Clic Genie | Earn MONEY reading correos electrónicos

Clic Genie | Earn MONEY reading correos electrónicos

Clic Genie is a portal that allows us to earn money by reading correos electrónicos with advertising.

Although it may seem a bit strange, its operation It is very afín to that of a PTC.

The difference between the latter and Clicks Genie is that in the second case, instead of seeing the ads from the website itself, we will view them through the mails they send us.

Furthermore, it is very interesting because pay by Payeer when we reach $0.05, a very low figure that perro be achieved very easily.

Cool huh? Well, let’s get down to business and I’ll explain everything from how to register in Clicks Genie to how to withdraw the money we earn.

What is Clic Genie?

Clicks Genie is a PTR platform launched in November 2018 that pay a certain amount of money for each dirección de correo electrónico who sends us The PTRs (Paid to read in English or Pay per reading in Spanish) are very common on the internet.

Without going any further, the most famous Spanish-speaking is With your permission, which has been en línea since 1999.

These types of pages advertise in a different way than PTCs usually do.

However, they are much more comfortable to use since we will only have to see ads when they notify us by dirección de correo electrónico.

No need to access the portal every day.

Update – Clic Genie it is scam and does not pay.

In fact, it makes selective payments.

I have been trying to withdraw winnings for several days in a row and they never get processed so I stop recommending the site.

In the specific case of Clicks Genie, it admits registration to users from all over the world And, as a very positive point, there is the circumstance that it has a very low minimum payment.

As we will see throughout this guide, it processes payments through Payeer, so we need an account with this processor to receive the earnings that we are generating.

If you still do not know the Payeer processor, you cánido take a look at the following tutorial.

Payer’s Guide

Sign up for Clicks Genie

Registration in Clicks Genie It is completely free and it will only take us a minute..

To get started, if you want, you cánido follow this backlink, which will take you directly to the home page.

Once there it is as fácil as clicking on “Register” and fill in the registration form with our nick, dirección de correo electrónico address where we want to receive correos electrónicos (preferably Gmail) and a password.

We accept the TOS and the Terms of Service and clic again on “Register”.

Finally, we will have to confirm the account.

As usual in this type of pages, as soon as we create the account, they will send us an dirección de correo electrónico.

Inside, we will find a message welcoming us and a backlink.

To confirm the account we will only have to clic on that backlink and wait for the system to redirect us back to the Clicks Genie website.

The account will be correctly confirmed and we will be ready to start receiving paid correos electrónicos.

How Clic Genie works

How Clicks Genie works is very fácil.

A little later I will explain how e mails reach us and how we have to visualize them.

However, although it is not necessary to entrar our account every day, I am going to make a brief explanation of all the sections that make up the web.

In this way, we will know what is in each one, what they are for and what actions we cánido carry out.

Side menu sections

Apart from the profile section, the Clicks Genie menu is made up of 5 sections:

Overview » General view of the cómputos, of the last e mails that we have viewed and statistics, both personal and of our direct referrals.

Referral » In addition to earning money by viewing correos electrónicos, Clicks Genie has a referral system in which we will earn plus money for the correos electrónicos that our guests view.

Money » There are three types of cómputos: one in which our profits accumulate, another in which the commissions we receive are added, and another that is the purchase cómputo (in case we want to contract advertising).

From this section we cánido transfer money from one cómputo to another.

People » View of our usuario profile and list of friends that we have on the page.

Statistics » Own statistics and general Clicks Genie statistics, with the users who have earned the most money and the countries with the most registered users.

Earn money on Clicks Genie

As I mentioned at the beginning of the guide, in Clicks Genie we get paid for the mere fact of receiving correos electrónicos in our inbox and view the advertising they contain.

Next we will see the steps that we must follow when seeing the ads so that they pay us the corresponding rewards.

How to open correos electrónicos

The main way to earn money in Clic Genie it is with the advertising mails.

In most PTR it is enough to open that correo and stay in it for about 30 seconds.

However, in ClicksGenie it works a bit differently.

The format in which the correos electrónicos from this portal arrive are characterized by containing two main elements:

– The first is that the sender of the correo is always “Clic Genie”.

– And the second is that, as soon as we access the correo electrónico, we will see a text with a backlink.

To view the ad in question we will only have to clic on that backlink and wait for a new window to open.

These ads have Adfocus, so we are forced to stay at the window while the timer ticks down.

