Chainflix – Watch Vídeos and Earn Coins! –

Chainflix – Watch Vídeos and Earn Coins! –

chainflix It is a new aplicación that has been launched and with which we are going to generate income from our mobile device, especially if we are one of the first to start using this new application.

Chainflix Details

  • Assessment: Good.
  • State: En línea and paying.
  • Withdrawal Minimum: No minimum withdrawal.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Amazon, Google plus Play and Others.
  • referrals: Yeah.
  • Language: English and Korean.
  • Accepted Countries: All.
  • Supported Operating Systems:Android.

Main Features of Chainflix

  • Earn rewards by watching vídeos without the need for special equipment or plug-ins.
  • You have the possibility to trade CFX coins on coin exchanges.
  • Transparent revenue sharing model with the power of Blockchain.
  • Additional CFX coins to view ads.

What is Chainflix and how does it work?

Chainflix is ​​an aplicación in the we will be able earn CFX coins only watching vídeosthis company has a website and one aplicacionesin which we cánido register and start generating income.

How to earn CFX as Spectators?

Users perro mine CFX in real time just by watching vídeos. The reward rate for watching a vídeo depends on the creator’s vídeo distribution settings and the number of views. The users of the platform will be rewarded with Chainflix CFX coins.

Chainflix aplicación features

  • Watch vídeos with CFX coins as a reward.
  • Creation of channels and uploads of vídeos.
  • Channel management.
  • Channel subscriptions.
  • Save vídeos and playlists.
  • Content search.
  • Write and reply to comments.
  • Crypto Wallet where you cánido manage your CFX coins.

Chainflix requires permissions

– camera– storage

Earn money with storage provider on Chainflix

In addition to earning money watching vídeos from your website and the chainflix aplicaciónyou cánido too Generate revenue as a storage provider. All vídeos on the platform will be stored in users’ stores, and the storage provider will receive coin rewards when vídeos stored in their storage are streamed to viewers.

Requirements as a storage provider

  • You must be a registered Chainflix usuario.
  • You must complete verification over the phone.
  • Must be over 19 years old.
  • You must have a fixed IP address.
  • You must complete the KYC verification.
  • Have 512 GB of storage with an Ubuntu computer.
  • You must modify the cortafuegos settings.
  • You have to keep the PC running all the time.
  • Have basic computer knowledge of Linux.

Users who would become storage providers must deposit a certain amount of tokens CFXT (You perro get your deposit back unless you fail to fully meet your storage obligations.)

What is Chainflix Coin?

CFX is the official currency native utility issued and used on the platform chainflixusers cánido earn or mine CFX through various contributions to the platform. After the official launch of the service, users perro convert CFX to CFXT for trading on exchanges.

Where cánido I use CFX?

After the official release, users perro itrade CFX on trades. In later times, users cánido also use CFX for multiple services and payments with affiliates.

Is there a limit to receiving CFX rewards based on time?

Daily mining rewards are limited to block rewards, but lIndividual usuario rewards are not limited. On Chainflix, every 43.2 seconds 135 CFX are rewarded to users.

CFX token withdrawal limit in my personal wallet

On Chainflix, you cánido withdraw CFX to its personal wallet once a month at a equipo period. When withdrawing to your personal wallet, you cánido withdraw from a minimum of 1,000 CFX to a maximum of 20,000 CFX, and CFX is charged as a fee.

Does Chainflix pay or is it scam?

As the platform is new, they have not yet started making payments on it as of today, the date this article was updated in September 2022but according to their own information, they will soon start making payments, so you still won’t find proof or Chainflix payment vouchers in nowhere.

How to make money with Chainflix?

To earn money with Chainflix we have two options, we cánido do it from their website or from our cell phone, you perro go to the Chainflix home page and register or go to Google plus play and download the aplicación.

Once registered you will have to complete your profilealso you have to upload ID information for account verification and so that they cánido activate the withdrawals. You perro also create a vídeo channel to upload your own vídeos and thus earn more money.

You perro also earn as a content creator: Creators perro predetermine the distribution ratio, and when the viewer watches the vídeo, they cánido receive rewards.

Opinions and suggestions of Chainflix

Chainflix is ​​an aplicación that also has a website where we perro earn coins and then convert them to real money, such as a new aplicación that have just been launched, my recommendation is that you have to take advantage of it.

Businesses always have to get a good game out of their launches and be one of the first because that way the benefits will be greater.

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 Chainflix – Watch Vídeos and Earn Coins!  –
  Chainflix – Watch Vídeos and Earn Coins!  –
  Chainflix – Watch Vídeos and Earn Coins!  –

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