Changes in Buxcure and Buxcap

Changes in Buxcure and Buxcap

Good night friends!. Shall I tell you a news? There is Buxcure and Buxcap changes. Two of the PTCs I’ve been working with look bad. I tell you, it seems that the administrator, after starting the two PTCs (the third in contention is W3Adz) giving away “premium” memberships for a year to the first users who registered on the web, has decided for himself, change payment terms.

Yesterday things started to smell bad for me, because there were very few announcements, compared to a habitual day. This morning I saw on Twitter that it was already fixed. So far so good.

Well, the day has advanced, and also on twitter, I find out thanks to one of the greats The Money Chest (@CofredelDinero) that the three pages they don’t pay free users. That is, to 99.05% of the users (said by the administrator, it is not a fact that I make up).

Then a second piece of information comes to me by the same route: only allow one payment. Two dollars. Indeed, I charge two dollars for Payza in Buxcap.

I’m sure this also interests youfour small payments

Buxcap is a PTC for which I have bet heavily and I have 215 rented referrals and as many direct ones (I recently told you about Payza, you perro read it here). The payment is pending. Since one of the changes is that estándar users will be charged after 10 days, therefore, I have nothing left to do but wait.

I have continued making the clicks and I have reached the next minimum to collect, which would be 3 dollars. I have hit the charge button and oh, surprise. This is what appeared to me:

Amazing, according to this, I will be able to collect almost when I have to retire. Not bad. It is incredible that the administrator does this “chore”, or that is what it seems to me, to estándar users, when it seemed that it was reliable, since it does not have one, but three PTCs.

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In the Buxcap forum (the one I’ve used the most, since I still don’t have rented referrals in Buxcure), the admin tries to excuse me, saying his reasons. The elocution of the admin is very extensive, and he will have his reasons. But I don’t think they are shared by many, at least not by me.

The fact is that it says, more or less, that only users who have higher paid memberships perro be charged. Although also in the articulo it says that the free will charge after 10 days. But looking at the screenshot that I posted above, I don’t even know what to think…


Bad very bad. In Buxcap I decided to rent referrals and almost reach the maximum, obviously, I had to invest money. Money lost for sure. As for Buxcure, I have not invested anything, I only work with direct referrals. But this is so. What I will surely do is give them a oportunidad and continue accumulating money to be able to acquire a superior membership, which will take me a few days. Maybe two weeks. In the meantime, I’ll give the two PTCs a oportunidad.

And if indeed, the admin says (Olivia, I haven’t said her name yet), membership prices drop, I perro buy it sooner with the money generated. But to buy it with my money, nothing at all.

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I’ll tell you, friends. I have written the articulo so that you know how things are a little bit and each one sticks to what they think is best. I hope I don’t have to declare (both of them) SCAM. But if I have to do it, I assure you, my pulse and fingers will not tremble when writing. I’m pretty pissed off.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Changes in Buxcure and Buxcap
  Changes in Buxcure and Buxcap
  Changes in Buxcure and Buxcap

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