Clic Genie | Open your correos electrónicos and earn money

Clic Genie | Open your correos electrónicos and earn money

After the fall of one of the main websites about earning money reading correos electrónicos, we have decided to start testing Clic Geniea fácil free page, with which we perro easily make profits.

Before starting, you need to know that as with other free pages that we advertise on the blog, the earnings that you perro get on this platform are quite low, in other words, you are not going to get rich, what’s more, you are only going to earn a few cents a day at most. It is a website that we must work on as a complement to other more profitable ones, although it must also be said that you are not going to kill yourself working with it either, because it is as fácil as perro be.

Clicks Genie does not pay

Unfortunately Clicks Genie has become a scam, for weeks it has not allowed withdrawals, so we classify it as a scam.

Main features of Clicks Genie

Name: Clic GenieProperty: GENIE CLICKSFunctioning: Pay to read correos electrónicosaccepted countries: Everyoneminimum payment: $0.05Payment methods: PayeerDoes not pay: Assessment:

Registration in Clicks Genie

Once again I bring you a free page, for which it will not be necessary to invest money and consequently the registration would not be less.

The only thing that we are going to need when opening an account is an dirección de correo electrónico, preferably Gmail, since it is the one that usually gives less problems in this type of pages.

When entering this Clicks Genie registration backlink, we will see that we are offered the option of filling out a small form, where we will be asked for a nombre de usuario, an dirección de correo electrónico, a password and a date of birth. After that we just have to clic on the button Register.

Then we will go to our dirección de correo electrónico, where we will surely have received a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico, if you do not see it, look in the contenido publicitario folder.

A recommended action to receive all Clicks Genie correos electrónicos without problems and maximize our profits on the page is to add it to your contact list, in this way any dirección de correo electrónico received from the platform will go to the contenido publicitario folder.

How to earn money on this page

The web pays us to open correos electrónicos, so our only task will be to wait to receive them. It depends on the day, but the habitual thing is to receive at least a couple of them daily.

When you receive an correo electrónico you will have to open it and clic on the advertiser’s backlink, when we access the ad we will have to wait for the counter to reach the end and the earnings will be added automatically.

credited earnings

The value of each correo electrónico will depend on its duration, the longer we have to wait for it to be validated, the better remuneration it will have. In general, most of them will have an approximate value of $0.001, the amount and value may vary depending on your nationality.

Earn money with your referral system

In a place where you earn little, whoever has a referral system is like May rain. Clicks Genie has its own system, with which we will be able to increase our income from correos electrónicos read by our direct referrals.

▪ 1st level referrals 100% commission
▪ 2nd level referrals 70% commission ▪ 3rd level referrals 60% commission ▪ 4th level referrals 50% commission ▪ 5th level referrals 40% commission

Up to five levels of referrals, which is very good and increases the potential of this page several points, in addition to that we must add that for each active referral we perro earn a $0.15 plus.

To get our backlink and be able to invite other users, we go to the menu and in Referrals we select the option Backlinks & Tools.

We also have the option of renting referrals, but I’m skipping it because I don’t think it’s something that’s going to bring us any benefit.

How to withdraw money from Clicks Genie

The minimum payment in Clicks Genie is ridiculous, we cánido withdraw our earnings when we reach the minimum amount of $0.05 through the Payeer wallet.

✅ If you don’t have an account to work on this or other pages, I invite you to entrar this Payeer tutorial, where I explain how this payment gateway works.

Before requesting any payment, it is convenient to entrar our Payeer account in our Clicks Genie profile, then we perro go to Withdraw and request our payment.

We simply indicate the amount we want to withdraw, taking into account that we will be charged a 0.95% commission fee. Clic on the button Withdraw and our payment will be successful.

I do not know the time in which the payment is processed, since I have not requested any so far, when I make my first withdrawal we will know.

Holiday mode

On this website it is mandatory to be active, what’s more, if you are not, you will lose your account. Under the terms of Clicks Genie, if you don’t log in at least once every 15 days, your account will be deleted.

If you are going to be inactive for a while or you are going to rest for a few days, you perro prevent your account from being closed by activating the “Holiday mode”.

Activate vacation mode

We perro activate this in Settingswhere we will look for the option vacation mode. There we cánido put the number of days that we are going to spend inactive, in that period we will not receive correos electrónicos and of course we will not be charged money for it.

Opinion about Clicks Genie

Although it is not a very lucrative website, the truth is that it is compensated by the little effort involved, you perro open correos electrónicos from your mobile and add cómputo without knowing it. Also, it all adds up. The important thing is to work pages that pay.

I personally don’t like that you have to be aware of entering the platform from time to time, but it is not a drama either.

So far it works pretty well, pays on time, and has a long enough track record to make it worthy of our business portfolio. Only time will determine to what extent it has been a good decision.

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 Clic Genie |  Open your correos electrónicos and earn money
  Clic Genie |  Open your correos electrónicos and earn money
  Clic Genie |  Open your correos electrónicos and earn money

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