ClickBank » How does it work? Earn money

ClickBank » How does it work? Earn money

clic bank is a digital marketing platform that sells digital products or infoproducts through its affiliate network.

The Clickbank platform is a company founded in 1998, and it is privately owned.

Clickbank has millions of customers worldwide and has paid thousands of dollars in commissions to its affiliates for the sale of digital products.

The Clickbank platform has thousands of products availables to sell, and any usuario perro become an affiliate of the platform, and thus obtain a percentage for the sale of products.

Affiliates perro create their own digital products and upload them to the platform or they cánido also take created products and sell them.

On the Clickbank platform you cánido find thousands of digital products such as courses, trainings, books, programs, methods, etcétera., in various categories, such as business, technology, education, health, entertainment, home, games, self-help, spirituality, sports, travel, etcétera.

Clickbank Basics

platform management Clickbank has been operating since 1998.

withdrawals They cánido be made through the following means of payment: Checks, bank transfer and Payoneer.

Languages English, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

accepted countries Users from all over the world cánido use the platform.

Activity Digital marketing
Pay? Yes, clic bank make the payments No problem.

Registration and first in Clickbank


Clickbank registration is free and fácil, and you cánido do it by clicking here.

When entering you must go to the “Create Account” section, fill in the information requested and then continue to continue filling other data.

They will send you a confirmation correo electrónico, so you must go to your dirección de correo electrónico and verify your account.

Registration Form

You cánido register on the Clickbank platform from the following backlink: Go to Clickbank.

Account settings

After registration you must finish performing some settings in your account.

For this you must entrar the “Account settings” section, where you will have the general information of your account and also Payment information.

Here you must select your payment information in order to receive your payments from the company.

You only have to go to the payment information part, editar the information, place your payment requirements (minimum amount, method of payment, regularity of payments, etcétera) and finally save the data.

By doing this you will have equipo up your payment information.

Main panel

In the “Control Panel” section you will be able to see statistics of the sales you have made, the cómputo of your account, the various transactions carried out, etcétera.

This section will be constantly updated as you make sales.

How ClickBank works?

Clickbank is a digital marketing platform that markets digital products using your affiliate network.

The affiliates are in charge of selling the products that the platform makes available to them, and in exchange for this they receive a percentage of each sale they make.

Anyone who signs up on the platform is already considered an affiliate who perro receive commissions.

Affiliates are only in charge of promoting the products so that people buy it.

The Clickbank platform is in charge of all processes from the moment the usuario looks at the product, they buy it until they receive it, so affiliates don’t have to worry about these processes.

Members cánido also create your own products, upload them to the Clickbank platform so that other users cánido sell it.

That affiliate (the one who created the product) gets A commission for each sale of your product, and also that affiliate perro sell other products and get more commissions.

How to earn money on the Clickbank platform?

The Clickbank platform offers two ways to earn money which are: selling products and creating products.

Below are these ways to earn money on the Clickbank platform:

Sell ​​products

Clickbank puts at your disposal thousands of products that you perro sell.

These products are from different categories and prices, so you have the freedom to choose the product you want to sell.

The commissions you get range from 50% and 75% of each product sold.

To sell products you must entrar the “Market” section, where all the products will be divided by categories.

You cánido filter by different elements to facilitate the task of finding the products that interest you the most sellr.

Each product espectáculos the price at which it will be purchased by customers, a short description of the product, among other information.

promote the product

To promote the product you must obtain the dirección de Internet that you are going to promote and that will identify that you are the usuario that is selling the product.

For this, in the product you must clic on “Promote”, place your usuario in the window that is displayed, clic on “Generate Hoplinks”.

By doing this you will get your backlink of that product to promote it, and for each sale of that product you will get a commission that you cánido see in the “Control Panel” section.

You must do this same process for each product you want to promote and get commissions.

create products

The Clickbank platform allows affiliates to upload their products to the platform and get commissions for each sale that receives said product.

From the moment you upload the product, it will be available to be sold by any affiliate from the platform.

You get a commission of approximately 25% of each sale made of your product.

To upload your product to the platform you must entrar the section “Seller settings / My products”, where all the products you have uploaded will be listed.

You just have to add your product, establish all the information of the same and save the information.

From this section you cánido manage your products.

Clickbank Profit Sharing

Clickbank gets a minimum percentage for each sale of the products, about 7.5% agregado $1.

Example: Most of the commissions are paid at 75%, so if the sale of a product that costs $50 is made, the money will be distributed as follows:

  • $50- ($7.5 = $3.75+$1 = $4.75) = 45.25
  • The affiliate selling the product gets 75% of the 45.25 which is equivalent to $33.94
  • The affiliate who owns the product gets 25% of the 45.25, which equals 11.31
  • Clickbank gets $4.75

Payments in Clickbank

He minimum payment and the means of payment is determined by the affiliate himself, that is, the affiliate decides how much is his minimum paywith what regularity you want to receive payments and the means of payment by which you will receive your commissions.

To configure the part of the payments you must entrar the section “Account configuration /Payment information/editar”.

In this section you perro choose the minimum payment, the payment method and the payment frequency.

Clickbank Advantages

Some of the advantages of selling digital products as a Clickbank affiliate are the following:

  • Is a way profitable to generate income by Internet.
  • Here there are no costs to genera.
  • There is no customer service on this platform.
  • The platform does not genera Shipping costssince the products are digital.
  • There is no physical production.
  • You don’t have to do the shipment of productsnor do you have to process the payments, since these are automatic.


Clickbank is a fairly reliable platform to generate income through the sale of digital products, since it was founded in 1998 and has paid billions of dollars during its time of operation.

Is a company which has a great diversity of digital products, so you perro find many products here.

Generating income in Clickbank perro be very profitable, but getting to generate good profit with this platform requires to implement complicated strategies.

Many people fail to try earn income with Clickbank, since it is not as easy as just promoting the product.

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 ClickBank » How does it work?  Earn money
  ClickBank » How does it work?  Earn money
  ClickBank » How does it work?  Earn money

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