The reality is that most of us could use some plus monthly income and what better way to do it than by installing and testing applications….


Cashpirate is a reputable mobile aplicación where you cánido earn money by doing fácil tasks like downloading aplicaciones, playing games, completing surveys, and watching vídeos.

As you perro see, cashpirate is part of the “home” of my phone.

How does CashPirate work?

Cashpirate works in a afín way to applications such as make money, Money aplicación, AppNana or AppKarma, where you have to accumulate points, which are obtained after carrying out various tasks.

For example, installing applications, watching vídeos or answering a survey.

Once you have reached the minimum number of points to earn any rewards, you will be able to withdraw money from gift cards or receive cash back through PayPal.

I have to highlight that throughout the time that I have used the application, the application offers you more or less ways to collect your reward.

At this time, you cánido only get recharges for your phone or receive payments through Paypal (so you perro buy things en línea or withdraw money from your paypal account).

How to download CashPirate?

Years ago, when I started using the aplicación, I couldn’t download it directly from the Play Store, so I had to download the apk and install it on my device, but now you perro download the aplicación in any country (it’s what I have understood) therefore, what you have to do is go to the following backlink and download the application from the Play Store: “CashPirate

CashPirate apk download

If it is the case in which you cannot download the application from the store, I am going to leave you the backlink of the apk so that you cánido install it manually: “CashPirate“.

I have to highlight that installing an application from an apk provided by third parties cánido have certain risks, since they perro inject malicious code into the original application.

So you have to keep that in mind if you want to install the apk.

How to Register in CashPirate?

In fact, it is one of the simplest applications when it comes to registering.

All you have to do is write down your correo electrónico (one that you do use or you perro create a new one if you are wary of giving out the one you occasionally use).

Likewise, try not to use applications or pages that let you use temporary correos electrónicos (they are very useful for certain situations) because the objective is for cashpirate to deposit money and I don’t think you want anyone to collect it… right).

guest code

Once you have entered your dirección de correo electrónico and password, a message will open asking you to entrar a reference code (optional).

I recommend that you put a referral code because you will get 500 points of the 2500 needed to get 2.50 dollars in Paypal.

That way you cánido manage to collect that money sooner.

If you want to use my code, it is as follows: WDIRAL.

Once you have placed the code, you clic on register (register) and you cánido start using the application.

I have to say that in the new version of cashpirate they ask you to accept the terms of conditions.

Once you have already accepted the terms, all the applications that you cánido install to obtain points will appear.

How to get points (coins) in CashPirate?

To see the options that cashpirate has to earn points, what we have to do is go to the menu, go to the Earn Coins option.

When doing the above, the following will appear and you must clic on “espectáculo offers”

Once in the offers section, all you have to do is follow the instructions that each offer tells you.

CashPirate classifies the offers according to the difficulty and accordingly you will be given more or less points.

For example, there are some applications that you only have to install, entrar them for a few seconds (I recommend that you entrar at least a minute) and when you see that you have been given the points, you cánido uninstall the application.

Also, there are some other offers where you have to install and leave the aplicación installed for few days and after that you get the points.

Tricks to get more points (coins) in CashPirate

Well, I have to start by saying that I DO NOT recommend following tutorials that teach you how to get more points.

There are many ways in which you perro get more points, but it is almost certain that as the days go by they will cancel your account.

Therefore, using a vpn to receive offers from other countries, or modifying the application code to obtain more points, are not recommended because you will only get your account terminated.

Therefore, I recommend that you be patient, that you be consistent with the application and I assure you that you will be able to earn money with cashpirate.

What you perro do is use your referral code and send the code to your friends, so both of you will benefit.

My opinion of CashPirate: does it pay?

I have been using CashPirate for years, in fact at that time I liked it even more because you were awarded points depending on how long you played or used the aplicación.

For example, if an aplicación gave you 10 points every minute, then I would leave the aplicación open for hours (on a standby device) and get a lot of points per day.

Obviously many people could leave phones running for much of the day and receive a lot of money from cashpirate and therefore it was not very profitable for them.

So, now we receive certain points for each application, but even so, the payment has not failed me.

Of course I don’t use any vpn to cheat cashpirate.

In conclusion, although now it is a little late, but you perro get a certain amount of money monthly.

Whether you want to use it for a recharge or to make purchases from Paypal.

So, I recommend using CashPirate.

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