CashPirate, earn fast money with your

CashPirate, earn fast money with your

Good morning friends!!, here again, this time I come to talk to you about cashpirate a aplicación to earn money (of course!).

I told you a while ago about WHAFF , with this application we cánido earn good money by installing applications and “calling list”.

Today I am going to talk about another application that I was reluctant to download on my móvil inteligente, but it has really surprised me, and very pleasantly.

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It is quite well known CashPirateMany of you will already know which one I am talking about, perhaps you already have it installed on your móvil.

If you don’t have it you cánido download free here.

As I have told you, I was reluctant to download the application, especially since it does not have support in Spanish, it is only in Englishbut as you will see it is very intuitive englishwe will know at all times what it is telling us.

Have a low minimum payment, only 2.5 dollars, and we will be able to see their progress in the same application.

We cánido also exchange the points (we get interchangeable points) for money in PayPalcards Amazoncards Visa prepaidand cards Fb.

The application has several screens, the one that welcomes us is Overview, from there they will tell us the Consejo of the Day (Trick of the day) that honestly, they repeat them from time to time.

So don’t pay too much attention to them.

On that screen you will see Earn Coinsthere you cánido see how to earn coins, which we will transform into money, we will also see the cómputo (our earnings), Goal (our objective) and the referrals that we have.

What we are most interested in is Earn Coins.

There we will entrar Espectáculo All Offers, and we will see different offers:

  • Pirate Picks: here we will meet aplicaciones to download and try, once they give us the reward, we perro delete it from the mobile.

    On other occasions you have to have all three days, there they will give us a agregado.

    We perro also find surveys, which we cánido fill out and earn points.

  • Aarkywe perro also download us aplicaciones.

    In this section there is less mobility of applications, they cánido be several days, so in this section the benefits will be less.

  • SponsorPay.

    We will earn points for downloading applications.

  • TrialPaym perhaps the most extensive list of applications.

    We will also earn money for do surveys.

  • AdColony.

    We will earn points for watch vídeos.

CashPirate It is an essential application on our móvil inteligente when it comes to earning money.

His installation is totally freeIt has a good system referralswe will win the 10% of our referrals first level referrals and 5% of second level referrals.

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you cánido download CashPirate HEREif you want you perro put my referral codeis this: NIYRJD ?

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Thank you and see you next time!!

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 CashPirate, earn fast money with your
  CashPirate, earn fast money with your
  CashPirate, earn fast money with your

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