Chasm or top, how do you spell?

Chasm or top, how do you spell?

Chasm or Summit?

What is the appropriate context to use each variant?

Both words being homophones, that is, their phonetics are the same because of or there is a difference between the letters “s” and “c” in most Spanish-speaking regions.

Confusion is created when using one or the other, the iniciativa is to understand the circumstance to which we refer for its correct use.

Please note the following:

  • “Chasm” = is a kind of molding or hole of natural origin and large proportions with depth in the earth.
  • “Top” = is the highest stage of a tree, mount, or in a metaphorical sense, of a profession, procedure or work.


When and how to use sima?

Chasm It is designated a cavity in the earth, which is distinguished by being huge and deep.

This word is also used to refer to the class of concave molding, recognized in the area of ​​architecture as nácela or scotland.

Here are some examples:

  • One of the widest chasms on the planet is located in Venezuela.
  • The chasms of these pillars have an excellent finish.

When and how to use top?

Top refers to the highest stage of a tree or mountain.

Likewise, it perro orinan in a metaphorical sense, the highest area that a skill or process achieves, the retouching or improvement of some work.

Here are some examples:

  • The climbers plan to reach the top of Mt. tomorrow.
  • The top of the mountain was covered all morning by clouds.
  • Juan climbed to the top of the tree to get a few mangoes.
  • The peak of my career represents work and effort.

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 Chasm or top, how do you spell?
  Chasm or top, how do you spell?
  Chasm or top, how do you spell?

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