clickery pays

clickery pays

clickery pays!! I have checked it yesterday, I have received a fast payment and almost no feed!, this is the payment that I have received by skrill of Cliquesteria.

Some time ago I told you about cliquesteria, a PTC from the Bulgarian Hristo, who also owns Uniclique and Cliquebook.

You cánido read the complete articulo of cliquesteria here.

That cliquesteria pays is one thing we knew, since we had seen many proofs of payment of this PTC, but I wanted to check it “in my own flesh”.

If you read the articulo, you will see that it was done in January of this year.

We are in July…..

A long time, right? Yes, but there is a reason: investing in referrals, lack of time to clic and being involved in other projects.

That man does not live only from the ptc.

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First of all, here I put the payment buyer, as you will see, they do not remove anything (feed), unlike PayPal, the only thing is that we have to choose a currency (in my case I have chosen euros).

And since the PTCs normally pay in dollars, they themselves make the change for us.

Here it is:

As you cánido see, a dollar is equivalent to 0.82 euros (depending on the day, the change will be one or the other) and that is what they pay us, in full.

Previously, yes, Cliquesteria keeps 2% of the transaction, with a minimum of $0.10.

That is a lesser evil that we have to put up with in all PTCs.

Why have I charged for skril? I think I counted it in my last articulo about skrill.

The advantages that this processor offers is not offered by others: security, reliability, low commissions and above all, a prepaid card with which to pay at supermarkets, gas stations, etcétera… Because I use the money I earn here for that, for my day a day.

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In Cliquesteria you will have several payment processors, but I have chosen this one because of what I have told you before.

As for the ways to earn money in this PTC, they are varied:

  • watching ads
  • in your clixgrid
  • buying adpacks
  • registering on other websites

In short, cliquesteria is a PTC to take into account, it is veteran and pays, its administrator is reliable and it has several payment processors that you cánido use at your convenience.

Registration, as always is free, you cánido register here or in this banner:

And as always, if you register with my backlink, contact me and I I will return 50% when you have generated me a 1 American dollar.

When you register, write me a comment or an dirección de correo electrónico to



I am very excited and super happy with cliquesteria and with skrill, I think I have found the ideal and economical payment processor, it charges few feeds and has a prepaid card, which was what I have been looking for for a long time (and also cheap).

Little more to add, only that you register and earn money too.

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Greetings and until next time friends!

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 clickery pays
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