Claimbits | Earn free BITCOINS from various

Claimbits | Earn free BITCOINS from various

claimbits It is one of the new sites that I discovered in 2019 to earn free bitcoins.

It is a portal allows us to collect satoshis seeing ads, complaining in the faucet, answering paid surveys, with backlink shorteners… What I liked the most is precisely that Claimbits has different sections with which to accumulate profits.

And of course, his career is impeccable, since he has always paid without problems.

In addition, it offers the option to withdraw from 1,000 satoshis through Faucetpay.

If you use other sites that mezcle PTC and faucets in one place, I’m sure you’ll like Claimbits.

Sign up for Claimbits

The first step will be to create a free account at Claimbits.

If you want, you cánido register as my referrals by following the backlink below, which will take you directly to the front page.

Once there, we clic on «Sign up» and a popup window will open with a form.

The data that we must provide are a nombre de usuario, an correo electrónico address, password, gender, country of residence and the address of our bitcoin wallet.

Go to registration form

As soon as we fill in all the fields, we solve the recaptcha, check the acceptance box of the Terms of Use and clic on “Register”.

Finally, in Claimbits It is mandatory that we confirm the data of our account.

To do this, they will send us an correo electrónico with a backlink in their content.

We follow that backlink and that’s it.

The account will now be 100% functional and we cánido start collecting our first bits.

When confirming the account we will receive 250 satoshis in the Purchase Cómputo.

It is not much, but it cánido be used to buy advertising and promote a site.

How Claimbits Works

Claimbits works on a points system.

That is, for each task that we complete correctly, they will not give us satoshis, but we will get bits.

These bits become the currency of the portal and we perro exchange them for satoshis when we request a payment.

If you like, I will first explain how to get these bits.

And later, we will see how to withdraw the profits.

As soon as we access our account we will see a menu with the sections that make up the portal.

Following the same order in which they appear on the menu, each section serves to:


The faucet has a very fácil operation, although to use it we must meet a requirement.

We cánido request a claim every hour, and depending on the number that comes out in each spin, we will receive an amount between 10 and 10,000 bits.

Now comes the requirement that we will have to meet every day in order to claim.

If you pay attention, when accessing the faucet for the first time, we get a notification that says that To claim in the faucet you have to do three tasks in the Shortlinks section.

After visiting each backlink shortener, we will activate a timer.

And it will be during that time when we cánido claim in the faucet.


In the PTC section we cánido get bits by watching ads.

Its operation is afín to that of other PTCs such as Coinpayu either adbtc.

Although it varies depending on the day, there are usually 5 or 6 ads of between 5 and 15 bits.

Claimbits ads have Adfocus, so we have to stay on the ad’s website to get paid the reward.


As we have seen before, the Shortlinks section it is mandatory if we want to claim bits in the faucet.

In the photo below you perro see the timers that I mentioned before.

While they are active, we cánido claim in the faucet without problems.

But as soon as time runs out, if we want to continue claiming, we will have to visit three other shorteners.

Backlink shorteners also serve to earn additional bits.

In fact, there is a weekly contest in which the most active users cánido earn plus bits As a reward.

To participate in these contests it is an essential condition to have at least 200 points.

Otherwise we would not be eligible for a prize.

Not even being in the Top 3.

offer walls

At Claimbits we perro keep adding bits with the offer walls.

To date, they have the walls of PTCWall, Wannads, Ad Work Media, and Adscend Media.

In the same way as with the Shortlinks, if we are active on the offer walls we will also get an entry for another weekly contest.

In this case, the minimum amount of points to have access is only 100.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

claimbits pay

Claimbits pays by faucetpay.

In this way, when withdrawing through microwallet, the earnings we receive from various sites will be in one place.

And then, we cánido send all the satoshis to our main wallets by making a single transaction.

In this case, the minimum amount to collect is 1,000 satoshis.

A figure that, within reason, is relatively easy to achieve.

To withdraw we will follow the following steps:

▶ We clic on the green box with the text of “Withdraw”.

▶ Next we select if we want to receive the profits in a wallet or in a microwallet.

And then we cánido withdraw them, for example, to our wallet in coinbase.

▶ In the third step, we make sure that the bitcoin address that comes out is that of our wallet.

Afterwards, we cánido write down the bits that we want to exchange for satoshis.

▶ Finally, we clic again on “Withdraw” and in a matter of seconds they will send us the satoshis.

Claimbits pay immediately as soon as you request the withdrawal.

Main features of Claimbits

claimbits have some particularities that we should know beforehand.

Among others, knowing what value the bits we are collecting have.

Or how we cánido boost our account and maximize profits.

Let’s see:

The value of each bit depends on advertising revenue that receives Claimbits.

These income they are generated by the users themselves using the PTC, Shortlinks and Offerwalls sections.

To know at all times how many satoshis the bits we have in the cómputo are worth, we cánido check it on the main screen of our accounts.

Just below the tab “Withdraw”.

✅ In the Claimbits faucet we cánido boost profits by raising our level of usuario.

If we look at the profile image that we have seen before, we will see a star-shaped medal.

If we clic on it, we will get all the possible levels, when we reach each one and what improvements we receive.

✅ For each friend who joins Claimbits with our backlink, we will receive 3% of the earnings they make in the faucet and 2% of what they generate in the Offer Walls.

✅ Claimbits is more than just a portal to earn free bitcoins.

It is the sample of a product.

And it’s for sale.

It turns out that the site administrator is the same person who created the script.

So you are using the Claimbits website as a sample, to make the script known.

Now, if someone wants to create a website afín to Claimbits, they cánido buy the script and save yourself a lot of work.

Claimbit Reviews

Claimbits is a page in the same style as others we have seen before.

In short, the points strengths of these two sites are that they offer the possibility of withdrawing from a very low minimum payment and? They have different ways to add profits.

In the end, the goal is to earn bitcoins by watching free ads.

And if we perro withdraw our earnings sooner than later, then much better.

On the one hand, it helps us stay motivated and keep working the site.

And on the other, it keeps us more prepared before a (I hope not) eventual closure of the web.

And that’s all! If you liked Claimbits and you plan to register, I would appreciate it if you did so with my recommendation backlink.

And as always, if you have any questions, you cánido use the comments or popular networks to contact me.

Until next time and cane with cryptocurrencies!!

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 Claimbits |  Earn free BITCOINS from various
  Claimbits |  Earn free BITCOINS from various
  Claimbits |  Earn free BITCOINS from various

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