CashBaron: Play to Earn Money

CashBaron: Play to Earn Money

In today’s article I am going to share a guide on CashBaron, in which I am going to talk about things like: How does it work? What ways do you have to earn money? What is the minimum withdrawal? Does it really pay? Among other questions.

I hope the article will help you.

What is CashBaron?

CashBaron is an application created by the same developers as Poll Pay, which allows its users to earn money through paid surveys.

In other words, with CashBaron you will be able to earn money simply by answering different questions on very different topics.

Of course, it also has other ways for you to earn money, which I will talk about later.

How does it work?

As far as earning money is concerned, CashBaron works with a system of points (coins), which you will be able to earn in different ways and you will be able to exchange them for real money.

So that:

  • You will have to earn points.
  • Accumulate the points until you reach the minimum withdrawal.
  • Make the exchange of the points for money in PayPal or some other gift card such as Netflix.

So it is possible to win free Netflix gift cards with CashBaron.

What do I like the most?

The truth is that if you want to earn money through paid surveys, one of the applications that I like the most is Poll Pay.

Now, since CashBaron is developed by the same people, it perro be said that it is really very afín to Poll Pay, in terms of design and operation.

Which is why it could well become one of my favorite paid survey aplicaciones as well.

By the way, Poll Pay It’s one of my favorite aplicaciones because, so far, I’ve been paid very quickly.

So while there are afín aplicaciones out there, I like the fact that they actually pay and that they pay fast.

On the other hand, I also like the fact that they not only pay through PayPal, but they offer you different gift cards so you cánido collect your money.

What’s not to like about CashBaron?

The truth is that paid surveys have always been tedious for me, since they are not going to pay you for all the surveys you do.

Of course, this is the same on all survey sites and aplicaciones I know of.

Therefore, you have to keep in mind that you have to be patient and constant in order to earn money with CashBaron or any other paid survey page.

What I perro tell you is that although it is tedious, I have made money with paid surveys without the need for referrals.

Therefore, I consider that it is a good way to start if you do not have money to invest.

It should be noted that CashBaron does not only have surveys to earn money, so you perro see if there is a way that you like better.

Why don’t all surveys pay you?

Let’s start with the fact that you get paid to take surveys, because your responses are used to meet different needs of different companies looking to conduct market research or research.

Therefore, your answers serve to modify or create new products (services).

Therefore, your answers are valuable to them.

Now, not all the questions of all the people are really useful for them and that is why they disqualify the people who do not entrar the segment they are looking for.

In such a way that if you are not part of the segment that they are looking for in a certain survey, they will take you out of it and you will not receive the reward.

How to download CashBaron?

If you want to download CashBaron, then you perro go to the Play Store and download the aplicación directly.

The truth is that there are other ways for you to download and install the application (download the apk), but I do not recommend doing so, since it is possible that it could be harmful to your device.

Now, if you wish, you cánido use the following backlink:

How to register?

Since you’ve installed the aplicación, now it’s time to open the aplicación and start the registration process.

To register, you perro follow the steps below:


The first step is to open the application and tap on Next either “Skip to sign in”.


Now, you will have to accept all the terms and conditions of the application.

I recommend that you read them so that you cánido escoge if you really want to register.

If you think you don’t like something, then don’t register and proceed to uninstall the aplicación.


Next, you will have the possibility to register using your dirección de correo electrónico account, however, if you want to entrar an invitation code to receive an initial reward of 250 points, then you have to clic where it says: “Sign in with referral code”


If you want to entrar the invitation code, then a new window will open, where you will have to entrar the invitation code.

You perro entrar any invite code you want, but if you want to support me then you cánido use the following CashBaron invite code: 4R28L6CPNL

Notably if you entrar an invitation code, they will give you a reward of 250 points. Therefore, it is recommended that you entrar an invitation code (whatever it is).


Now, you perro finish your registration using your Google plus account.

