clickxti It is one of the oldest platforms to earn money reading correos electrónicos. It has been paying since May 2012.

clickxti represents the true essence of PTR (paid to read), is one of the essential What do we need to have on our agenda? The operation of the page is very fácil, read correos electrónicos that are sent to us daily, for this reason they will give us points. Every thousand points equals 1 euro, we cánido request the payment when we have obtained 5,000 points. What we are equivalent to 5 euros.

This is valid for Spanish users, for Latin Americans, they perro request their payment from 10 euros. Payments are made by Payza or bank transferYes, they apply a commission of 0.99. Payments are usually effective in a maximum of 30 days after requesting it. When you exceed 5,000 or 10,000 points (depending) the instructions to collect will appear.

Only one charge per month is allowed.

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After this, you will have some questions, that I am going to answer you. For example:

How many correos electrónicos I will receive up to date? Well, it depends on the country, area, age, etcétera.

Do you have to be a lot time in ads? Not much, about 10-15 seconds, give or take.

And in summer, what happens if I I’m going on vacation? Well, nothing, you put it in vacation mode and that’s it, they won’t send you more correos electrónicos until you want, you cánido put from one to four weeks, so the correos electrónicos won’t accumulate.

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There is Referral program? Yes, you will earn 10% of first level referrals and 5% of second level referrals

His registration is free? Of course! It is free for everyone, you cánido register from here.

If you want to know how to earn money with Clickxti, you perro watch this vídeo.

And this is all, friends, it is a quite interesting platform, which we have to take into account, without a doubt, I advise you to take out 3 minutes a day to read these correos electrónicos, with this, at the end of the month we will get a good money without knowing

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Greetings friends!

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