Cereals from the plate of good eating

Cereals from the plate of good eating

The groups of cereals from the plate of good eating and tubers are in charge of providing the complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber that will help you during digestion.

But not only that, they will give you the necessary energy to successfully carry out the activities of your daily life.

This is why the benefits that cereals bring to the plate of good eating are important.

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5 cereals from the plate of good eating

Historically, the life of the human being has developed thanks to the cereals As the cornthe oatmealhe rice and the wheat They have been the basis of the diet of almost all the cultures of the world and have given way to the physical and mental development of homo sapiens (that is, us).

⭐ Examples of cereals from the good eating plate

This group constitutes a very important source of calories that cánido be consumed in a natural or modified way, since they perro be converted into flour, bran or starch, for example.

Also, these are used as ingredients in many other foods so as you cánido see, this is a food group you should include in your diet.

Other ingredients that cereals provide us are vitamin D and iron, very important for our body.

In general, they are 2 difficult contributions to include in our diets and that cereals incorporate it in a fair measure.

⭐ List of cereals from the plate of good eating

The names of the most common cereals that are part of the Good Eating Plate are amaranth, rice, oats, barley, rye and wheat.

Rice, wheat and corn are the 3 major cereals with the highest production worldwide, between them they make up 87% of the total.

What do you think?

Let’s see some characteristic details of what contribute and what are they for each one of them:

What are the cereals on the plate of good eating and what are they for?

✪ Amaranth


One of the most nutritious cereals is amaranth, it has a high content of protein, folic acid, vitamin C and calcium.

✪ Rice


Rice is an important source of nutrients that, if consumed in moderation, will provide you with elements such as calcium, niacin, and fiber.

These last three are the key elements of a balanced diet.

✪ Oatmeal (see recipes)


Oatmeal is very rich but it also has a very special type of fiber that helps disminuye blood cholesterol, this is wonderful since it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

✪ Barley

As for the nutritional value of barley, it is usually very close to that of oats and higher than rice.

Barley has a good amount of iron and is rich in soluble fiber.

It is used in various forms such as: flour to prepare bread, barley water to thicken soups or as a natural drink, and for animal feed in the form of grains.

✪ Wheat


Wheat bran is delicious and you cánido mezcle it with many things, it is also a super concentrated source of fiber that is present in whole wheat.

For example, the tortilla, which is a very habitual corn derivative in México and which is consumed in various sizes and colors, perro provide up to 59 mg of calcium, which is equivalent to 7% of the recommended intake of the mineral in question.

The potato that is also part of the cereals from the plate of good food, provides a significant amount of carbohydrates which helps to replenish energy spent in your daily activities, also provides vitamin C, folic acid and potassium.

Benefits of the consumption of cereals from the plate of good eating for health

They’re a power source

Cereals are a great source of energy for people, they provide us with about 30% of the total calories in a diet.

In some Middle Eastern countries it is usually up to 80% of calories that cereals contribute to a diet.

Great mineral content

We cánido find a large amount of minerals within the cereals of the plate of good eating that, in addition to providing energy, also provide us with other properties.

The following are some minerals that we perro find in cereals:

In great quantities:

  • Magnesium
  • Match
  • Potassium
  • Calcium

Smaller amounts:

prevent cancer

The intake of products made from whole grains and cereals rich in fiber helps prevent some diseases such as colon cancer in men and women.

As for the female sex, eating whole cereal grains helps disminuye the chances of contracting breast cancer.

Helps prevent constipation and other disorders in the colon

Contrary to what is thought with rice, brown rice grains have laxative properties.

Cereals, primarily oats, contain large amount of fibers that contribute to prevent constipation and help the digestion process by keeping the digestive system cleaner.

Maintain blood sugar levels

Fibers help regulate people’s blood sugar levels because they decreases the rate of glucose secretion that are part of the food.

They provide protein

Cereal grains are good protein carriers for our body.

Although this level is different between cereals, these contain about 6% and 12% protein.

source of vitamins

The cereals provide a large volume of vitamin B.

Regarding the derivatives thereof, such as oils made from cereal grains, these are usually rich in vitamin Y también.

low fat

Another of the great qualities of cereals is that they will not make us fat and have a low fat content.

On the other hand, we will not find many cereals that provide vitamin C to our system, but among those few we perro highlight the presence of corn.

To consider

Some relevant data for the plate of good eating:

  • You must avoid eating high-fat foodssugar or sweeteners and salt.
  • Also, it is highly recommended limit alcohol intake.
  • Also, don’t forget to drink at least two liters of water daily as well as accompanying this new diet with at least 30 minutes of physical activity.

In relation to the portions, following the colors of the traffic light you perro easily guide yourself.

You just have to remember that the group of vegetables and fruits is equivalent to green and this means that they are the foods that we should eat in abundance.

He yellow color belongs to the group of tubers and cereals of the plate of good eating that were explained in this article, for which you should eat them in moderation and finally, the red color that is equivalent to legumes and proteins of animal origin, should be consumed with caution.

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 Cereals from the plate of good eating
  Cereals from the plate of good eating
  Cereals from the plate of good eating

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