Clickworker Review: Earn $10 – $30 per

Clickworker Review: Earn $10 – $30 per

Now, I want to be frank with everyone, so no one thinks I’m trying to fool them with the title.

There is only one way to earn $10 to $30 an hour at Clickworker: You must qualify to work at UHRS jobs (qwhich I will cover in more detail below).

If you are not willing to follow the steps I outline in this guide, as well as put in the time and effort it takes to qualify for UHRS jobs, then you are wasting your time reading further.

However, if you’re willing to take my advice and put in a reasonable amount of effort, then Clickworker perro be an easy way for you to make money en línea – andsometimes very good money – in your spare time.

Is Clickworker a scam?

No, Clickworker is not a scam.

The site, which was founded in 2005, employs a global army of “Clickworkers» to work on a wide variety of micro-tasks (large projects that have been broken into smaller micro-jobs) for various big tech brands.

According to Clickworker’s LinkedIn profile, the platform claims to have more than 3.6 million users spread across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

This figure is higher than the million users from almost a decade ago.

So Clickworker has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years.

In addition to the higher paying UHRS jobs I was referring to at the beginning, you perro also get paid to take surveys, perform targeted internet searches, write product descriptions, help “train” AI smart devices by recording short vídeos or text messages. audio, categorize and tag data, and much more.

Despite what you may have read from some disgruntled usuario on the internet, I cánido personally attest that Clickworker pays users for all work done and approved.

The approval part is key.

You have to carefully follow the instructions for each task to ensure that you will get paid for your work.

Speaking of getting paid for your work, Clickworker pays weekly through PayPal.

Users cánido also download the Clickworker aplicación to charge for tasks on their teléfonos inteligentes.

My opinion on Clickworker

I joined Clickworker back in 2014 and I still find it to be a reliable way to make money en línea.

One of the first things I noticed after joining Clickworker was that I would be lucky to get $10 a day, let alone $10 an hour, from most of the micro-jobs on the platform.

Except that the UHRS micro jobs are available through a separate Clickworker website.

These microtasks range from evaluating search engine results to training smart AI-based technology.

Although the earnings per task are not very high, since most of them take less than a minute to complete, you perro potentially earn a decent hourly wage with them, especially if you perro work fast.

Once I was approved to work on the project UHRS and I got acquainted with the tasks, I began to earn decent money.

Clickworker has never offered me enough work to make it a full time source of income.

However, it was one of my main sources of income for a few years before I became a trabajo independiente writer.

Now, I use it as one of my many side hustles in my armamento of income streams to make money en línea.

Depending on the type of tasks available, I cánido earn between $10 and $30 an hour.

(Some users claim they perro earn up to $40 per hour).

However, I think my average earnings are probably around $15 an hour.

I’ve found that the highest paying jobs tend to go fast (not surprisingly).

Some of the tasks are difficult and have confusing instructions.

Also, sometimes the work perro be very repetitive and tedious.

I fully understand why some people are not a good fit for UHRS jobs.

But for me it’s a means to an end: Being able to earn a living working from home.

The platform also has its share of errores and glitches.

However, what I really like about Clickworker is that it is one of the few micro-job platforms that offers users highly responsive customer service.

If I have any problems, I cánido send an dirección de correo electrónico and get a quick and helpful response.

Also, Clickworker keeps track of my earnings and submits a 1099 form every January for taxes.

How To Earn $10 – $30 Per Hour On Clickworker

As mentioned, there is only one way that you perro earn more than $10 per hour on Clickworker: Getting access to the UHRS platform and their jobs.

UHRS is the acronym for Universal Human Relevance System.

Basically, I define it as a platform that allows technology companies to outsource digital projects that cannot be automated by a computer.

Tracks, the name «human«.

The jobs on the platform are called HIT.

Due to confidentiality agreements, I perro’t go into too much detail about the work itself.

However, it is afín to being a web search evaluator.

Furthermore, the platform has grown in recent years to include many more AI-related tasks aimed at improving the usuario experience of smart devices.

Basically, you are getting paid to help improve the Internet, as well as a wide variety of digital technologies.

Here are my steps to maximize your earnings with UHRS jobs.

  1. Take the Clickworker assessments for the UHRS project.
  2. Once approved, you will be able to create an account with access credentials.
  3. Once you log in to the UHRS platform, check out the different HITS available.

    You must pass a test for each of them.

  4. Please take the time to carefully read the instructions for each HIT so that you understand what is expected of you.

    Remember I mentioned that sometimes the instructions for the jobs perro be confusing.

    So I’ll say it again: Take the time to read the guidelines carefully before attempting a HIT.

  5. Do as many practical exercises as necessary until you are sure you are ready for the exam.
  6. In most cases, you will have three opportunities to pass an exam.

    If you fail three times, the HIT will be removed from your dashboard and no longer available to you.

  7. Once you pass the exam, take it easy.

    Do not carelessly accelerate during a HIT.

    Occasionally, your HITS will be audited.

    If your scores are below a certain threshold, you perro be kicked out of HIT.

  8. Once you’ve gotten the hang of a HIT, you perro work faster to maximize your profits.
  9. Since the highest paying HITS tend to disappear quickly, you’ll need to check the UHRS website periodically throughout the day.
  10. Some HITs pay premiums for quality work.

    Therefore, always do your best work.

    Also, completing quality work guarantees you access to more HITs in the future.

How do you get paid for each HIT (and the pay varies according to the HIT), the faster you perro complete them, the more money you cánido get paid.

As I’ve already mentioned, my earnings tend to be between $10 and $30 per hour.

However, I have read comments en línea from other Clickworkers who claim that their earnings range from $6 to $40 per hour.

Although, most reviews report that their average earnings are around $15 per hour, which is in line with my average.

When it comes to any posible job to make money en línea, you have to put in the time and effort, as well as contribute quality work, in order to be successful.

Clickworker is no different.

Those who are willing to work hard and pass the UHRS qualifying tests have the opportunity to earn $10 – $30 en línea in their spare time to help improve technology and the Internet.

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 Clickworker Review: Earn $10 – $30 per
  Clickworker Review: Earn $10 – $30 per
  Clickworker Review: Earn $10 – $30 per

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