Cashpirate: Guide to earn money with your

Cashpirate: Guide to earn money with your

We present this application for your mobile phone, cash pirate It gives us the opportunity to earn money from our mobile device.

This application is a kind of advertising portal for Aplicación developers very afín to Tap Cash Rewards.

With Cashpirate we cánido earn money for download us aplicaciones and also for performing other tasks.

With each activity that they propose to us, we will receive a certain amount of “Coins” which are the points that we perro exchange for money immediately through PayPal, each 1,000 Coins are equivalent to $1.

For each application that we download we will receive an average of fifty to 200 Coins or points that will be shown immediately in our cómputo after completing the task.

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This is a very good option to earn money when we meet out of home since we perro operate with Cash Pirate anywhere from our mobile or tablet.

This application offers its services for free and we will not have to make any type of investment to start getting money.

Cashpirate Features
Created in: Year 2014
Category móvil aplicaciones
Company Ayet Studio
countries Everyone.
Languages English
referrals 2 levels.

we will receive the 10% of the earnings generated by our referrals from Level 1 and a 5 % of the profits generated by the referrals of the 2 level.

minimum payment $2.5 (2,500 Coins/Points)

What is Cashpirate?

CashPirate is a mobile aplicación created in 2014, by the company Ayet Studio.

This application allows its users make money watching vídeos, downloading other aplicaciones and through his referral system (See later).

In fact, we consider that Cashpirate is one of the best Aplicaciones to earn money in Venezuela or other Latin American countries.

This Aplicación belongs to the group of aplicaciones to earn moneywhich has become increasingly famous in the world, since it allows you to generate profits just by performing some really fácil tasks.

It is available for all countries in the world.

And you cánido download it only for Android.

Although in iOS you will find a afín application from the same company, called GiftPanda.

In addition, it is managed by scoring systems, like other applications of the same type.

These points are also called coins and you perro use them to exchange them for real money through Paypal or Gift Cards.

For every 1,000 coins equals $1.

It is also important to note that currently the application is only available in English.

But you don’t need to know the language to use itas it is very intuitive.

How to earn money with Cashpirate?

When you open the application, you will see that it has 5 different pages, each with a different function.

These are the application windows:

  • Overview. This is the section that we will find as soon as we open the application and have registered.

    Basically, is a summary of our accountoffers us the cómputo of our points, the job offers of the day, and the number of referrals.

  • Earn Coins. This offers us the number of offers available for the day.

  • Redeem Coins. In this window, we cánido make our payments.

  • Referrals. The number of referrals that we have and the earnings that each one has provided us.

  • My Account.

    The usuario panel to adjust personal account settings.

Under “Earn Coins”, you will find different categories of job offers.

Among the most common we perro find:

  • Pirate Picks. In this option, you must try free aplicaciones, promoted by the company.

    To do this, you must download them.

    In addition, once you have completed your profile, it also offers you the opportunity to earn more points by taking surveys and watching vídeo ads.

    In our case, it is the only option that is available for now.

  • SponsorPay. It allows us to do almost the same as the previous one, the difference is that its main focus is the vídeo ads, which last approximately 30 seconds, and not the download of applications (although it also offers us this option).

  • TrialPay.

    Here you will also have to download applications, but this time some paid ones will appear.

    These paid aplicaciones offer more points than the previous ones.

Among other job offers we perro find aarki, and Adcolony.

Another way to get money with CashPirate is through your referral system.

This referral program has two levels.

At the first level, we perro get 10% of the points made by our direct referrals.

In the second level, 5% of profits produced by the referrals of our referrals.

If you want to earn money this way, your users must register with a code that you cánido obtain in the dropdown menu, which is located in the upper left.

Choose the option: “Invite Friends”.

About this promotional code we will talk later.

free registration

To start using the aplicación, you need to download it.

Neither the registration nor the download require any payment, since it’s completely free.

Registering in CashPirate is easier than in any other application of this type.

You will only be asked for an dirección de correo electrónico, and a password.

The form to entrar or to register is exactly the same.

In either case, just entrar the dirección de correo electrónico and password and clic on “sign in or register«.

After that, you will see an option to entrar a promotional code.

With this promotional code, you will receive 500 free coins, which will be credited to your account once you genera your first 1,000 points.

If you want, you perro register with this promotional code: .

How to get paid in Cashpirate

CashPirate offers different payment methods.

Use Paypal, different Gift Cards, and mobile recharge.

The payment methods available will depend on the country in which we are located.

If we choose the “global” option, we perro only make withdrawals through Paypal.

The minimum amount is 2500 coinsthe equivalent of $2.50.

Through Paypal, payments will be made in a within 24 hours.

If we choose Spain (Spain), we will have other payment options, such as Amazon gift cards.

In this case, the minimum withdrawal amount is 3000 coins.

There are other countries that have other options.

The United States, for example, has Gift Cards from GameStop, Walmart, iTunes, GooglePlay, Playstation, and many others.

Also, if we want to exchange our money for a mobile recharge, you must have reached the 1800 points.

Tricks to earn more money

If you want to get the most out of CashPirate, here are some consejos.

  • Be constant. The most important thing is to be consistent with the tasks.

    If you do not perform the tasks as often as possible, you will not be able to generate profit.

  • Use alarms or reminders. It is very easy to forget to check the application daily.

    So use your móvil, so you remember to make the offers.

  • Take advantage of your free moments. During your breaks, during lunch, on the ómnibus or in the bathroom, these are moments of distraction when we perro do tasks, since they are very fácil.

  • Read carefully the instructions of each task. Not all have the same instructions.

    Stay tuned, so you know exactly what to do, and so you cánido reach the points.

  • Invite friends. Promote the aplicación with your friends, on your popular networks or on your blog.

Observations and conclusions

Although the application is in English, its interfaz is very intuitive.

In short, Cashpiarte is very easy to use and you cánido earn money with this aplicación in Spain or many other countries.

These types of applications are a very good way to earn money for when we are away from home or when we do not have a computer nearby.

Opinions about CashPirate

CashPirate belongs to the group of applications to earn money with your móvilwhich we recommend in how to earn money.

First of all, because it has a high reputation from users, and more than 5 years of sending job offers and making payments.

More than 90,000 users have downloaded it on the Playstore, and it has a rating of almost 5 stars.

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On the other hand, unlike other applications, CashPirate constantly sends job offers, and the payment per task revolves around 2 and 200 coins.

This, in turn, facilitates how quickly we cánido reach the minimum withdrawal points.

More taking into account that its minimum amount is only 2,500 points, or $2.5.

Their support is very attentive, and cánido help you with any problem you may run into.

However, it is only available for Android.

Money making aplicaciones are one of the easiest ways to make a profit today.

Now you perro start using CashPirate from anywhere you are, earning money from your móvil.

We hope it has been very useful for you.

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 Cashpirate: Guide to earn money with your
  Cashpirate: Guide to earn money with your
  Cashpirate: Guide to earn money with your

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