At the moment I have no other option to register.

Ways to earn money with CashBaron

At the moment, there are 4 ways for you to earn points with CashBaron and therefore, there are 4 ways for you to earn money.

The ways in which you cánido earn money are the following:

  1. Paid surveys.
  2. Paid Offers.
  3. Referral system (inviting friends).
  4. Playing.

Next, I am going to talk to you in a little more detail about each of them.


Paid surveys

How much money do you pay? Each survey you take will award you a different number of points, and it will take you a different amount of time to complete the survey.

Therefore, you have to entrar the application and see what surveys are available to you at that moment.

What I do is select the survey that gives me the most points, since there are times when some surveys disappear.

So I start with the best paid.

Also, I contemplate the time they tell me that it will take you to answer the survey.

Of course, it is only an estimate.

In such a way that you do not think that you are really going to take that time to answer the survey.

At least I take longer.

In conclusion, you perro find surveys that give you 130 points (around 2.16 pesos) or 1130 points (around 18.83 pesos).

The amount will vary a lot.


Paid Offers

With respect to the paid offers, the amount of points you perro get will also vary a lot.

Basically, what you have to do is download applications, register or subscribe to different platforms, etcétera.

What must be highlighted is the fact that you have to carefully review the requirements that are asked of you to receive the reward and you have to take into account that you may find offers that may ask you to pay money.

So be careful with that.

It also has to say that you perro find Android offers and web offers.


Referral system

CashBaron will give you a reward for each person who registers using your invitation code.

The reward you will get is the following:

You will get 15% of what your friend gets to earn.

Of course, your friend is not going to take anything away, it is a gift from the application.

So if your friend earns 1000 points, you earn 150 points and he gets his 1000 points.

Also, if your friend signs up with your invite code, your friend will earn 250 points for entering your code.


Earn money playing

In the case of its games section, they will give you points for downloading a game and passing levels.

In such a way that each level that you advance will give you a certain amount of points.

withdrawal minimum

The minimum withdrawal depends on the payment method you select to withdraw your money.

The payment methods that CashBaron currently has are the following:

Payment methodMinimum withdrawal (Mexican pesos)
Amazon $250
uber Eats $250
PayPal $250
Google plus play $500
Netflix $300
Xbox $300
starbuckscard $300
mobile recharges $300
coppel $250
Spotify $349

Does it really pay?

At the moment I have not reached the minimum withdrawal in CashBaron, so I cannot assure you that it pays.

However, I have been using Poll Pay for almost a year now and they have been paying me.

Therefore, since they are the same developers, then I cánido come to think that they will also pay us.

Of course, when I reach the minimum withdrawal, I will upload the proof of payment.

Now, if they don’t get to pay me, I’m going to update the content.

Of course you perro also leave me in the comments if you have a good or bad experience with the aplicación.

I think that will help us.

You perro also leave me in the comments if you know any other application.

CashBaron Review 2022

The truth is that the application is very afín to Poll Pay or other applications that focus on earning money.

Therefore, in terms of concept, I cánido say that it does not seem to me to be such an original application or that it cánido help me replace an application that I use every day.

For example, I’d like to find a good aplicación that pays me to read or listen to music (the one I used doesn’t work very well anymore).

However, I have to say that it seems to me that the developers are going to be paying and as I said before, in Poll Pay they have paid me very quickly.

Therefore, that makes them increase in value in my eyes (not all applications in the Play Store pay).

The only thing that I do have to clarify is that I do not consider that you cánido earn as much money as in a job, although you have to remember that it is not a job, but a way of generating plus income.

Are there better ways to earn money en línea? The truth is that yes, but they require more investment (time or money).

For example, one way cánido be to earn money through ad monetization using google plus adsense.

But, it requires you to dedicate yourself to creating content.

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 CashBaron: Play to Earn Money
  CashBaron: Play to Earn Money
  CashBaron: Play to Earn Money

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