CETA Form: Requirements to obtain the

CETA Form: Requirements to obtain the

Buying and selling vehicles is one of the economic activities most carried out on a daily basis, however, since it is not so frequent by all the users who carry it out, the procedures or requirements that it implies are often unknown. He CETA form It is nothing more than the Automotive Transfer Certificate, which is required by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) as a requirement for the purchase and sale of any vehicle.

Before continuing, it is important to clarify that the economic transactions that will require this type of document will be those that involve family or transport vehicles, except motorcycles, agricultural transport and everything that has to do with cranes or road machinery.

Who issues the CETA form It will always be the seller of the vehicle, since it will be solely responsible for appearing with the information required by the AFIP with all the necessary data that it includes in the purchase and sale process.

Next, we will explain in detail everything related to how to get CETA formrequirements, procedure and other details necessary for you to process the purchase and sale of your vehicle without major problems.

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Requirements for the CETA form: write them down!

Before mentioning what are the Requirements to get the CETA form It is important that you keep in mind that this document is necessary only for the purchase and sale of a motor vehicle that is located in Argentine territory.

You will not be able to use CETA to sell used vehicles abroad that are outside the borders of this country.

The first unavoidable requirement for process CETA form is, without a doubt, that you are vehicle owner that belongs to the category of light cars, family vehicles, vans, trucks, autobuses and any other that is not within the category of those that do not apply for this form, such as those that we mentioned at the beginning of this articulo. The requirements to apply for CETA are the following:

Data of the vehicle to sell

You must have at hand all the data of the vehicle that you are going to negotiate, including the model, brand, type, domain number, among other essential data to identify it in the document and process the sale in a transparent and legal manner.

vehicle value

You must have stipulated the price in Argentine pesos of the vehicle that you are going to sell. Remember that since it is a transaction that will be carried out in Argentine territory, the amount to be transacted must be expressed in local currency. In the case of the transfer of a vehicle as a donation, the price must be indicated in US dollars.

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In the event of selling only a percentage of the vehicle, it must be clear what percentage is going to be transferred to the buyer to legally divide the value that will correspond to both the person who buys it and the person who sells it, if the latter will remain the owner of a percentage of the vehicle car to transfer

Personal data of the transferor and the acquirer

It is necessary to have the DNI of each of the parties involved in the transaction, as well as the CUIL or CUIT numbers of each one.

If there is more than one transferor, that is, if there is more than one owner of the vehicle to be transferred for sale, it is not necessary request CETA forms separately. The entry of only one of the owners to the system will be enough for them to carry out the corresponding process.

In the same way, if the new owners of the vehicle will be several people, the additional purchaser must be added and the complete data requested by the system must be registered.

If at the time of the sale of the vehicle your civil status is married but the property title is only in your name, it will not be necessary for your spouse to sign the document, since their name does not appear on it.

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Type of request

He CETA form for vehicles It will ask you for the type of transfer or sale that you want to make, for this it is important that you get advice beforehand so that you are clear about what type of request defines your transaction.

Fiscal key

This key will be necessary in case one of the two parties is abroad, however, there is a way to request the CETA form without tax codewhich we will explain later in this article.

If you are clear about the requirements for CETA, then let’s see the procedure to get CETA form with or without tax code.

How cánido I get the CETA? We explain everything

Get the CETA form It perro be done electronically or by telephone, choosing between doing it using the tax code or not. Let’s see the procedure to follow so that you cánido make the transaction you want with your motor vehicle.

CETA form with tax code

This procedure is carried out en línea and is done by entering the official page of the AFIP with your tax number. As a seller of the vehicle, you must entrar this web portal and register the entry data for the operation you wish to carry out, especially your CUIT number and your tax code.

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Once you have entered your login details, the system will direct you to another page where you cánido start the process. Go to the bottom of the page where you will find ‘Transfer of Registrable Personal Property’, clic on this option and then clic on ‘Automotive Transfer Certificate’ (CETA).

Issue CETA requires that you entrar the data corresponding to your vehicle, for this you will be asked for its domain, which you must entrar in the corresponding box to continue with the registration process. issuance of the CETA form.

In the same way you will have to register the model and year of the vehicle to be transferred as well as the brand and value of the transfer. It is important that you know that in this section you will be asked to indicate the type of request to make; You must indicate that your request is type 15 only if it is an insurance company. If you are a natural, physical or legal person, you must indicate NO in this part of the application.

Once the complete data is registered, review it well and make sure that there are no errors in the information provided. Once the information has been reviewed, clic on accept and you will be able to see the CETA AFIP form ready to download and print.

CETA form without tax code

You cánido carry out this procedure by telephone, since through this modality you will not need a tax code to carry out your CETA procedure.

Just by making a free call to 0800-999-2347 you will be able to transfer your vehicle without any inconvenience, as long as you have all the necessary documents and data at hand to do so.

By calling this number, you will receive an operator, who, after verifying your identity through a series of personal questions, will proceed to transfer the vehicle to the acquirer or buyer.

The printing the CETA form You cánido do it once the operator indicates the address of the page to which you must access so that, with the certificate number that they give you through the call, you perro access the site and print the form without problems.

Get the CETA without a tax code it is just as fácil as doing it electronically when you have this code. Remember that if you do not have a tax code, the only way to access the form, download it and print it will be by calling the number indicated two paragraphs above.

He CETA form It must be printed as many times as the number of acquirers and transferors there are, printing a copy for each of them. It is important to present this copy at the time of the transfer in the offices where the sale or transfer of the vehicle corresponds. The procedure is completely free, so you will not have to deposit anything, since the CETA has no economic value; Because it is a public procedure, it is exempt from any type of payment.

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 CETA Form: Requirements to obtain the
  CETA Form: Requirements to obtain the
  CETA Form: Requirements to obtain the

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