electrónicos and pay its users.

ClickXti pros and cons

Every platform has its pros and cons.

These are the advantages and disadvantages that we consider of this PTR.


  • Veteran in the market, it is a safe company.

  • It does not require any payment.

  • It currently pays its users.

  • It has a convenient referral program.

  • It doesn’t require much effort.

  • It is easy to reach the minimum payment.

  • Spanish users cánido get a lot out of the platform.


  • There is little income from the articulo office.

  • Without referrals, we will not get much profit.

  • Many limitations for other countries.


Clickxti is a reliable platform, and we have not had any problems with it.

Previously, the site paid more for each correo electrónico (up to €0.14).

But little by little the remuneration has been decreasing.

At first, you may not receive many correos electrónicos.

But gradually it will improve.

It is important to know that it is not necessary to read the correos electrónicos that are sent to us, just by opening them and clicking, a confirmation screen will appear:

We must clic to confirm and with these fácil steps you will finish the process and we will receive our money.

We perro also see these advertising correos electrónicos through our Clickxti account in the “promotions

Every time we open an correo electrónico we will have to wait 30 seconds to read the next advertising correo.

In one way or another, it is an alternative to increase our income, if you are persevering.

We hope this article has been useful to you.

Now you are ready for increase your monthly earnings reading correos electrónicos with Clickxti!

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 Clickxti|Earn money reading correos electrónicos
  Clickxti|Earn money reading correos electrónicos
  Clickxti|Earn money reading correos electrónicos

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