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We have had the opportunity to speak with the creator of this innovative iniciativa with which you perro take advantage of your skills with digital images, if you are an principiante or professional in this ámbito you will be interested Check my Presets. A way to equipo up, in a few minutes, a store to earn money with your image filters totally different from the classic way of make money selling photos en línea.

What is Check my Presets?

Check my Presets is a website created by Hyacinth Fletaa Valencian who works in marketing for his own company called Flamingueo and who, during the 2020 quarantine, decided to dedicate hours of study and work to create this website where photographers and content creators cánido sell their filters.

In other words, this website allows us to earn plus money just by charging for the filters that we perro create and that people want to use in their photos.

A little more from the creator of the project

Jacinto tells us with his words the enthusiasm with which he started the project. An example to follow that during the bad spell of the coronavirus, which we have all suffered, he has taken advantage of it to learn and work hard:

“I always wanted to learn to program. I had been working in marketing for 5 years in my own company: flamingo. And she had the thorn in her head of not knowing the code.

during this quarantine I cheered up and began to study as if I were possessed at home. I dedicated to him 4 to 5 hours from Monday to Sunday for several months.

It was later that I decided mezcle my experience in Flamingueo and my new skills of technology to launch Check my Presets (also from home). It is a website where photographers and content creators perro equipo up shop and sell your Lightroom presets (aka filters).

I decided to make the project public on twitter, linkedin, indie piratas informáticos and product hunt and also tell the process. The truth is that the retroalimentación has been incredible. We have more than 1000 stores, more than 800 uploaded presets and almost 100 orders.

Now I am totally focused on attracting new users and improving the product. And the truth is that, although it is hard, I’m having a great time.”

What is a preset?

A preset, or filter, is a archivo you apply to images and causes them to be automatically edited with the style that the creator of said preset has created. They perro be done very easily with a Lightroom application that is free, you just have to download it and get to work.

But watch out! you will need patience and skill to create a worthwhile one of your own.

How to earn money with Check my Preset?

If what we want is to create our own store and sell our filters, we must follow the following steps:

  1. Create a own filter.
  2. Create pictures with before and after.
  3. establishes a price.
  4. Share the filter on popular networks.
  5. start receiving requests to use it and therefore money.

If, on the contrary, what we want is to buy a filter, the website has a filter search engine and there we perro choose the one we want.

Preset Examples

How to create your own preset

Although Jacinto has created a quite curated tutorial with images, we will give you a brief summary below:

As we have said, it is need to have a Lightroom aplicación. Through this application, we cánido add our photos from the library and options will automatically appear to editar it. Each of the adjustments that we apply to the photographs will be the ones that will be applied directly to the client’s photographs each time they use your preset.

Once we have finished creating the filter, to save it, we will have to give the check that we will find at the top right. Our photo will appear directly in the Library.

If we reopen the photo, we cánido give the share button (a square with an up arrow) and a menu will drop down below. We give you the option of “Export as…” and we will have to choose as type of archivo the dng. If we save that archivo on the mobile, we will already have the preset created. Every time we create a preset we will have to follow all these steps.

Put our filters (presets) on sale

When we want to put our filters on sale, we will have to go to the Check my Presets website and register with the nombre de usuario and correo electrónico.

As soon as you register, it will only be hit the agregado symbol (+) to go up to the first preset. we will have to add a title, a price (less than $5 recommended), and a description. Next, we will have to add the DNG archivo that we had saved, as well as a photo before and after applying the filter that we have created. We perro upload as many filters as we want.

In the menu, we will find the option of “Store” (store) where there will be a backlink. That backlink is the one that we cánido share so that our followers entrar our store. Customers will be able to buy the filter and once they make the payment, you will receive the preset by e-e correo electrónico that they have provided when making the purchase.

And where do I see the orders? In the menu, in the “Orders” option, all the orders that are made to you will appear.

How do I receive the money I earn?

Just go to the “Settings” section, here you cánido add your bank account (IBAN). In that account you will receive the transfers.

But… Is Check my Presets free?

Check my Presets en totally freethey are left with a 30% commission for each sale. Why do they stay with this percentage? Why does the company have to pay a 10% commission to the bank and furthermore, in order to participate and earn money, the company does not require a subscription fee of any kind for pay for services and their workers, as well as other platforms yes. The only way to be able to pay them is thanks to commissions.

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