Classification of companies according to their

Classification of companies according to their

The companies They cánido be classified in different ways, ranging from their origin of capital, to the number of owners they have.

However, in this article I am going to focus solely on the classification of companies according to their economic activity.

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How are companies classified according to their economic activity?

Companies, according to their activity, are classified as:

  1. Industrial business.

  2. Trading companies.

  3. Service companies.


Industrial companies

In a very fácil way, we cánido say that industrial companies are those that acquire raw material to be able to transform it into a new product, which is created to satisfy the needs of consumers.

By the way, the process that is carried out to be able to transform the raw materials is commonly called the productive process.

Likewise, it must be said that it is possible that the raw materials or inputs used in the production process are the finished product of another company.

Examples of industrial companies

Some examples of industrial companies are the following:

  1. Lego.
  2. Nissan.
  3. Pantene.
  4. Sony.
  5. Qualcomm.
  6. Samsung.
  7. Ikea.

Of course, since there are many industrial companies, the list would go on for a long time.


Commercial companies

In the case of commercial companies, their main activity is focused on the purchase and sale of finished products.

In fact, we could well say that they are companies that are dedicated to the resale of products.

This means that a commercial company will not carry out activities that involve the transformation of raw materials.

Example of commercial companies

The stores or stationers are examples of commercial companies, since they only acquire the finished products and sell them to the final consumers.

Of course, the price should reflect the utility that you want to earn.

How to price a product?

If you want to know a fácil elabora that will allow you to equipo the correct price for a product, then I recommend that you press the following button.


Service companies

Companies that belong to the service category are companies that offer intangible goods to the public, through their professional skills or knowledge.

It should be noted that service companies tend to offer highly personalized services, that is, they are heterogeneous, since even if the same service is offered, it is very likely that the service will be provided differently from one client to another (possibly also due to different needs). that customers own).

Think about your classes.

There are teachers who have different groups and although they teach the same subject, the class is not completely the same in all their groups….


Examples of service companies

Some examples are:

  • schools.
  • Hospitals.
  • Transport.
  • Help at home.
  • Internet provider.
  • Electricity provider.

Alternative classification of companies according to their economic activity

One more way in which you cánido find that companies are classified according to their activity is the following:

  • Primary ámbito.
  • Secondary ámbito.
  • Third campo.

The companies that entrar the primary ámbito are the companies that carry out activities that are related to obtaining the raw material.

In fact, we could say that companies in the primary campo are part of the first backlink in a supply chain.

Some examples are fishing, livestock, agriculture, etcétera.

Secondary ámbito companies are those that carry out a production process to transform raw materials into a new finished product.

In such a way that the companies belonging to the secondary campo use the raw materials provided by the companies of the primary campo to genera products.

Companies that provide the population with services that satisfy their needs and desires fall into the tertiary campo.

Therefore, we could well add the companies belonging to the primary ámbito to the first classification and we would already have everything covered.

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 Classification of companies according to their
  Classification of companies according to their
  Classification of companies according to their

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