ClickWorker: Earn money doing tasks and

ClickWorker: Earn money doing tasks and

We teach you everything you need to know about Clickworker.

Learn how to earn money with this platform, some consejos and tricks and other things.

Clickworker is a crowdsourcing platform, since it allows us to earn money through mini-jobs.

The mini-jobs it offers are very varied and easy to complete.

So it is not that difficult to earn money through tasks.

In addition, it also has a referral system that will allow us to increase our earnings.

And it emplees Paypal, the most common payment processor today.

Added to that, it has a mobile application, to carry out the work from wherever we are.

Stay with us, and learn everything you need to know to make money with Clickworker.

What is Clickworker?

Clickworker is a platform that was created in 2010.

And it belongs to the German company Humangrid GmbH.

The way to earn money on this platform is through crowdsourcing.

That is, it allows us to earn money by doing tasks and mini-jobs.

Most jobs are available in English and German.

But if you are lucky, you perro find some tasks in Spanish.

You perro use the google plus translator to do the tasks.

The platform is available to all users in the world, not only in Spain, but also to Latin American users, with exceptions such as Venezuela.

To work at Clickworker, you must be over 18 years of age.

Registration in Clickworker

Registration is free of charge.

Also, the process to create an account is really fácil.

You just have to entrar through the button above where it says «entrar now«, select the button “Register”and clic on the option “Earn money en línea”to register as a worker, and not as a client.

After you have clicked on that option, you will have to choose your country of residence.

After that, you will be loaded with the other fields that you will need to fill in to complete the registration.

Once your correo electrónico is confirmed, you will be registered and ready, you cánido start earning money with Clickworker.

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How does it work and how to make money on Clickworker?

The first thing you should do when you are registered is complete your profile, since all your work will depend on it.

The platform is only available in English or German.

However, you perro use the browser’s translator to translate the entire page into Spanish and easily navigate through it.

To complete the profile, you must go to the option “Profile”and select Clickworker profile.

When you get there, the following tabs will appear, which you must fill in:

  • About me. Personal information, such as name, profession, and titles.

  • languages.

    This option asks us to place the languages ​​that we handle, and the level that we have in each of them.

    This information is necessary to receive translation jobs.

  • Skills. Skills related to writing and translating texts: blog articles, SEO articles, reviews, and more.

  • Hobbies & Know-how. Personal tastes, interests, knowledge of different areas, favorite foods, interests in electrical appliances, and the like.

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All of this information will be needed to determine the types of jobs you will receive.

In addition, Clickworker offers us various ways to earn money.

The mini-jobs basically consist of:

  • Conduct surveys.

  • complete captcha.
  • translate texts to other languages.

  • Listen to music.

  • Write articles of different themes.

  • Copy correos electrónicos.

  • transcripts.

One thing to keep in mind is that all the works will be reviewed.

So you will not be able to make any withdrawals until it is determined that you did the task well.

After each task carried out, the profit will be reflected in the account.

Clickworker and its referral program

The platform also has an affiliate program with which we perro earn money.

For each usuario who has registered with our referral backlink, and get their first €10, we will receive €5.

However, we will only receive this plus once per referral.

Clickworker offers us a referral backlink.

We perro get it in the option Recruit Clickworkerwhich is located in the top menu, as it appears in the image above.

Clickworker Marketplace

The Marketplace is the place where you cánido find all available tasks there aretogether with the remuneration that each one offers.

Before doing any task, you have to take a qualifying test.

To perform this test, you must clic on «Qualification».

What is UHRS?

UHRS is Another way that this platform offers us to earn money.

Actually, UHRS does not belong to Clickworker, since it is an independent platform.

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But all the profits that we genera on this platform will be reflected in our Clickworker account.

UHRS is one of the platforms that offers jobs with higher pay.

However, it is not available for all countries, but only for Spain, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and México.

In addition, it is not always available as a means of work, so you have to make the most of it.

To entrar these tasks, you must take two qualifying tests:

  • UHRS I. This test measures our command of English.

    To pass this test, it is required to have an 85% correct answer.

  • UHRS II. Easier than the previous exam.

    It only requires knowing how the platform works.

If we pass the tests, we will receive our nombre de usuario and password by correo electrónico to entrar UHRS.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these exams cánido only be submitted once.

So it is necessary to do them very carefully.

Clickworker Aplicación

An advantage that Clickworker has is that it has a mobile application with which we cánido carry out our tasks from home, while traveling or wherever we want.

The interfaz is easy to use.

The available jobs will appear, along with the payment that each one offers, and the completion time.

Something interesting is that we cánido carry out work without an Internet connection.

Once we choose a task, it will be assigned to us for a while.

And during that moment we cánido complete it, even if we are not connected to the Internet.

The application is available for Android.

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Does Clickworker Pay or is it Scam?

Yes, Clickworker pays.

In fact, just by searching Google plus or YouTube, we will find many users who testify that they received their payment, once they reached the minimum limit.

Clickworker pays by Paypal

Clickworker makes its payments through bank transfer for European users, and through PayPalto all users.

In the image above, you perro see that the platform requests to entrar a Paypal address, to make the payment.

But the Paypal account Must be verified to receive payments.

Withdraw money from Clickworker

The minimum withdrawal amount is €5.

The good thing about this platform is that payment is made automatically every week.

for what you don’t need worry about requesting your money.

To receive your weekly payments, you must provide the platform with the data necessary to carry out the transaction.

In the case of bank transfer, data related to the account number, and for Paypal the dirección de correo electrónico address.

To do this, you must clic on the option in the top menu: “Payment details”.

Then, the page will ask you for other information such as the tax number.

Once that is done, all that remains is to wait for the minimum withdrawal amount at the end of the week to receive the payment.

Clickworker Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any other platform, Clickworker has its pros and cons.

These are its pros and cons:


  • Minimum payment easy to obtain.

  • Make your payments through Paypal.

  • You have many tasks and jobs available.

  • The company is serious and trustworthy.

  • It does not require any payment to work on it.

  • Some countries receive a high flow of work.


  • Requires knowledge of English to get the most benefits.

Opinions about Clickworker

Clickworker is a mini-job platform that pays its users without any hassle.

The page values ​​individual effort, and tasks well done.

The tasks are not very difficult to complete, they just require some knowledge, and a little concentration.

It is true that most of them are only available in English.

However, with the Google plus translator, we should not have any problem to complement them.

In the case of being available in our country, Clickworker is a platform that allows us to earn a notable amount of money from wherever we want.

At CGD, we recommend this crowdsourcing page.

We hope this article has been very useful to you.

Earn money with Clickworker!

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 ClickWorker: Earn money doing tasks and
  ClickWorker: Earn money doing tasks and
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