As soon as the timer reaches 100%, there are times that we have to solve a captcha and there are times that we don’t.

Regardless of this point, we will know that we have displayed the ad correctly when This image appears with the profits we have obtained.

And therefore, they will add the money to the withdrawal cómputo.

We cánido now close the ad and continue with our things.

As soon as another Clicks Genie dirección de correo electrónico arrives in our inbox, we just have to proceed by following these same steps.

The e mails we receive have an expiration date.

It is not necessary that we see them at the time of receiving them, but before 12 hours have passed.

Clicks Genie pays

One of the most relevant factors of Clicks Genie refers to payments.

We have already seen in the introduction that we perro Withdraw earnings starting from as little as $0.05 per Payeerbut the best thing is they pay instantly as soon as they request the withdrawal.

As soon as we request the payment, we will see the money reflected in our account in the payment processor.

How to withdraw money from Clicks Genie

To withdraw the earnings in ClicksGenie we only need to accumulate 5 cents in our withdrawal cómputo.

Then we will proceed as follows:

1- First of all we will go to the section «Money > Withdraw» from the side menu.

Next we will see the withdrawal form, but before proceeding, we will have to provide our Payeer ID.

2- To configure the ID correctly, clic on “Add new” and we will paste it in the box that says “Entrar your Payeer address”.

We will find this ID when accessing our Payeer account, at the top, with a format afín to this: P12345678.

3- Right after saving the ID, Clicks Genie will send us a five digit verification code to dirección de correo electrónico.

This step only has to be done the first time and all you have to do is copy the code and paste it in the box “Security Code”.

4- Finally, we return to the section on “Withdraw”we write down the amount that we want to withdraw, we clic on “Withdraw” and they will send us a verification code by dirección de correo electrónico again.

We glue it and that’s it.

Clic Genie pay immediately and applies a commission of 0.95% on the amount withdrawn.

ClicksGenie referral system

Besides earning money receiving correos electrónicos, Clicks Genie It has a very interesting referral program.

If we have the possibility to invite other people to earn money in the same way that we do, we will be able to earn plus money for each dirección de correo electrónico they view.

And also for the recommendations they make, up to five levels deep.

The commission table is this:

1st Level or direct referrals » 100%.

2nd Level or indirect referrals » 70%

3rd Level » 60%

4th Level » fifty%

5th Level » 40%

Clic Genie Reviews

We have already seen how Clicks Genie works, so it is time to compile all the information and explain some last details about this PTR.

There they go:

” The most important thing is that it’s free and reliable.

It is clear that we are not going to get rich watching mails.

Neither in this PTR nor in any other.

But as I have mentioned countless times in moneyworldThe important is work as many reliable pages as possible and add from here and there.

» The minimum payout of $0.05 is very easy to achieve.

One thing to keep in mind is that They charge a withdrawal commission of 0.95%.

When asking for $0.05, in Payeer it will espectáculo up as $0.04, but it is actually $0.0495.

Remember that Payeer does not espectáculo all decimal places.

” There is correos electrónicos that are paid better than others.

In fact, there are two types: those that lead us to ads that last 30 seconds and others that last 15 seconds.

Those of 30 seconds, in general, pay out at $0.001.

And those of 15 seconds at $0.0036.

» There are times that when requesting the payment, a message appears that says something like «the daily limit of withdrawals has been reached».

If that happens to you, try withdraw the money at 11:00 p.m. server time (which you will see at the bottom of the page).

At that time is when they reload the funds in Payeer.

On Payeer’s server it will be 00:00, since they work one hour ahead of Clicks Genie’s.

Hence, in the proof of payment two days and two different hours are reflectedeven if they are from the same instant.


Clicks Genie has been en línea since November 2018 and is very easy to use.

In addition, work the site it will take us very little time and we perro see the correos electrónicos whenever we want.

Without the obligation to open them as soon as you receive them.

In my case, I usually wait until I have four or five in my inbox and I see them all in a row.

One behind the other.

So I forget until the next day.

And here we end with the tutorial.

If you liked Clicks Genie, you perro create an account by clicking the button below.

And as always, if you have any questions, you cánido leave a comment or contact me through popular networks.

Until next time!

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 Clic Genie |  Earn MONEY reading correos electrónicos
  Clic Genie |  Earn MONEY reading correos electrónicos
  Clic Genie |  Earn MONEY reading correos electrónicos

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