CENAT Form: How it is, download and MORE

CENAT Form: How it is, download and MORE

He CENAT form It is a document that you need to carry out procedures in the General Directorate of Qualification of Drivers and Transport.

As we know how important this documentation cánido be, in this article we are going to give you all the details about what exactly it is, what data it should contain and much more.

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What is the CENAT form?

CENAT is the abbreviation of the National Certificate of Traffic Records, a main document for carrying out certain procedures in the General Directorate of Qualification of Drivers and Transport.

Therefore, the CENAT form It is a report that contains the data of the person who performs the procedure.

And it has full freedom of action with respect to transit.

Cenat driving record form


  • To have the national driving license, a certificate is needed, which is requested from the national register of traffic records.

    This certificate is issued by the issuing body authorized to do so.

  • 30 days are counted from the moment of delivery until expiration.

    During that time, you perro use it for whatever you want.

    After the deadline equipo by CENAT, it is necessary to obtain a new certificate with the same expiration date at the traffic safety office.

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What is CENT?

As already mentioned, CENAT is the abbreviation of National Traffic Background Certificatea necessary document to obtain a controlador’s license through the National Registry of Traffic Records (RENAT).

This documentation espectáculos all the serious traffic offenses that have been committed in some associations based on national laws 24,449 and 26,363.

Cenat certificate

If the person carrying out the procedure has a serious infraction and/or is in a state of “PENDING TO CANCEL OR PAY”the controlador’s license or its renewal cannot be processed.

This means that in these cases the process will not be carried out and the opportunity may be lost.

Road Safety Directorate

To get to Seguridad Vial in Argentina, go to Avenida Corrientes – number 1615.

To contact them, their customer service number is: 0800-122-2678 During a equipo schedule from Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day.

CENAT payment slip

To carry out this procedure, you need the bCENAT payment slip, which perro be obtained on the Internet.

These are the steps:

  1. Entrar the government road safety page.
  2. Select “Controlador’s license“.
  3. Clic on “National Certificate“.
  4. Finally, activate the option “Issue ticket“.

To facilitate the process for taxpayers, the government agencies of the city of residence offer a process of decentralization and digitization of the procedure through the Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety.

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This proof of payment has an expiration date of 7 days after its issuance.

But don’t worry, taxpayers and drivers benefit instead, since the CENAT payment does not have an expiration date and the interested party cánido go to the corresponding service center after having made the payment in one of the units available for the process. renewal and/or the subsequent acquisition of the national controlador’s license.

what’s inside the ticket?

In this ticket you cánido see the name and ID of the holder, the cost of the procedure and the possible infractions of the person.

In case of violation, the amount of the fenezca is included.

Likewise, the ballot number, date and time of issuance are on the document so that the holder knows when payment must be made.

The place and location cánido also be provided.

the date of the violation to confirm the time of assignment.

T he National Traffic Record Certificate differs from that of the Penal Hospital in that it certifies that there is no criminal record.

Cenat payment slip example

Payment methods

There are several forms of payment used by authorized financial entities and they are detailed below:

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  • fast payment.
  • Visa.
  • BPN.
  • Bank of the Argentine Nation.
  • RIPSA.
  • PlusPayments.
  • San Juan Services.
  • Santa Fe Services.
  • Multiple Payment.
  • Supervielle Bank.
  • BAPRO.

The same banking entities are the ones that provide the payroll quotation service.

Contact with CENAT

If someone wants to make a request or claim, they should go directly to the authorities of the authority in charge of intervening in traffic violations.

Buenos Aires province

STREET 6 Nº 928, LA PLATA, CP 1900PRIVADA-DPPSV@JG.GBA.GOV.AR0221-4270034 DISABLED DEPARTMENT: Extension 9411 Background Section: INTERNS 9413/9414 REGISTRATION DIRECTURE: Prisoners 9406/9407/9408Infractions: 0800-2222-002

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Carlos Pellegrini 211, 1st floor, CABA0800-999-2727147(011) 4323-8000

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CENAT form: What is the form like?

The data that appears in the CENAT form:

  • Province in which the process begins.
  • Center issuing the license where the process begins.
  • Names.
  • Surnames.
  • Sex.
  • Document type.
  • Number.
  • Correo electrónico.

In the latter you will receive the notifications pertinent to the case.

What is the CENAT form used for?

This document is necessary to apply for or, in this case, process the national driving permit, which is known to be issued by the authorized body.

This document contains important information for all the national, provincial and municipal authorities of the city of Buenos Aires, related to laws 24,449 and 26,363 and also related to the National Road Safety Agency.

The database of criminal records related to traffic is added to the information of the jurisdiction and is provided by the National Registry of Recidivism.

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How perro you download?

The CENAT form is available on the road safety website.

On the web, fill out the form with the required data that we will mention above: province, name and surname, ID, among others.

And finally, after completing the Recaptcha verification (through the security protocol), select the option “Download proof of payment“.

It is automatically issued CENAT form in PDF format.

WARNING:Before obtaining or renewing your controlador’s license for the first time, you must print the ticket and make the payment.

The amount is known because it appears in the same document.

The infractions of the holder at the national level, such as traffic objetivos B., which CENAT takes into account and additional costs are added to the form If you do not resolve it, you lose your opportunity.

costs of process

The CENAT form costs 240 Argentine pesos. (This may have changed by the time you read it, you know how everything is in Argentina)

It is a mandatory payment for the management of the driving license in the General Directorate of Driving Licenses and Promotions.

The amount is not part of the fixed rate for this type of procedure.

This form facilitates the paperwork related to automobiles.

Determine the time of use.

It is recommended to carry out the procedure when it is extremely necessary, motivated by the period of validity that is offered.

This time is practically one month.

It would be very bad to renew it and not use it at all times.

Success in your process!

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 CENAT Form: How it is, download and MORE
  CENAT Form: How it is, download and MORE
  CENAT Form: How it is, download and MORE

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