Cheap cable tv options for

Cheap cable tv options for

While low-income programs may allow participants to obtain necessities like phone and Internet service at a reduced cost, cable companies do not offer these programs for television service.

Since you cánido access basic network channels, which provide local news and emergency information, for free with an antenna, cable televisión is considered an entertainment luxury rather than a necessity.

However, cable companies offer a variety of packages and deals, including some with lower costs.

There are also some free alternatives to cable televisión that you cánido use to get access to more channels, movies, etcétera.

For more information on cable options for low-income people, see below.

Cheap Cable televisión Options

Cable television providers do not offer reduced rates for low-income households, specifically.

We spoke with customer service representatives at several major cable companies, including Charter/Spectrum, Comcast/Xfinity, Optimum, Cox, and AT&T.

While all of the reps told us that their companies don’t offer low-income programs, some do have value package options.

Charter has the most affordable option at $35 a month for a basic cable and Internet package; The other companies’ prices range from $50 to $65 per month for the least expensive options.

Dish televisión prices start at around $60 per month.

Some companies also offer no deposit or no credit check options.

Keep in mind that these lower-priced packages will include fewer channels, but are more affordable than premium cable.

cable discounts

If you are a senior in the United States, there are some wireless carriers and cable companies, such as AT&T and Spectrum, that offer senior discounts.

You may need to be an AARP member or receive Supplemental Security Income to take advantage of these discounts.

For more information, see our list of senior discounts by age.

Most cable companies also offer other types of discounts, such as student discounts, discounts for televisión and Internet packages, and various other promotions.

Promotions change regularly; You perro find your current options on cable company websites.

Cable Alternatives

If you cánido’t find a traditional or discount cable package that works for you, there are alternatives to cable that will give you access to home entertainment at a bajo coste.

Here’s how over-the-air televisión, the Internet, and subscription services perro provide suitable alternatives to cable.

Internet and air televisión

The best alternative to paying a monthly cable bill is to pay en línea and get basic over-the-air channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and PBS for free.

All you need to get over-the-air televisión is an HDTV antenna — a one-time purchase of about $20 to $30 on Amazon — and you’ll get all your local channels for free.

Many providers offer Internet programs for low-income people, since the Internet is considered more necessary than cable television.

If you qualify for low-income internet (which is usually around $10 per month), you perro access additional free entertainment through sites like YouTube.

If your televisión has HDMI ports, you perro connect it to your computer with an HDMI Cable for around $10 or less to watch vídeos on a larger screen.

Providers with low-income Internet programs include:

  1. AT&T
  2. Cox
  3. mediacom
  4. spectrum
  5. Xfinity/Comcast

subscription services

Another low-cost alternative to cable is to use a subscription service.

The following companies, while not traditional cable providers, do offer free or low-cost televisión, movies, and/or cable channels.

(Note that our list doesn’t include options like Netflix, which offer a more curated selection rather than cable equivalent.) Select the name of each company to find more information on their website.

Note that you cánido sort the list by selecting the arrows at the top of any column.

ServiceCostarWhat it offers
crackle tv Free Original televisión, movies, web espectáculos
pluto tv Free Live televisión, movies, news and sports
popcornflix Free tv and movies
ShareTV Free tv and movies
tube tv Free tv and movies
Voodoo Free tv and movies
philo About $20 per month 58 cable channels
sling About $30 per month Your choice of over 30 sports and family cable channels or over 50 news and entertainment cable channels
fuboTV Around $55 per month More than 100 cable channels
YouTube televisión About $65 per month More than 70 cable channels

Please note that these options require an Internet connection, which (as noted above) will cost about $10 per month if you qualify for a low-income program.

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 Cheap cable tv options for
  Cheap cable tv options for
  Cheap cable tv options for

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