Hello friends! The weekend begins and I want to introduce you clickforbtca very interesting ptc to fill our bitcoin wallet (be it Xapo, Coinpayments or any other).

Clickforbtc is a North American page, the entire page is in English (there are no more problems than using the google plus translator), it takes several years en línea and payingI have been able to verify it, and although it has taken a few days (six exactly), I have received the payment without major complications.

Here you cánido check it:

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And without further ado, I am going to explain how does this PTC work to earn bitcoins:

Country: USA

Language: English

accepted countries: everyone

referrals: yes, direct and rented

Pay: bitcoin

minimum payment: 30,000 satoses

paying: Yeah

Registration is very fácil: we must fill in our personal information and solve a small capchat.

Something very easy if we are used to filling in this type of records.

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How to earn money on Clicksforbtc? there are ways:

  • ads: watching ads and solving a small capchat
  • Filling out surveys
  • Oferwall: registering on certain pages
  • grid: you cánido try your luck in this game, we will have 50 spins

We cánido really say that with Cliksforbtc we will be able to quickly earn sathosis, this together with other PTCs like BTCclicks and Ads4btc faucets xapo like Ganabitsdiarios and and applications like Bitmaker will make our bitcoin wallet increase rapidly.

That, and with the current price of bitcoin, (as of 03/31/2017 it is at 1065 dollars) and it continues to rise, which makes them very interesting pages to work on and to get out of the crisis!

And little more to add, friends, just remind you that registering in clicksforbtc It is completely free, you perro register in two ways: here or in this banner:

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And for my part nothing more, I wish you a good weekend, that you be happy and that you win many sathoses in this PTC and until the next one!

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