Changes in Clixsense and Neobux

Changes in Clixsense and Neobux

There are changes in clixsense and neobux.

First it was Clixsense, and this week it was Neobux.

Two of the big ones have been left without Paypal, the most widespread payment processor.

In addition, this week Clixense has announced that as of July 15 it will cease to be a PTC page to become a pure and fácil survey page.

These are the changes in Clixsense and Neobux that I am going to talk about today.

On July 1, through the Clixsense forum they explained it to us quite well.

After 10 years working as a PTC, they eliminate this business format.

Clixsense will remain as a pure and fácil survey page.

Actually these days I have noticed that there are many more surveys in Clixsense.

I guess it will be for that reason.

From two or three a day, we went to 7 or 8 a day.

how we Will these changes affect Clixsense users?? This is all supposed to be for the good, for the benefit of the users:

  • All referral levels will be removed (until now there were 8 levels).

    From now on there will only be one level of referrals with which we will earn 20% of the benefits that our referrals have.

  • They will also eliminate the Clixgrid, we will no longer be able to play the boats
  • They will remove the premium membership.

    What happens if you have ordered it between July 1 and 15? They will return it immediately, don’t worry.

    If, on the other hand, you are premium and you have some time left for your membership to comply, they will prorate your membership payment, at a rate of 4.5 cents per day.

  • Advertising credits: as of day 1 they stopped selling, those who have it, perro use it until July 15
  • The checklist plus (do all the tasks) will increase up to 10% daily, instead of the current 2%.

Many people will benefit and others not so much, especially those who have many referrals at various levels (we had up to 8 levels of referrals).

Only time will tell if it is for the benefit of the majority or not.

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As to neobux, the most important change that has occurred this week is that PayPal has stopped working with them.

After ten years of paying through PayPal, the payment processor has said that it’s over.

PayPal doesn’t seem to trust this business model, it started with Clixsense, it continues with Neobux and currently there are fewer and fewer PTCs that PayPal trusts.

But hey, no big problem.

If we have always charged by PayPal in Neobux, we must wait 4 weeks to change payment processor.

If, on the contrary, we have already charged for Payza, Skill or Neteller, we cánido charge for these processors calmly.

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Conclusions of the changes in Clixsense and Neobux

I think the changes will be for the better, time will tell, in the case of Clixsense, it will annoy many of the users, especially those with various levels of referrals.

But the % profit per referral goes up to 20%.

I orinan, I think that you perro say that about “the chickens that come in through the ones that come out.”

As for Neobux, the fact that PayPal has been removed is no more of a problem than having to charge for Payza, or for another payment processor.

Little more, it would be necessary to look for a processor that is present in all the platforms that we work with.

This is a good topic for my next articulo.

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And nothing more to tell, friends.

There I leave my reflections.

I just wish you a good week, this, for my part, I will take it relaxing with the family.

All the best!!

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 Changes in Clixsense and Neobux
  Changes in Clixsense and Neobux
  Changes in Clixsense and Neobux

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